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What can prevent getting pregnant and what you need to conceive a healthy baby

on the health of the parents directly affects the health of their unborn child.This is strongly influenced by factors such as lifestyle and dietary habits, both of whose parents have followed before conception.

Therefore, when planning pregnancy should pay careful attention to the health of not only women but also men, to eliminate all that, that can prevent conception , make adjustments to your lifestyle and diet.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

So, need for conceiving a healthy baby ?Go

medical research

Expectant mother before pregnancy should visit a gynecologist.Inspection, consultation, ultrasonography of the reproductive organs, examination of the cervix - these simple steps will help to identify, that prevents pregnancy or may cause complications during childbearing.At first glance harmless diseases such as cervical dysplasia, during pregnancy can lead to dangerous complications.

Do not forget to visit your dentist and treat all patients teeth.During pregnancy resolve this issue would be much more

difficult.First of all, pregnancy is contraindicated almost all kinds of anesthesia, it is impossible to do an x-ray and is best avoided any contact with chemicals.Secondly, the aching tooth - a potential source of infection, which may negatively affect the status of the fetus and lead to the development of late toxicosis, or even cause premature birth.

To get rid of possible foci of infection, will also visit an otolaryngologist.Treat "ear, nose and throat" more efficient and safer to pregnancy.

Check fundus and retinal eye specialist.If the retina is weak, the doctor will prescribe measures to strengthen it to during childbirth happened retinal detachment.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

Sometimes pre-pregnancy counseling are essential to narrow specialists.Pregnancy can occur is not easy for women who suffer from severe forms of diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cardiovascular disease.In these cases you need to be examined by a specialist and principal, if the pregnancy is not contraindicated, get him an appropriate conclusion.Women with chronic diseases the doctor will recommend how to prevent exacerbation during pregnancy.

If the old expectant mom or dad were cases of birth defects, mental disorders or hemophilia, requires a consultation with a geneticist.The doctor will determine the risk of inheriting the disease and give recommendations on how to reduce it.

Expectant fathers advisable to visit a urologist.

hand over the analysis

Both prospective parents must pass tests:

  1. for chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trihominadu.

  2. for HIV and hepatitis.

Expectant mother must necessarily pass more tests:

  1. Advanced smear on STIs.

  2. cytology cancer cells.

  3. blood test for TORCH infections (toxoplasmosis, rubella, herpes, tsitomegallovirus).

  4. Check the presence of antibodies to the disease, which can be hazardous to the fetus.For example, if you do not detect antibodies to rubella, you should get vaccinated to prevent the risk of infection during pregnancy.Since vaccination before becoming pregnant should take at least three months.

Give up bad habits

Pregnancy - the most that neither is a good reason to quit smoking.And give up cigarettes should not only my mother, but also a future father.Male smokers deteriorating sperm quality and condition of the genetic material.Women nicotine impairs the production of sex hormones, interferes with the ovulation, that can prevent getting pregnant .

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

Women need to give up coffee, or at least to reduce its use.Another unwelcome guest in the diet of the future mother - salt.Eat it in food as little as possible.

Men need to refrain from trips to the sauna and bath, because the fever leads to a deterioration in the quality of sperm.

Correct diet

2-3 months before conception is best to clear the table products containing preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers.It is usually prepared food, fast food, smoked.Minimize the intake of fried foods and foods with trans fats.The consumption of these products leads to impaired cellular metabolism by inhibiting cell nutritious food.This, in turn, is fraught with irregularities in the work of the various organs and systems, including the reproductive system negatively affect the menstrual cycle, that prevents pregnancy .

also should completely give up alcohol.

Include in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber (lentils, beans, wholemeal bread, whole rice), fish, especially marine, containing Omega 3 fatty acids, dairy products, and iron-rich foods (dried fruits, liver,lean red meat, oatmeal).

Take your vitamins

We are used to hearing the word "deficiency disease" and is not afraid to him, but in vain.That lack of vitamins and minerals often becomes thus a factor, that can prevent getting pregnant .So, sometimes a lack of folic acid (vitamin B9) does not allow the egg to attach to the uterine wall.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

Unfortunately, the food quality has been steadily declining, and today even the most optimum diet can give your body a complete set of nutrients required for proper operation of the reproductive system, ensuring the processes of conception, cell division and the development of the fetus.

Therefore, if you are a responsible approach to planning pregnancy and wondering « need for conceiving a healthy baby », you can not do without the inclusion of an additional portion of the diet of vitamins and minerals.And vitamin complex necessary for expectant mother, will be radically different from what you want the future father.

specially designed for pregnant women vitamin preparation « Pregnoton ».It consists of folic acid, vitamins B6, E, C, arginine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, an extract of Vitex sacred (prostrate summer cypress).Reception "Pregnotona" should begin 3 months before the planned conception.In most cases, this period is enough for the normalization of the female reproductive system.

As part of "Pregnotona" no hormones, but it contains substances that can eliminate a hormonal imbalance in the body of the expectant mother.In particular, "Pregnoton" helps to cope with increased prolactin - hormone that prevents pregnancy.

The future father in preparation for fertility will be useful combination drug "Spematon» ."Spematon" contains the components required for the maturation of sperm quality: L-carnitine, vitamin E and zinc.The amino acid L-carnitine increases the sperm concentration and motility, stimulates spermatogenesis and improves the morphological structure of the sperm cells.Zinc is needed to produce the hormone testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which are responsible for the production of sperm.Vitamin E improves sperm motility and improve their viability. "Spematon" should begin to take 3 months before the alleged conception.

Keep an active lifestyle

Experience shows that regular exercise before conception greatly facilitate the course of pregnancy, childbirth contribute to light period and reduce postpartum recovery.Just do not overdo it!Now is not the time for weightlifting and marathon races.It is better to pay attention to sports such as swimming, yoga, pilates, Bodyflex, belly dancing.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy

Remember: preparation for pregnancy -The remarkable reason to change habits.Brush up on the rules of a healthy diet, give up alcohol and smoking, take vitamins, lead an active lifestyle and avoid stress.

change your lifestyle before conception, you will help your body adjust to the new requirements, reduce the risk of disorders in pregnancy and to ensure that all the conditions in order that your child was born healthy.

Lena Podkatilova
March 25, 2015 14:03
First of all, to get pregnantWe need two healthy body.We like her husband and to be healthy, but the pregnancy did not come all.Let's go to the doctors there and found out that her husband's sperm is not so hot.Nothing criminal, as the doctor said, but to heal and change your lifestyle a little bit necessary.Gave instructions about nutrition and other bad habits, I ordered Profertil and go home.After 4 months of tests show two stripes.This is so simple and easy, we got !!!
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