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E-book: what to choose?

Electronic books, or as they are called readers, are increasingly popular.This is not surprising, because one device can be downloaded thousands of works, it is convenient to take with you on the road and read.To make the right choice the e-book, you can see reviews, contact your dealer consultant in the store or look for information on the Internet.

How to choose an e-book?

Initially, you need to pay attention to the type of screen.Typically, they are divided into two: E-Ink and LCD screens.The first is electronic ink, which is similar to the characteristics of regular books.They do not affect vision and do not affect health.In fact, you read an ordinary book, but without pages.

E-book: what to choose?

Electronic ink does not require large amounts of energy to display images, so the battery of electronic books with E-Ink screen keeps the battery quite a long time (some models hold the charge of a few months).

When using E-Ink display, the viewing angle is 180 degrees reader, whereas the use of LCD screens, the viewing

angle is 160 degrees.If you look at a book on the side, the picture loses brightness and contrast (with E-Ink that does not happen).

Books E-Ink have a large screen RTT (50 ms), while the LCD respond approximately 2 - 10 ms.Thus, we can say that the image on the books with electronic ink is formed much longer than normal.

Reader with E-Ink screen are much more expensive than LCD, so many prefer the 2nd type.But it is not necessary to save the e-book, because the quality of the screen depends, first of all, your eyesight and health.

Unlike LCD screen E-Ink can not be read in the dark, he does not play the video does not open color images, etc.If you want to e-book not only read, but also to watch movies, you will approach the reader with an LCD screen.

second thing you should pay attention - this is the supported formats.To date, the majority of e-books to understand format pdf, txt, fb2, doc and docx.This is one of the most common formats, where you can find books on the Internet.Some readers support the format djvu, that some very important.But we should not chase of options, because a particular book can be found in almost any format.

third, on what pay attention - this is the amount of memory.Most e-books have a small indicator - from 2 to 8 GB.Some reader supports memory cards, but some do not.But do not despair, because documents with the books weigh a lot and not even 2GB is enough to upload several hundred books.

Finally, the last thing you should pay attention - is the weight of the device and screen size.You should not chase the big screen, because it will be uncomfortable with him to take on the road.The size of the book should be such as to freely placed in a bag and bring you the inconvenience.The most optimal screen size is 6 - 7 inches.You can buy the book bigger, but it will be more difficult, and wearing it is not very convenient.Books 6 inches weighing about 150 - 300 grams.With regard to the resolution, the ideal would be 800x600 pixels: it is not blurred and not blinking.

important when buying an e-book to focus on the company.Currently, many manufacturers of readers, but the most popular and high quality are the Amazon, Digma, effire, Explay, Gmini, ONYX, PocketBook, Prestigio, Prology, Ritmix, TeXet, Wexler, Kindle or NOOK.Each of the manufacturer there are several models with different price parameters and characteristics.

E-book: what to choose?

To select a book from this diversity, it is recommended to read the reviews on the websites of manufacturers, or simply found on the internet.Weigh the pros and cons, evaluate their financial capabilities and go to the store for purchase.

eBooks: reviews

  • Alexander: I love to read, but to keep buying the book - it is quite expensive.I decided that it is necessary to spend 1 time and buy an e-book, the more that it is convenient to take with you.My first reader devices have become firm Digma with E-Ink screen.Book satisfied, easy to read and the eyes do not get tired.I advise everyone.
  • Eugene: E-book I needed to study: it is convenient to inject the necessary literature and textbooks.But in his spare time, I like to listen to music and watch a variety of videos, so I opted for the screen LCD.At first I was more than satisfied, but then began to notice that the charge for long enough.Although it is not only I have a problem (with the LCD screen of the book generally poorly kept charging).I solved the problem by replacing the battery.I book company Texet.
  • Marina eReader bought his daughter a gift.I stood at the company Explay, screen E-Ink, size of 7 inches.Size, as I believe, the most optimal.The daughter was happy gift, but do not read it loves.Despite this, he pumped himself a few books and started reading pleasure.

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E-book - a very convenient device.It can take on the road, to study and work.Choosing reader, pay attention to their own preferences, but do not forget to explore the reviews and e-book market, not to miscalculate with the purchase.

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