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How to reduce large breasts?

Despite the fact that many women dream of having large breasts, the owners of this bust is often not welcome her curvaceous. Overly large breasts can cause deterioration of posture, and it suffers from the spine, it is difficult to choose the right size lingerie.It causes discomfort when walking, running or even causes complexes in intimate relationships.

That's why women want to shake off, in their opinion, terribly inconvenient dignity, and finally breathe a sigh of relief.And, of course, we are not talking simply about large breasts and very large breasts that looks disproportionate to the size of the body. Is it even possible to reduce the breast and how it can be done?

Breast reduction surgery using

Operation thing is very serious and only in the case where large breasts is a threat to health or inflicts severe mental suffering woman.Previously should discuss all risks with a plastic surgeon and he may tell you other ways to solve this problem.Plastic is to remove excess fat and tissue from

the breast, then breast attached to the correct shape and desired volume.It is worth remembering that after such an operation requires a period of rehabilitation, during which will heal joints, and can not be engaged in physical activities, lifting heavy.The structure of the body of each woman are very different, how different at all, and the structure of the breast, so the choice of the operation must be treated strictly individual.There are several types of surgical breast reduction.

  1. at extreme breast size often spend dissection of the chest with the transfer of the nipple. This is a complex operation and perform it very rarely, but it is sometimes the only solution.It consists in the removal of the breast volume, and nipples are transferred to a new place formed breasts.But in this type of intervention there is a risk that the nipples will not get accustomed to the new location, and then need another operation.After this operation is lost and the sensitivity of the nipple is no question about the possibility of breastfeeding.
  2. If you want to keep the sensitivity of the breast, it is possible to resort to vertical incision breast .In this type of operation the lowest risk and it is one of the most common types of intervention.
  3. also apply T-shaped cut breast , in which you can remove a large amount of tissue.
  4. If a woman wants to reduce the breast is not much, it may choose a method of liposuction as a .Of all the ways it is the most safe and relatively inexpensive method of operation.
  5. In conducting operations with the breast, it should be noted that it is impossible for intervention in diabetes, cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, poor blood clotting and breastfeeding.

Any operation - it's a great stress to the body, which is accompanied by risks.It is better to think about it a hundred times, weigh the pros and cons and be sure to consult with your loved ones may be your problem at all far-fetched.After such an intervention is possible inflammation of the mammary glands, their asymmetry, reducing the sensitivity of the breast or on the contrary its tenderness.There remain after this surgery and scars, which are quite difficult to clean.But if you still are committed to this operation, the serious approach to the selection of a surgeon, on his professionalism by 90% depends on the outcome of the operation.

should be remembered that surgery is the only way to reduce the breast, and you can try other methods.

Diet for breast reduction

When we lose weight, we have to lose weight one of the first breast, so try to just sit on a diet may cause more breast in your excess weight.But excessive fasting is also not needed, it should be gradual, otherwise your diet will be accompanied by sagging and sagging skin.Consult with a nutritionist or themselves Pick a diet, which excludes all just fried, flour and harmful.Any diet needs to be accompanied by physical exercises, massage and using creams for skin elasticity body.

compresses and douche

These methods provide no guarantee that your breasts are reduced as if by a magic wand.Still, some women say they have helped these methods.Packs - is an ancient technique for breast reduction.For him, you will need 50 grams of crushed poppy heads, they pour half a liter of water and boil over medium heat for 15-20 minutes.The mixture is then strain it and apply a compress on the chest, moistened gauze or thin cloth in broth.For a stronger result by compresses better use them every day, morning and evening.

Douches perfectly tightens the chest, the skin on the breast becomes more elastic, smooth and supple, increase blood circulation in the breast .And even if the breast is reduced in size, it sure looks better.At contrast shower sponge lightly rub the chest in a circle.By the way, many do not know that you need to massage the left breast in a clockwise direction, and the right breast counterclockwise.

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Special clothes

to pull and visually reduce the breast can be a special corrective underwear.This bra is able to hide the size of the breast to 1-2.For special underwear bras are round cups and underwear closely adjacent to the chest on both sides.Corrective underwear evenly distributes the load and avoids stoop because of the large size of the breast.

Exercise for breast reduction

This method is often very effective, and in some cases, produces such an effect that other methods can not have recourse.There will approach these types of workouts like aerobics, aqua aerobics, running, push-ups and a variety of exercises with dumbbells, as well as training on simulators for the muscles of the chest, which is in any fitness club.

not necessary to have perfect breasts and body, to please yourself and others, it is rather a psychological problem.But if you strive for excellence and do not want to stop at nothing, this is very commendable, and you need all turn out!

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