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Struggle with laziness: the most effective ways to

Laziness - this feeling is very ambiguous: on the one hand in the attacks of laziness begin torturing remorse, and covers an unpleasant feeling, but on the other sloth becomes obsessive dream - while at work or doing important work, so it would be desirable at least five minutes to lie down onsofa and relaxing to think about life.And when given the opportunity to relax a bit, you immediately realize that five minutes was not enough to relax and wants to be lazy few hours.This is the main feature of laziness: the more lazy, the more you want.But laziness can and should fight, how to do it, read on.

Lack of motivation and laziness

For all we know, that the main way to deal with laziness - it is work.But what if the job does not bring any satisfaction in general, "not in a rush."There are two options, either to replace the boring work, and finally do what like, or find motivation in this work.For example, if you will work better, you'll earn more or get the opportunity to progress.Always put yourself

goals: it should not necessarily be something global, they must be feasible at the current time.Complete step by step many small goals, you will notice that the move, and it will motivate.Try to plan every day.We are often overcome by laziness, because we do not have a clear plan of action, and when we know exactly what we need to do now and in a few hours and a couple of days, then we have no reason to relax.

good motivator and a representation of a finite goal.Too lazy to go to the gym, imagine what will be the perfect body for the summer, too lazy to cook a delicious dinner, imagine how close it will be happy, do not want to perform the difficult task boss think that he will definitely notice it, and you'll have a good standing.You can invent for itself a reward for work done - great job all day, then go to the movies or just take a walk, buy yourself a new favorite cake or elegant dress.You deserve it.

Beware of thieves time

In our life there are many things for which we mindlessly spend their time.The trick is that the thieves of time give us the illusion of employment, like we do not work, but do not dawdle.But in fact, think about what benefits you get from perusing the news on social networks, long conversations on the phone, pointless programs on TV.No use, you simply take away their time and give their strength and energy internet, television or telephone.This does not mean that you should immediately run and throw the computer with a TV, simply use them when you really have something to look at or had a free minute.But as soon as the rest time is over, immediately turn off everything and takes over the case.

surrender to the power of laziness

This is a very effective way to try and understand that laziness - it's not so scary.When at some point, you feel lazy, try to experience it fully.You want to be lazy, then do not do anything, do not work, do not eat or sleep.Sit down, or better yet, stand up and Freeze in one position.Give yourself a job as stand five minutes, after one minute, you will feel an incredible boredom that will just tear of the case.But we must endure it for five minutes, and then again to take over the case.In this way, you will feel as great when there is something to do.

Do not forget to relax

Sometimes you do not have to fight against laziness, and with its own workaholism and wrong daily routine.You should always make time to rest, otherwise you just turn into a robot, which is only suitable for the job.And do not confuse a state of laziness.Laziness comes after a person rested, full of new forces, but somehow still working do not want, and not just when worked from morning to night, you feel a sense of fatigue and want to relax a bit.

Depression and laziness

Sometimes the cause of laziness could be depression or simply apathy toward life.This happens when nothing goes wrong in any personal or professional life, and the man does not see any incentive and the meaning of existence.Then get yourself some kind of dope, not in the sense of tobacco or alcohol, but that would make happy to get up in the morning.Optional bet for work or personal life, that you may love the thrill, then sign up to the section of the circles with a parachute, maybe you have a child like to make up, sign up for courses make-up and it will be passion and a second income.No matter what it is, it is important that this matter every day filled with emotions and bright colors.

Or find yourself dream and live it.It may be some you like, the unreal, but yours.And at the thought of it you have goose bumps run.Just know that someday she will be executed, and move towards it.This is a huge motivator against laziness, if a person knows what he lives and that it's not pointless.

Lack of willpower and laziness

man like laziness and does not feel special, strength and energy for all missing, but still do things in a hurry.Not enough just willpower to force yourself to start business.To do this, there is a way: deceive themselves and start small, and then quietly and addicted.When we see some sort of deal volume, then immediately get scared and you break it into small pieces, and things will not seem so scary.Or let the installation to work for half an hour, on what not distracted and begin the process of working to involve you so that after a time, and do not want to relax.Our body is designed so that the hard switch from one state to another, for example, we are now in a state of laziness, but should make an effort to switch to a job, we forget to think about what is laziness.

need to eradicate laziness in its beginnings, it has failed to fully seize you.Laziness can attack even the most active and motivated people, but, as we know all there is its resistance, and there is too lazy.And do not forget after work to arrange a well-deserved rest!