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How to make a sexy makeover?

each have different definitions for the notion of sexuality, and men can look at it a little differently than women.For example, make-up, a woman can find it very attractive, a man simply can not miss.And all because the perception of beauty in several different floors, but you can still create such sexual imagery in make-up, are sure to appreciate the men and the women, and you will feel them more relaxed and quite possibly so vzhivetes in a new waythat do not want to go out of it.

Makeup femme fatale

main objective of this makeup look flashy and impressive, but do not overdo it with fatal effect.What immediately comes to mind when the phrase femme fatale?It's a strong character, authoritativeness, red plump lips, long eyelashes and lush arrow on the eyes.But for daily make-up will have to leave that any one - or arrow, or lipstick, and instead of a femme fatale, you risk to turn into a painted doll.

If you're staying on the bright lips here for day makeup is better to choose brilliance .The color should be light red palette - red, cherry, ruby, which you have to taste.And now for an evening out, you can use a rack of red lipstick. To make lip plumper can be pre-cut around its outline with a pencil, and in the middle of cast light menthol, it causes a slight tingling lips swell up a little.The emphasis on the lips will be enough, so better to take the blush faint or do without them.

If you want to give preference to the arrows, then as the main shadows do not get too dark , since so your eyes can look vulgar.Normally arrow painted so that she almost went beyond the outer corner of the eye, you can make the arrow and longer, but only if your eyes are large by nature, as the arrow visually narrows his eyes.In everyday makeup is better to restrict only the arrows on the upper eyelid and eyelashes is not worth much to paint.At the ceremonial makeup can make arrows and on the lower and upper eyelid.The tone of the person would be better to look more pale porcelain color.

Makeup cold seductress

Sexuality and inaccessibility - these are the basic principles of this image .The easiest way to create a make-up with the help of technology smoky eyes .As the shadows should be taken palette of gray or brown shades, suitable as purple or green color.All of the upper lid cover lighter shade shadows and then wet a cotton swab or thin brush circle along the contour of the eye, can be cut around the entire circuit, or only the outer edges, depending on what kind of intensity you want to make.Now on line, circled with a brush, apply a dark shade and blend them.Lips better make up close to the natural shade - beige, matte, caramel.

Natural makeup

What could be more beautiful flowing hair, clear skin and unobtrusive makeup, especially in summer, when you do not want to put on a bunch of cosmetics?For already tanned skin well-apply powder bronzer, distributing it on the neck, cheeks and protruding parts to put on quite a bit of whiskey and chin.Women with a round face type should brighten chin, forehead and around the eyes, and darker color powder highlight cheekbones. Color Eye Shadow is better to take the warm, such as beige, olive.The color of lipstick and warm, soft - caramel, pale pink, light brown.

Erotic makeup

There are days when I just wanted to add zest to your sexual relationship with your partner.An excellent way to do this is erotic games, here you really help transform the makeup.Depending on the role you are going to think over your makeup to perform, such as the image of Lolita you need blush pink, light shadows and bright pink glossy lip gloss, it is possible to replace and pale red.

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But for image nurse in a white coat is a must rich scarlet lipstick and long eyelashes recycled.Certainly bright lips are very exciting for the man, but what if you're going to shower your favorite hot kisses, leaving no trace, then it is necessary to focus on the eyes.It's okay if you're a little too far in eye make-up - this is a game, and hence many things you can try.You can even take the example of women of easy virtue - his eyebrows stand out, plenty of mascara and dark shadows, lightly smudge the eyeliner or pencil on the eyes.

Choose from these images be what you would have the most to your taste, and start to implement his plan into action. In every woman lies a huge stock of sexuality and makeup - is another way to show off this!

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