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Jackets for women under jeans

Today women jacket has ceased to be the official clothing, which is associated only with the office or business meetings.Jacket has become fashionable and multifunctional element of every girl's wardrobe.

When the jacket was recognized as the official outfit, it seemed to us that if the dress with jeans and even, perhaps, the passers-by would have found it exactly is absolutely tasteless people, and many did not hesitate to make it right in the face. Today the peak of fashion falls on the nesochetaemy duo that perform jacket and jeans.

Jackets for women under jeans Jackets for women under jeans

Why?The concept is simple.People are always attracted controversy.We want to stand out from the crowd, showing his whole appearance that we are not out of the gray mass.And that's fine!Of course, a combination of both jacket and jeans came to us from Western designers, they know that this couple will always be advantageous to look at every woman as dress shows both elegance to your figure and movement in step with fashion.Elegant jackets worn on a date, parties, th

ey go to a restaurant or just for a walk.Trendy jeans - very feature rich clothes.For information on how to choose jeans you can read in the article How to choose jeans ?.

Pick up a jeans jacket

So, first, what kind of jacket to choose? Again nothing fancy, the jacket should be selected to color jeans .If the jacket is black, then you can experiment with any color of jeans, there is no any specific prohibitions in this case.However, there are a lot of nuances in the selection of the jacket to jeans and vice versa, if your light-colored jacket, for example, is now in vogue jackets lemon color.For lemon suit jacket jeans light blue or gray shades.In such an outfit, you obviously will not be left without attention of men.

Jackets for women under jeans Jackets for women under jeans

  • As for styles, it should be understood that the selection of the styles of dress, and both must match, otherwise not escape trouble.For example, it can not be combined with a fitted jacket sporting wide jeans.
  • Blazers may have different sleeve length, and then, in fact, it all depends on the structure of your figure.If you have a full hand, you have to choose a jacket with long sleeves a bit too wide.If you are the owner of slim pens, you can afford any sleeve, such as sleeve three quarter sleeve flashlight, a narrow sleeve.
  • most worthy combination of jacket and jeans - a fitted jacket and tight jeans, skinny dark blue.Believe me, men do not remain indifferent, because it looks not only fashionable, but also very sexy.

Jackets for women under jeans

  • full of women to choose the best type of elongated jacket, since overweight women are often the waist area is problematic, it seems a bit more than you need, in this regard, shortened jacket only emphasize the shortcomings of your waist.

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Do not despair to those women who are contraindicated cropped jackets, as designers provide as a huge range of jackets in style and a style that at all enough!

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