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Anxious people: how to live with it and how to help him?

In our turbulent times worries absolutely everyone .Just each occurs in varying degrees.And differently expressed.On the one hand, when the alarm is present with a mild form - this is normal.But if every day feeling of anxiety in humans increases - he needs help.

what not to do when dealing with anxious person?

  • If your husband or other relative who lives with you, often worry , something excited and alarmed, do not start a conversation with him for some time .He does not hear you, but only give extreme anxiety and irritation.
  • In addition, if the native people shared with you the thought that concerns him deeply, it is not necessary to persuade, and to prove that no cause for alarm.It only more annoying.Do not question what he says.Silently and calmly listen.
  • inappropriate in this case and humorous sayings, irony of man.All of this will be perceived as an insult and mockery.You might be offended for a long time and seriously.
  • Sometimes you listen to the arguments of a loved one suddenl
    y his anxiety is quite justified. It is such that there are situations when worry - normally .
  • When dealing with anxiety people need to strictly control myself every ra h.After all, when something can be passed this state and you.

What should preprinyat when dealing with anxious person?

All anxious people are divided into two categories.Some constantly fear that they will certainly be something to happen .And tries in every way to protect yourself with amulets, charms and other things.The second category is prone to strong feelings for loved ones .Even an innocent accident may unsettle.Close it seems that these people are intrusive, rude, clamorous.And in fact, they are just like them.

  • Therefore, if the house you have too anxious spouse or mother, be patient towards them and their concerns about you .Do not cry and not to disrupt the back.I agree with what they tell you, and then try to switch their attention to the more peaceful things.In short, will speak them.
  • very important in such a situation, smile, calm even tone, courteous treatment.After all, if you start to argue and fight back against this anxiety will only intensify.

  • communicate best as a small child."Yes, Mother," "Of course I will," and the like.Let them rest.
  • Help a loved one overcome his fears .Take a look at the situation through his eyes.Think - maybe the situation is actually serious?Try to discuss it.Perhaps if the cause logical reasons why it does not need to be afraid - all the anxiety of a loved one melt away.
  • important - spot the signs of anxiety in close and try to prevent such a state of protracted.

symptoms inherent in the people who worry too

The most important symptoms of anxiety are human : a constant state of tension, fast, hurried pace of speech, which is characterized by swallowing the endings of words.In addition, it is part of the complaint.Extremely irritable condition that sharply enters into a strong weakness.Characteristic for these people, rapid movements and restless.

more serious symptoms, saying that the state of anxiety present for a long time: inappropriate behavior (eg, mother falls into a fit of crying just because you do not put on the gloves in three). constant expectation of what will happen something bad - it is also a characteristic of this type of people.Sometimes overall anxiety comes to such an extent that the person becomes absolutely helpless, and it requires the presence of other people close to him.

If you notice that the mother and a loved one has signs of extreme state of anxiety, you need as quickly as possible to turn to a psychologist. Depending on the duration of such a state, the psychologist can help for a very long time not.From three to six months.In certain rare and very complex cases, treatment can achieve year - two.But remember, the earlier you seek help, the sooner help close get rid of this oppressive state !

Health to you and understanding!

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