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Ozone therapy for weight loss.

ozone have a specific flavor, not for nothing that in ancient Greek word ozone, meaning "to smell."This will catch the smell in the air after a thunderstorm weather.The atmospheric layers simple chemical reaction occurs when the oxygen under the influence of electricity is converted into ozone.This principle is used in appliances - ozonizers, which is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

Ozone: contraindications

For those who decided to try the procedure of ozone therapy on itself, should be of some contraindications.

Ozone therapy for weight loss

  1. intolerance ozone therapy.
  2. heart failure.
  3. myocardial infarction.
  4. Thyroid problems.
  5. pregnancy.
  6. lactation.
  7. chronic relapse.
  8. incoagulability blood.
  9. bleeding.
  10. Oncological diseases.
  11. hemorrhagic stroke.
  12. frequent seizures.
  13. Allergic reactions.
  14. Thrombocytopenia.

Ozone therapy: indications for use

Appointed cardiologists to treat cardio - vascular disease.

useful in the treatment of venous ulcers, varicose veins.

doctor may prescribe ozone therapy if you:

  • diabetes.
  • Migraines, dystonia, osteochondrosis.
  • Asthma.
  • Mastopatia.

With this procedure it is possible to improve the skin condition atopic dermatitis cure, ugrevuyusypi, reduce cellulite.

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Ozonoterapiyadlya weight loss: description

Active oxygen called ozone.Because of the strong oxidation, he became interested in medicine.Often it is used for disinfection.Ozone destroys the complex organic compounds found in plant and animal substances.This is an excellent tool for cleaning the water structure.In the state of the cloud of gas it is very poisonous.It causes asphyxiation, headaches and heartaches.

ozone therapy conducted injectable solutions that are pre-processing of the ozone generator.Often, the patient has to take the blood sample and subjected to a generator or saline.The procedure is called autogemoozonoterapiya.Therapists say this specificity that can cure almost all diseases ozone.But the mechanical action of the ozone layer in the lipolysis (fat metabolism) protekaetposredstvenno.The substance can cause the metabolism to work faster oxidizing fat cells.

Ozone therapy for weight loss

Many experts doubted to be treated with ozone.For example, until 2001 g.ozonoterapiya was outside the law, but the Office for Supervision of food later in part approved its application.If the doctor in the United States violates the law, using the therapy in the treatment of normal, then it will be taken away the license.

Opinion oncology community is such that the application of ozone are formed free radicals, which can lead to a change until the mutation and carcinogenic formations.Therapy is practiced in France, Germany and Poland.But it looks more like an alternative medicine.Physicians must have the documents for admission to the carrying out of ozone therapy and to recognize the process of experimental treatment.Therefore, to take advantage of therapy for weight loss, consult your doctor.

Ozone is applicable to both:

  • subcutaneous injections.
  • drip physical solution.
  • rinsing of oxygen-ozone mixture of certain areas of the body.
  • use oils with ozone.
  • consumption of water with ozonation.

slimming Ozone: reviews

  1. Olga: I weighed 48 kg, I wanted to remove cellulite on the buttocks with ozone, but does not help, it is very unpleasant.
  2. Varia: Not so bad for the lazy method of losing weight, the effect is enough for a year.But it is better to resort to more natural methods of weight loss, aerobics and diet.
  3. Maria: Reaction to ozone therapy for each individual, without a clear guarantee of results.Diet is not necessary to restrict ozone show the overall healing process in the body.Immunity increase skyrocket your metabolism, vision gets better, will be prolonged depression.The most effective results are achieved with rectal insufflation.The procedure is only 3 min.and gives a quick effect.

Ozone therapy is not a panacea, it is not a proven science results.But, nevertheless, this technique as a means of slimming occurs.If you decide to resort to such procedures, be sure to consult your doctor.Carefully weigh the pros and cons.Remember that good health is more important than the pursuit of standards of beauty!

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