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How to remove the lashes home?

Eyelash - a popular procedure today.It is made in almost every beauty salon.But you can remove the lashes and in the home.The main thing is to follow some rules.

How can we remove the lashes?

How to remove the lashes home?

natural refresh eyelashes - 1 every 3 weeks.It was at this time is usually a period of wearing tie and artificial eyelashes.After this time they will come unstuck.This process occurs gradually and imperceptibly.

But what if you for some reason want to quickly get rid of lashes?Better, of course, refer to the master himself, who did you build.The beauty withdrawals made using a special solvent liquid.No time to go to the salon?Do not worry, you can remove the artificial eyelashes themselves.

does this in several ways: using a conventional cream, butter or a special liquid.

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remove both the lashes?

How to remove the most lashes?

  1. One of the easiest ways to remove lashes home - an ordinary fat cream, which is there on the dresser in any woman.It is desirable that it be hypoallergenic.Cotton
    swab gently to remedy has not got into the eyes, apply a rich cream on the eyelash line and hold for a few minutes.Under the influence of glue for eyelash cream softens and you can easily remove the pads.
  2. After you complete the procedure, it is useful to think about the beauty of your own lashes.To strengthen them perfectly suited traditional folk remedies - for example, burdock.Caring procedure should be done regularly.

Removing the lashes oil

Ordinary vegetable oil will help to remove false eyelashes downtime quickly.Lubricate the eyelids and eyelashes tool, leave overnight.By morning Naroscheny hairs disappear on their own.In order to extract the maximum benefit from the procedure for their eyelashes, use burdock or castor oil, which contribute to the restoration and growth of hair.

How to remove the most lashes?

can shoot eyelashes in such a way and in a shorter time.

Close first one eye, and with the help of a cotton swab on the lash line, apply oil.Allow about 30 minutes.After that time passes, gently massage the treated area with your fingers.Wait a while and then try using tweezers gently remove the lashes.If you have not removed all of the lashes from the first time, try to repeat this simple procedure.

How to remove own lashes?

easy to remove the house lashes with a special liquid Debonder.

This tool is a professional liquid for removing false eyelashes.Debonder no problem dissolves the glue, which is attached to the artificial eyelashes.The product price is low, and a bottle should last a long time.Moreover, if the glue was very durable, some home remedies, such as a cream or oil is necessary.

Removing lashes: Video

now in fashion all natural.Many ladies refuse eyelash, preferring a natural way.To remove the false hairs do not necessarily apply to the salon, you can do it at home.For this purpose, fat cream, butter or special tools.

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