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Meaning of moles on his face.

each mole on the body attributed to a specific value.However, it is on the face, they are of particular importance.Moles, located in its various areas, can tell you about some important qualities of human nature, and even point to certain turns in his life.

What are moles on your face?

main areas of the face is considered to be those that are on the symmetry axis and the left and right sides of it.

Meaning of moles on the face

  • For example, moles that are in the area of ​​this axis on the upper part of the forehead, talk about the obstacles and difficulties that may arise or arise in life of man in his childhood and youth.On the difficult relationship of man with people (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) tell a mole on the middle and lower part of the forehead.
  • If a person has a mark on the nose, he should take it as a sign of Destiny.Birthmark, located in the middle of the nose, prevents the occurrence of difficulties in love and the tip - that person throughout his life will trap failures.In that case, if you have a m
    ole is right under your nose, you should think about whether you have what some hereditary diseases.When moving along this axis, you will find yourself a mark just under the lower lip - a sign that you are inherent strong character and a strong will.
  • Now consider the marks on the areas located on either side of the axis about which it was previously.Thus, a mole on the right temple, similar to the marks on the nose, bears karmic symbol of giftedness and uniqueness.It is believed that such people are called to fulfill some mission, which is a landmark not only for them but for all of humanity.
  • Of course, this is not a sign that a person will do something great.It is not the strength to many.Even small, seemingly insignificant act of a person having a birthmark in this place can affect the course of things and change the existing order.People who have a direct relation to the interpretation of such marks, it is recommended not to put a mole on his right temple to the show.This recommendation is due to its importance and iconic.
  • birthmark on his temple, but the other side says sentimentality owner (if it is closer to the eye), or, on the contrary, his ability to hide his emotions (if it is closer to the hair).Such people also tend interesting features memory.They often forget important details or event, but tend to remember something seemingly insignificant.People who have a mark at this point, often dream prophetic dreams.
  • If you remember that moles are associated with the karma of man, these suggest that a person in a past life that is not finished, that this explains constantly appear in his sense of forgetfulness.Education at this point says that the man will be able to achieve recognition much later than many of his friends, putting a lot of effort.It can often indicate the presence of any complexes, as well as considered Marked fortunetellers.

Detailed designation of moles on the face

Meaning of moles on the face

Birthmark in the "third eye."Whoever has a birthmark in this place certainly has a great intuition, reaching for new knowledge and know how amazing the depth of the mind.This sign of fate can bring a man like luck and become an indicator of gravitating above it rock.People with marks in this area can often detect a manifestation of the gift of clairvoyance, but it often resemble those a little out of this world.Moreover, often such people there is a strong headache.

not only moles in the "third eye", but also on the entire surface of the forehead indicate the presence of their owner have great intelligence and insight.Of these people make great politicians and diplomats, they are capable of great things, but often in their aspirations tend to go too far.About

good organizational skills a person shows a birthmark on the border of the forehead and the hair on the right side.As for the moles under the hair at the crown mark indicates a thinker, a man with a philosophical turn of mind, at the back - to the identity of the secretive nature of the closed.

Holders of moles in the right corner of the eye require passion, jealousy, temper and a certain imbalance.

mark near the right century says that in front of you creative nature, which does not tolerate the stresses and so on. Blows, often they are alarmists.The complexity of these people is that, despite the craving for creativity and availability of talent, they often lose their inspiration from what are unhappy.

birthmark under his right eye is people capable of sincere and true love.As a rule, it is sensitive and kind.Nature has given them a terrific charisma and charm, which is usually characteristic of the people of noble birth.If a birthmark under his right eye is located near the nose, it is characterized by its owner as a person too volatile and emotional.People with such mark unstable and prone to frivolity.

Moles on the nose occur in holders easy character.If it is in the middle of the nose, the mark symbolizes the passion for travel, boundless imagination and defines human creativity.

birthmark near the nose, is located under the left eye carries information about the self-centeredness of the owner.She often refers to people who are characterized by constant explanation of the relationship and jealousy.

Birthmark directly under his left eye - a sign of sensuality.Typically, such people have a lot of experiences in family life.The mark in this place, which is located closer to the ear suggests human-powered self-sacrifice.

People prone to soul-searching and self-criticism can find a mole in the left corner of the eye.Due to the demands of himself such persons may be troublemakers, reaching a peak of quality in romantic relationships.

Meaning of moles on the face

century mark on the left indicates the presence of a person has a great memory and diplomacy, but also points to a certain earthiness feelings.Feelings they often prevail over reason.These people are unstable, tend to change their beliefs and easily fall in love.

birthmark located on the tip of the nose, will talk about the forbidden love of a man.In addition, these people have an easy character, cheerful disposition and good sense of humor.They are prone to levity, which manifests itself in all areas of their lives.Such people are often unable to take seriously their business.

marks on the cheek under the eye are often owned by a passionate individuals who are prone to confusing sentimental ties.

birthmark on the right cheek is found in those who are more readily given to carnal pleasures than platonic love.In life, these people frequent quarrels that end with a quick reconciliation.For men this means a birthmark of its originality, vitality and presence of mind.If the media mark - woman, she certainly is very popular among men.

Moles under the nose suggests a mystical mind of their owner.These people always know how best to proceed in any situation, so they can become excellent counselors.They should listen.If a birthmark is located under the nose right in the middle, it shows a human-powered travel and various pleasures.

signs of destiny on the lips say weakness of the individual and his weak character.Such people tend to procrastinate their affairs, have bad habits, are often unable to control their desires.

If a birthmark on his left cheek is closer to the ear, it shows the human propensity to depression, a difficult character.

general marks on his left cheek are the marks of artists, musicians, writers - people unusually gifted.In addition to the talent they have the ability to communicate, they like to change in your life.However, often the owners of such moles (especially women) are prone to hysteria and depression, and unbalanced.

mole in the corner of the lips gives the owner of sexuality and eroticism.However, such people are often wrong.

If you find a mole on his cheek, is evidence of mental clarity, determination, commitment to development.

speck under the lower lip - a symbol of insecurity.These people are usually in poor health and fragile psyche.

birthmark on the chin - the label of conservative and strong personalities.Sometimes this mark indicates imperiousness, passing into despotism.However, people with a birthmark have the desire to create a strong family, appreciate the comfort of home.

If birthmark marked the ear, then the person in front of you boastful, prone to exceeding their merits and virtues.These people do not see themselves as flaws quickly out of balance if they specify these shortcomings.

Photo: mole on his face

Meaning of moles on the face

Meaning of moles on the face

Meaning of moles on the face

Meaning of moles on the face

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course, birthmarks on the face attach great importance.They are considered to be signs of destiny, karmic symbols.However, examining yourself and others, you have the right to disagree with this theory or disprove it.Undoubtedly, as if your life is not predetermined and the nature of the marks on the face, you will always be able to change anything you do not like, find their own way.

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