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How to get rid of bad thoughts?

You've heard that thought is material.That is why most people are afraid of bad thoughts , considering that they can have an impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.So you think that the bad thoughts should get rid of as soon as possible.How can I do that?

How to banish bad thoughts?

  • Try just pull the plug on these thoughts, and said to himself: "This is all nonsense to me this will not happen!" Sometimes this is enough.
  • If you are haunted by the idea that concern unsolved problem - solve it as soon as possible.When the problem is exhausted - bad thoughts go away themselves .

  • Try to relax and get away.It can be anything - swimming, walking, shopping, going to the cafe with his girlfriend.
  • Many psychologists believe that the obsessive thoughts arise when the human brain is much overworked.If this is about you, and you think of the abundance of information will soon head to burst, turn off everything that can make sounds - telephones, television, all calls, and just the soul's
  • learn to switch their thoughts.This will help you the next exercise.Turn on two TVs simultaneously, or TV and radio on the same volume.Stand in the middle, and listen to a television first, after a while, turn your attention and listen to what is said in the second TV.This simple exercise will help you distracted from bad thoughts.
  • Do not try to not think about the bad.Simply, it is impossible, so you can bring yourself to a nervous breakdown.
  • Do not blame yourself, thinking that you're alone in your problem.In fact, all people ever appear intrusive thoughts.
  • If bad thoughts will not give you peace of mind, try not to interfere with the liberty of thinking, but rather bring these thoughts to the point of absurdity.You might even burst out laughing, but even if not, then certainly relax.
  • Learn self-control.In the end, it is you master your body.And not vice versa.
  • Try to take your thoughts to something else, read a book, watch an interesting movie.If you entice action, it is unlikely you will be able to think about different things at the same time.

  • Think about something good that happened to you.Or think of something good, you want to make it in the future.Such thoughts can not help make you smile and bad thoughts you leave.Think positive!
  • Try to hold an internal dialogue of this kind, "Yes, I was fired from his job, but ..." And then fantasize.For example, but I can devote more time to the family, but I can make a general cleaning of the house, but I can get some sleep and so on.
  • aside negative thoughts for tomorrow, promise yourself to think about it after you wake up.The intensity and the peak of emotions you will pass.And the thought will not be as depressing.
  • Treat yourself.Allow yourself to something, what a long time dream.It can be anything - buying expensive things or traveling abroad.
  • Take a nail, look at it and decide for yourself what this nail - this is your problem.And then hammer it anywhere on the very hat.So you, symbolically, to finish with the problem.
  • Try to talk quietly.If you care about what you think, just say to yourself - "Yes, I think about it, but this is only my thoughts and reflections, nothing else!»

  • If your intrusive thoughts related to theupcoming event , for their own reassurance bring a small amulet - a toy badge, anything, and decide for yourself what the amulet gives you the power to solve the problem and will provide good luck.
  • Try to do yoga.The exercises of yoga always relax and free your head of thoughts.
  • Try the following exercise.Sit in a half lotus position (when the spine remains straight), close your eyes, activate one of the sounds of nature - the sound of the sea, the forests, the birds singing.And begin to relax in stages, first the tips of my toes, then feet.And so on, until you get to the head.Please
  • their thoughts towards the good things that you have.Think about what you are grateful for what the universe.These thoughts will not let you tune in a negative way.

  • Try to do the visualization.To do this, try to mentally, symbolically, to get the bad thoughts out of your head and throw them away.You can also try to tie the tip "tangle of bad thoughts" to a passing car.When the machine is hidden, your whole ball of unwound, and thoughts will disappear.
  • write anything that bothers you on a piece of paper.Write all of your thoughts and feelings, as detailed as possible.And then just burn it or tear the leaf into small pieces.

From all of our lives can be eliminated, including the bad thoughts.One has only to want a fresh look at the world, and all the bad thoughts sink into oblivion .

Be happy!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Vitalina

August 16, 2013 23:08
should be understood that with bad thoughts start big trouble.You can trace the chain."Wow, what a man, I will not change my husband, but if I was free.In general, with not a sin, for the sake of interest can meet him, maybe he is not so good. "Then may follow the introduction, change, communication, destruction of the family.It all started with a thought.And when something bad comes to mind, you need to drive, say, no, I do not accept, you're not mine.After all, not everything that comes to mind, comes from the head.
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