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Style of dress for prom

Graduation night - a special day in the life of every young girl.And not just because they have one foot in the university and in adult life. Graduation - celebration of beauty and triumph girls who leave school to become a attractive young women .How to enhance the beauty and choose the right dress for prom ?

few simple rules for young fashionistas :

  • As if you do not follow the fashion, perhaps, the most exclusive and expensive dress does not suit your figure or growth.From it have to abandon forever, replaced by a more suitable.To turn away from it, you need willpower, so take it in myself.Through thick and thin!
  • your image will be thorough and complete, if the dress you choose the right hairstyle and accessories.
  • This evening should be a memorable gift for you.And you need to look at the festival as well.Therefore, do not chase fashion.By the end of high school, for sure, you are already familiar with the styles and colors that you go and do not go.Do not be afraid to re-measure "the whole
    city" before will find something suitable.

length prom dresses

Dresses graduates evolve from year to year, and the price in the texture of fabric and its colors.But length was always ... any.There is no ideal length for a prom dress, because it is chosen based on the individual characteristics of the female figure.

«Rumor", that this year in vogue at the floor.If you have a growth model, feel free to choose a long dress, for you it will look great.But what about the girls low or girls with excess weight?They somehow just long options to anything.Low girls can safely choose dresses above the knee with a high waist.

color prom dresses

color - as an individual criterion.Fashionable women report that this season are fashionable in the following colors: yellow, pink, purple, black, white, turquoise, blue and green .Hunter, who is looking for pheasants about this and did not dream.And girls who have not yet decided on the color of her dress, can choose from a "fashion colors", their whole palette.

Before that, it was a simple plain dresses.Now on to the more complex cases.Dresses sophisticated colors is sometimes difficult to combine with accessories and makeup.Here's what you must do if you are faced with such a problem.

  • carefully consider print and texture.Choose for yourself the basic colors.Remember that you go to prom!You do not have to be gray and dim.Your task - to the best of sparkle, but to stand out from the crowd of the same stars as you.It will have to work hard if you have chosen to dress sophisticated color.

  • So you peered in a dress set for ourselves the basic color.Now think, what accessories can come to this dress.This takes into account the color and size, and material.

Decoration dresses

Thick sequins and sparkles leave aside, as currently choose an elegant outfit.Girls with a curvy shape, such as the breast, it is not necessary to stop the choice on dresses with big bows, ruffles and other embellishments in a certain area.They are best to take care of a beautiful neckline that emphasize form.In your case, you are decorating a dress, and it is not you.

Let the girls do not take offense with more modest forms.You - you just help those same bows and ruffles.Just do not overdo it so as not to seem like a peacock females who do not have a tail, like jewelry.And you are so beautiful, everything you need - just accents.

How to choose a dress for the type of shape?

Women's tricks and gimmicks in the head of every woman and mature waiting in the wings.Here at the prom and need to apply their skills.If you have some flaws in the figure, it can be easily hidden.


girls with a thin waist and equal to the width of the shoulders and hips fit any style.Fitted dress with straps or options - what you need.You have wonderful proportions and it must be emphasized.If the neckline, the V- shaped, if the length of the sleeve, any.But if the arms are plump, choose three quarters.Remember: the main thing - the waist.It's your weapon.


broad shoulders and narrow hips, so-called swimmer figure or a male figure will add you some worries, but this will help you handle women's tricks.First you need to hide width shoulders and increase the width of the hips.To use the shoulder dress with straps, located close to the neck, or on one shoulder.In favor of the hips, you can use the bottom "bell" or even choose a dress is Cinderella.


wide hips and narrow shoulders - a pear-shaped body type.It is important to equalize the ratio.Sleeves - flashlights, widely spaced straps, round neckline - it's your choice.And think about the material - an easy crepe de chine will hide heavy bottom.


your shoulders and hips in line and waist mild, then your type - a rectangle.Here it is necessary to work hard to become a visual hourglass.Focus on the waist.It may be a bit overstated or understated.Dresses with odor semifitted, with large zones.Make yourself using these tips more feminine and more attractive than ever before.

And what would you have not chosen for themselves, what style, color and length can not be stolen your heart, do not forget about posture and burning eyes. Let this evening you'll wear the dress of your dreams , whatever it was, and next would be the Prince of your dreams, the choice of which should be ready in a more thorough way!

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