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Colposcopy during pregnancy.

Every woman knows how important it is to monitor their health during planning pregnancy or child-bearing.There are many procedures to help identify the various deviations.These include not only the reception at the gynecologist, analyzes, and colposcopy.Most doctors believe it is safe for the fetus and the expectant mother.At the same time indications for colposcopy has its own nuances.

How do colposcopy?

Colposcopy is diagnosing the study, allowing time to learn that there are various problems with the surface of the cells of the vagina.Of course, ideally, under certain indications it is worth doing well before pregnancy.This will help keep track of the overall trend.Diagnostics do nothing.Usually it is prescribed after studying cervical smear.This applies to all women, not pregnant only.It is believed that the procedure is painless.It is carried out using a special microscope - a colposcope.It helps to study the erosion and the state of the cells.Very often, the procedure makes for suspected cance

r of the cervix.

procedure is of several types.The only difference is the length of the additional manipulation.Modern colposcopes not inserted into the vagina.In all cases, a speculum.It covers the cervix.The device captures the image and increases to the desired scale.Usually in this case, the procedure lasts 2 to 10 minutes.

Colposcopy during pregnancy

more informative and durable 2 is a colposcopy.During a mucous treated with 3% solution of acetic acid.Then her cuticles with a special gel.He paints the trouble spots in a certain color, making it easier for the physician.Such colposcopy can last up to 20 minutes.

also for the diagnosis of cervical cancer using solutions that glow when you hover on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp.It is at the end of the optical device.Pink illuminated cancer cells.To the doctor was not mistaken in the diagnosis, colposcopy is made so that it can greatly enhance the image.

Colposcopy in some cases do immediately after the reception at the gynecologist.Sometimes it is further recorded.In order to undergo the procedure, there is no need to comply with strict rules.Usually they do colposcopy during menstruation.It will be informative.The best time is the 3-5 day cycle.Also, 2 days prior to the procedure better stop doing douching, not to engage in unprotected sex, do not use tampons.More no limits.

particularly informative and is considered an effective colposcopy, conducted together with cytology.Sometimes it happens that after treatment biopsy of suspicious sites.Usually this is done in the absence of pregnancy.Women in positions of biopsy is performed only in extreme cases when there is risk to the mother's health.

Colposcopy: when it is better to do?

order not to face problems, sometimes it is best to come to consult a gynecologist.Sincecolposcopy is not appointed for a reason, a visit to the doctor from time to time it is necessary.If a woman is not pregnant, the procedure should go when erosion.This measure will help to trace the trend of its development.In some cases, colposcopy is a must.It helps the doctor to verify the dynamics of treatment problems.

Colposcopy during pregnancy - is not just a whim of the gynecologist.Often this procedure send those who have previously discovered erosion.Seeing her in this situation is very important.So the doctor can see if there is the likelihood of discontinuities, and whether the woman to give birth herself.It is believed that certain types of erosion are successfully treated during gestation using gentle methods.Dr.lead to the fact that discontinuities occur during childbirth.Therefore, during pregnancy, so it is important to know at what stage of progress or regress is erosion.

Colposcopy during pregnancy

colposcopy - an excellent diagnostic measure.If you plan to become pregnant, then it is assigned a gynecologist after the inspection and swabbing.The procedure helps to determine the various abnormalities and diseases:

  • precancerous changes in cells and tissues
  • cervical cancer or its inflammation
  • Increased erosion
  • dysplasia
  • In addition to the procedure prescribed in low smear, testimony to the diagnosis can be:
  • Unusual vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor, spotting, unlike the monthly
  • presence of genital warts in the genital
  • Discomfort in the abdomen and in the lumbar

Some doctors believe that every woman is not obliged to undergo colposcopyat least 1 time per year.Dr.They argued that it should be done at least 1 time in 3 years if any of the above problems.

Colposcopy: reviews

Doctors say that the procedure is painless.Colposcopy during pregnancy does not harm the mother and the fetus.Here you can find a completely different opinions and feedback on it.Most of them depend on the attitude of the pregnant woman to medicine.Some believe that the less interference from the doctors, the better for the body of the mother and child.This view is supported by the fact that colposcopy without urgent need not be appointed.Only if used to be the erosion of the bad or if a smear.

Some women find colposcopy during pregnancy meaningless.Even if the study revealed erosion, with her little can be done.Usually, when a doctor identifies a minor deviation from the norm, it is assigned a second procedure.It is carried out 2 times - a few months after the birth of the baby.

Colposcopy during pregnancy

You can find many reviews that tell about feelings during the procedure.Most women compare it with the usual pelvic examination.During the long colposcopy with tinted solutions some feel a slight burning sensation.

As for health after the procedure, the majority does not feel much discomfort.After a quick colposcopy without coloring not noticed secretions.If you do the procedure with the surface treatment with acetic acid and gel, there may be brownish whites.Do not be afraid, it is absolutely safe.

Also, if colposcopy with biopsy was performed (in the absence of pregnancy), it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse for 1-2 weeks.This is due to possible bleeding.Some doctors are expanding the list of prohibited acts.They believe that after a colposcopy is not necessary to go to the bath, the sauna, take a hot bath.Women are advised not to engage in heavy physical exertion.Under the ban get some medication.This applies to those products which contain in their composition sallitsilovuyu acid (e.g., aspirin).You also can not do douching and using tampons.All these measures must be strictly observed within 1-2 weeks.

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Most women after the procedure on the example sure to colposcopy during pregnancy is safe.No contact with the fetus occur to me.Examine the vagina and uterus using a special optical device that does not dip into.Sometimes the wall of stained harmless solutions.Colposcopy helps to identify the state of erosion and to understand how the birth will take place.

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