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Board imaging desires with their hands

- We are our desires and our desires - we.All we really want the present, comes true without fail.And it's not because we are lucky or star converge true or bluebird flies sitting on our shoulder.We fulfill your dreams, because every day we remember them, we work to achieve them, focusing on the fact that we want to get.And it comes out, it burns!We can, if we want.

In order to accelerate the execution of their own dreams, you need to clearly see the goal or purpose, if there are a lot. Visualization of their desires - not an empty phrase.This is the sound of your approaching victory.And in order to quickly take up their destiny and begin to fulfill dreams, not write endlessly Grandfather Frost in Ustyug, turn the brightest places in your home board desires.

board business visualization desires

board Correct your desires should be bright, catchy and memorable.It should give you a clear idea of ​​what you want and how to achieve it.It is best to make it as detailed as possible, while at one gla

nce you will understand how easy you go all the way, passing gradually step by step.

board imaging desires.Option 1

Take any size paper, depending on how much desire you have accumulated.It is often used to visualize the photos.Therefore, refer to the Internet and collect the most vivid pictures of those things that you dream of.The next step should be your fantasy.You can choose any background for your poster board, paint the dreams of his favorite colors and shades.Use the hardware - buttons, rhinestones, stickers.In the course can go absolutely everything - the old wallpaper, paint cans, dried flowers, unnecessary decorations, cosmetics, even if your imagination wants it.

Place all on the board, as you see fit, in any order.Can numbered or bulleted, select the primary and secondary objectives.

board imaging desires.Option 2

Instead of drawing paper, use a wooden board or chipboard.On the surface of the first example lay your desires and secure.It can be used instead of a small copy of pictures of your goals: small cars, houses, brush - if you want to learn to paint, and the like.

board imaging desires.Option 3

There are a custom option.Remember the movie "Autumn in New York", where the heroine Winona Ryder collected beads beautiful things, one of which hung a waterfall right in her room?You can build yourself chandelier desires .You can use the holder of toys for baby carriage and pictures that will remind you of the imperishable things that you will eventually follow.

board imaging desires.Option 4

Another way to get a better look of your dreams - make the right wallpaper on your computer.You can make a collage or put the first photo that you perceive as the main dream.

choose the right place for the board desires

Of course, the best option is the place "namolennye."This is your refrigerator, to which you come often enough and the desktop.Even some of the ladies, who were lucky enough to have your own boudoir, can clear jars of creams and lacquers, leaving a place for secret desires.A good "place of residence" for your purpose can be a mirror in the hallway.You will be able to look at our plans in the morning when you leave for work, thereby tuning on their implementation.And in the evening, when you return home, be sure to look at your desires.Maybe just in the evening you will fulfill one or add a few more to the existing.

Another "native" a place for your dreams - a bedside region.It is best to hang your board desires close to his head that morning, you could clearly see his plans.It is better if you every morning will run his eyes over the written.Over time, the necessary information will be postponed in your subconscious, and you will no longer take their dreams as unrealistic. After some time, they will be for you the main purpose, in the performance of which you can be sure.This will help you achieve the desired.

most important thing that you have to understand - there is no unfulfilled desires.Do not be afraid and do not feel sorry for yourself.Self-pity - a bad adviser. Cherish your dreams, grow them yourself, give yourself a hope, in fact it will help you once to pick up a full strikeout list of goals. They will be executed and you will write a new one.Do not leave yourself without plans and fantasies, no matter how crazy they are.

Be self-critical, to eradicate its faults, the only constant work on yourself will lead you to the finish line.Begin to notice your desires, and not just the desire of others.Be yourself for yourself, do not give up on the idea that everything will be the way you want. board imaging desires - drop in the ocean of what you have to do.But you start with this drop and finish, filling the whole ocean.You gain experience wins, will understand how to work hard to achieve a particular goal.And it is never over.

And another tip: keep your board to remember how you overcame obstacles and barriers to their dreams.How jumped over the barricades of their doubts and their fear garbage heap.How to go forward, and at the risk of neglecting the comfort.Be those who want to.And do not ruin their dreams in the bud.After your dream - it's you .Good luck!

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