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How fast to lose weight without dieting?

So you want to be slim, but do not torment themselves debilitating diet and exercise.This is possible if you adjust your lifestyle.It turns out that if you follow some simple rules you can easily get an exquisite piece!

How to lose weight without dieting and sports rules

How fast to lose weight without dieting?

There are a few rules for weight loss without dieting.

  1. need to have breakfast every day.There is a wrong opinion that not having breakfast, we are reducing the number of calories we consume.Keep in mind that no breakfast at all - you eat more for others. Meals.Therefore, most of the energy you need to consume it in the morning.Besides, full breakfast - is prevention of heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, and vascular diseases.
  2. Try eating cereal .This is not only useful delicacy, but also the best replacement of bakery products.
  3. Pay attention to what you drink.After all drinks can also gain extra weight.Avoid soda - it is the most calories, but also causes severe hunger.
  4. reduces the size of their portions.Eat, but smaller po
    rtions than usual.At first, you will not leave feeling light starvation, but you quickly get used to it.This effective way to lose weight any strict diet.
  5. Eat more protein.Eggs, milk (choose a smaller percentage of fat), low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, fish and seafood, chicken without skin, lean pork and beans.
  6. Eat a little bit, but more .To keep your blood glucose levels - every 3-4 hours to make small snack.
  7. consume only low-calorie foods.
  8. more you walk .This simple exercise will not only allow you to keep in good shape, but also strengthen the muscles.It is not necessary to go very quickly - the main thing is not how hard you go, and how far overcome.
  9. wean during cooking all try.Thus, you get about the same calories as full of dishes.

How to lose weight in a week without a strict diet?

Without thoughtful food in a week did not grow thin.

  • The 1st day, try to eat only vegetables without bread, sweet, flour, meat and cheese.Drink tea.
  • 2nd day dedicate eating cooked chicken.Eat it 3 times a day for 250 g for drinks, drink mineral water and tea.
  • On the 3rd day of May you will be on the table fruit and yogurt.At lunch you can eat 200 grams of cooked meat.Tea and coffee drink with a little sugar.
  • 4th day dedicate soups.For breakfast, eat barley soup for lunch - soup for dinner - vegetable soup.
  • The 5th day eat fish of any kind, and a few vegetables.Drinks, drink only yogurt.
  • Day 6 - favorite muffins and cakes!Just do not overdo it with the sweet.Be sure to make a morning jog, about 20 sit-ups, 50 times shake the press, 15 min.roll the hoop, the evening go to the pool or in the sauna.
  • On the 7th day of eating boiled potatoes.In the morning run through 20 minutes.roll the hoop 70 times pumping media can be divided into 2 times

How fast to lose weight without dieting?

doing so within a week, you lose about 7 kg.This is a good result, because you did not harm your health.

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How to lose weight without dieting: reviews

  • Veronica: no diet.Eat all, only portions Apply a smaller one.And for three hours before bedtime refuse food.It helps!
  • Alain: I do eat after 19.00.From drinks only drink green tea without sugar.Dinner I always without flour.For a month I lost 10 kg.
  • Irina: Do not eat before going to bed, 2 times a week I have a swimming pool, on Sunday - a campaign in a steam room.I really skinny, but do not stick to diets.The most important thing - to establish a certain lifestyle.
  • Olga: Regularly clean the intestine by different means, and you would not kick drum or tummy.But remember, in this case it is important to know the rules.It is better to do cleaning under the guidance of the doctor.

without dieting to lose weight is possible, but efforts to do so will still have to make.For example, to review the diet and lifestyle.It is possible that weight loss in this case will be slower than with rigid restrictions, but the result of a foothold for a long time!

February 28, 2015 16:02
No diet and sports to lose weight can not,because miracles do not happen, and the burning of calories - is elementary physics.My version of "moderate" weight loss: diet with counting BZHU, fiz.nagruzki (walking at least) and the tablets XL-s with litraminom to block excess fat from food and enhance the effectiveness of the diet.
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May 26, 2015 15:05
Well, as you can lose weight and after using the drug Lida The most tried and threw herself at this reception 11 kg.of course .Zdorovyu not hurt then you can call it a good weight loss.!
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