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Can I sunbathe while mastitis?

Mastopatia - a disease that often threatens the health of women, not so long ago have become mothers.No need to be nervous once, found themselves symptoms of the disease, there are effective methods of treatment and prevention.

Mastopatia: causes of

Mastopatia usually occurs in women during breast baby breast milk.Many mothers with two or more children, from personal experience know what fibro - cystic breast mammary glands.But it is worth noting that every year more and more young girls who do not have children, are suffering from this disease.

Which is why the disease develops?This hormonal malfunction breast, wherein the seal and formed in tissue cysts.

Can I sunbathe in mastopathy

When mastitis occurs pain that occurs in the chest.It may be intermittent or constant.Enhanced pain during the menstrual cycle.Upon its completion are starting to subside.Every woman has a pain threshold.It is proved that about 15 percent of the fair sex with this diagnosis have absolutely no discomfort.But when viewed from the breast, they

have exactly the same changes as in women, constantly plagued by aching pain.

When mastitis nipple discharge can be very similar to the colostrum, which appears in the first days after birth.In some they appear spontaneously, others with pressure on the nipple.

solidification in the chest - a clear sign of mastitis.At the touch of a woman can feel nodules or lumpy breasts.By size, they can be completely different.

disease is treated as a medical methods, and with the help of traditional medicine.The use of non-traditional therapies, generally makes it only at the initial stage of the disease and its milder forms.Always, before you start treatment of mastitis folk ways, you should consult with mammologist that should deliver you an accurate diagnosis.

Prevention and treatment of mastitis

  • prevention of disease - its timely diagnosis.Perform regular self-examination of the breast, one every six months visit mammalogy.
  • If you know exactly what you just breast, try to resort to its treatment at home.Very good in the grass will help you.
  • Average mug can be a great remedy.From this example, it is useful to make compresses.For this the night put a bra on his chest a burdock leaf.If the room is very hot, be careful to not dry leaf, to put it on his chest just a few leaves on each other.
  • also useful to ingest and juice plants.The treatment should continue for at least 2 months.Burdock juice drink 1 tbsp.l.3 times per day.

Can I sunbathe in mastopathy

  • mug can take a part of the infusion of several herbs.To get it, you need to take the following components: burdock root (5 parts), Peony rootstock (2 parts), the roots of Rhaponticum (1 part), nettle leaves (2 parts), herb Boudreau hederacea (2 parts), herb zubchatki (4 pieces), clover (5 parts), herb cinquefoil (4 parts), herb thistle (2 parts), herb series (4 parts, celandine herbs (2 parts), meadowsweet flowers (2 parts), marigold flowers (2 parts). Brew with boiling water in a thermos polutoralitrovye 15 hours. l. herbal. Leave to infuse for 6 hours. Take half a cup three times a day about an hour before a meal.
  • Celandine is also an excellent tool in the treatment of mastitis. It is necessary to prepare a medicinal plantoil. To do this, take the dry grass and grind it into a powder. Then, 1 ch. l. Stir 2 h, l. of melted butter. Place the weight on a water bath for 10 minutes. Cool and use the resulting composition as an ointment on the sore spots.
  • camphor oil when mastitis is useful to lubricate the breast and make a gentle massage .From cabbage leaf in mastopathy make compresses.First smear the breast with honey, and then put the top scalded in boiling water cabbage leaf.It is an effective tool.

Many women are wondering whether it is possible to sunbathe in the mastitis?You can, but moderately, observing all the rules of being under intense sun.Negative effects on breast tissue sunlight has not, t. To. Does not penetrate the skin.

But do not forget about the risk of skin cancer.Therefore, when mastitis tan topless and solarium harmful same way as in the absence of symptoms.

Mastopatia - a disease which affects up to 60 percent of the residents of Russia.Currently illness diagnosed and very young women, along with older women.The disease requires timely detection and proper treatment under the supervision of a specialist.Prevention of mastitis can be called abandonment of intensive sunburn, timely visit mammalogy.

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