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Harmful substances in cosmetics

Wanting to keep youth and beauty, women buy expensive cosmetics and advertised, but it does not always understand the meaning of many foreign labels in their composition.In these normally hidden inscriptions harmful substances, which can be downright dangerous for the body. paradox - why cosmetics, which is required in order to improve our skin and hair, on the contrary could harm them?The fact is that these substances have a low cost and highly profitable manufacturers add them to cosmetics. Harmful substances found in shampoos, creams, shower gels, liquid soaps, facial wash, and even in children's cosmetics.

Which cosmetics contain harmful substances?

  • alpha hydroxide acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) - different lactic acid and other certain types of acids.Initially, it was thought that this is just the opening in the field of skin care.Acids act as agent otsheluschivayuschee after which old cells go on the surface leaving only the new young cells.In this way the skin looks younger and wrinkles are s
    moothed.Scientists have agreed to this, but also stressed that when we remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, thus depriving the skin and important protective layer.Therefore, the negative factors of the environment have a greater negative impact and penetrate deep into the skin because of this the skin can age prematurely.
  • Aluminium (Aluminum) can cause mental disorders, abnormalities in the brain and sometimes the cause of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Bentonite (Bentonite) - it is a natural mineral that is often added to the face mask.It differs substantially from conventional clays have been adding it to the liquid becomes gelatinous form.The particles in the bentonite can be quite sharp edges and can damage the skin.The bentonite can be found in many cosmetic preparations and it can form a gas-tight film.When he picked up on the skin of toxins and carbon dioxide interfere with breathing in healthy skin, and waste products are retained inside.Leather literally suffers from "choking" the access of oxygen is greatly reduced, and promotes skin dryness bentonite.
  • Animal fat (Animal Fat) - This component can be found in shampoos, it is added to thicken hair.But this component is able to envelop the hair and promotes their more rapid contamination.
  • Collagen (Collagen) - Advertising collagen actively conducted many cosmetic companies, and they argue that the collagen in creams to improve the structure of collagen in the skin.Others argue that the collagen is able to absorb the epidermis and thereby moistening the skin.Collagen is composed of a protein that is a major part in the structure of the skin.

According to cosmetologists, with age the amount of collagen decreases, and because of this, the skin becomes less elastic and loses its freshness.Collagen, which is added to the cream can not penetrate the skin because of its molecules have a sufficiently high resolution.On the contrary it can only harm accumulate in the upper layers of the skin and clog pores, like a dense industrial oils.Collagen, which is used in cosmetics, is obtained from bovine skin or paws birds.Even if large size collagen penetrates into the skin, then the components greatly differ from human collagen and the skin will not perceive it.

way, so it is possible to explain the effect of collagen injections, which is used in plastic cosmetology for smoothing wrinkles.Initially, collagen enters the skin, whereby the effect of swelling can occur, but within a year the collagen is derived from the body of the incompatibility.Within six months required re-injection to maintain the effect.

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) - Many manufacturers hide the fact of their production of the component, but, nevertheless, 90% SLSsoderzhitsya shampoos.He is considered almost the most dangerous ingredient in cosmetics.SLS- is pretty cheap tool that is often added to shower gels, shampoos, cleansers and cosmetics.This material is obtained from coconut oil, and it has a high foaming.SLS is also widely used in the industry: the facilities for washing floors, washing machines, degreasers and other. This substance is widely used for the experiments, speaking tester of skin irritation.

Scientists substance applied to the skin of animals and people and to cause irritation, and then remove it with medicinal substances.Recent studies have shown that SLS can penetrate into the heart, eyes, liver, brain and other vital organs.SVHCs is for children, getting them to the tissue in larger quantities.SLS cleans dirt from the oxidation reaction, and then the hair and skin is annoying film.Shampoos with SLS can acquire fragility, dryness of the cross section at the ends, to suffer from dandruff.Sometimes the composition of cosmetic products in the company indicate "extracted from coconuts," but it's the same SLS.

  • Louret sodium sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) - similar to the properties of the component with the SLS, with only a slightly different composition.It is considered the number one ingredient in the industry and shampoos.Also cheap substance, which gives a rich foam and creates the impression that the drug is expensive and concentrated.In fact, the substance has a mild detergent.
  • Glycerin (Glycerin) - in advertising called an excellent moisturizer.This material was prepared by combining the fat with water.Water fat cleaves into smaller compounds that increase the permeability of the lotions and creams to the skin as well as reduce moisture loss.But studies have shown that at low humidity glycerin takes moisture from the inner layers of the skin, and does not take it out of the air.The result is that the dry skin becomes drier.
  • Lanolin (Lanolin) - a spectacular phrase "lanolin", in fact, nothing more than a publicity stunt.There are no data confirmed that lanolin as a particularly affects the skin, but it may cause skin sensitization or irritation.
  • Propylene glycol (Propylene Glyco) - a substance extracted from petroleum.In cosmetic products it is often added to lotions, moisturizers, because it attracts water.Component glycerol cheaper, but it may be of considerable irritation and allergic reactions.Can provoke acne.
  • Royal Jelly (Royal Bee Jelly) - this phrase can often be found in advertising, where he actively touted its moisturizing properties.The substance extracted from beehives.Honey and bee products are associated in people with health, beauty and longevity, so many companies use the name as a way to draw attention to their products.But studies conducted by scientists have shown that royal jelly is absolutely useless to humans.

For more information on the composition of cosmetics, read the article What are parabens?

How to avoid the use of these funds?It should be more carefully read the composition of cosmetic products, there is now an alternative firms producing only natural ecological products.Such products, though having a higher price, but it's worth it. also better to give preference to folk remedies: shampoos and creams can make your own hands, above have the motivation to take care of their beauty!

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