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How to get to the bridge?

Rather, such an exercise, as a "gymnastic bridge" performed by each person in physical education classes during the school years.After it enters into the category of the base and the basis for the further execution of acrobatic tricks.If you no longer stood on a bridge, or simply do not know how this is done, then it is not necessary to experiment.In this case, an important role is played not only flexibility, but also the sequence of the rules.

How to learn to get up to the bridge?

How to get to the bridge?

  1. In this case, useful and good warm-up sequence your body and muscles need to warm up and do some uprazhneniy.Pervoe of which should be done lying down, arms at the same time you need to pick up, knees bent and try to bend over backwards.When the exercise should not be any sudden movements and need to try to engage in this position for 1 minute.
  2. following exercise must be followed to exercise the leg muscles.To do this, stand on his knees splayed, arms lift up and slowly lean back with your fingers when it is neces
    sary to touch the floor.
  3. third exercise is to be performed while lying on his stomach.The hands should be on the hips, legs - bent at the knees, his head is necessary to reach them.This is a great stretch for the spine, such a procedure is particularly useful for those people who have a sedentary job.
  4. After doing all these exercises you can try to get to the bridge, but from a prone position.To do this, lie on your back, to focus on the hands and feet and begin to catch up to the shoulders, the back rising from the floor.Surely recorded in a position to start to straighten the limb.Now the bridge is ready!Then you need to repeat the exercise smoothly in the opposite direction, going slowly to the floor.

How to get on the bridge standing?

Once you got to get up to the bridge from a prone position, you can try to do this exercise from a standing position.Well, if you have a Swedish wall - if not, it is best to choose a support with non-slip coating, such as a wall, pasted wallpaper.

Feet need to put a shoulder-width apart, arms raised up, and the need to stand with his back to the wall.It is better to ask someone to insure you.Ideally, of course, these exercises must be performed under the supervision of a qualified trainer.Now, from a standing position to do the slope of the wall, legs at the same time should not slip.It's time to fall gradually over the wall down.To come back to the starting position for the first time is better leaning on a wall.

How to quickly get to the bridge?

learn how to quickly get up to the gym to help bridge the knowledge of the rules and safety when performing this exercise.Hurry in this case can not, because you can damage your musculoskeletal system.

How to get to the bridge?

After strong growth in the human body stops in the spine start to happen solidification processes in certain areas, but again, you can buy its former flexibility, but only gradually.This requires regular classes, especially if the person you are not a sport.

For starters, you can try to do yoga.This is the safest method to achieve maximum flexibility, in addition to this, yoga body will bring many benefits.Himself bridge - this is chakrasana, which implies a bending of the spine and deep-relaxation layer of muscle tissue.

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the body and limbs, increases the tone of the glands of the body and internal organs and improves overall metabolism.Energetically this asana is associated with the solar plexus and energizes the entire body.Follow the instructions in yoga, men have in this exercise lie head to the north, women - to the south.

legs should be kept together, hands free to put along the trunk, thus it is necessary to breathe freely.Palms put on the floor, under the shoulder joints, fingers must lie directed to the legs.Now, the body must be lifted, together with the caved in the back and put the crown of the head on the floor.In this position, it is necessary to briefly recorded, while breathing.

then continue pressing on the hands from the floor, while the legs and arms are not fully extended.Save in this position should be up to the time until the first signs of fatigue, breathing should be free and smooth.Upon completion of the exercise, you should exhale slowly and quietly back to the original position, and then relax.Perform this exercise should be between 1 and 4 times, at two-minute intervals.

can not get up to the bridge on the slippery floor, rush to carry out a full deflection, too, should not be.Hands and feet should be the fixed support throughout the body.The concentration of attention should be paid to the sensation in the lower back and kidneys.

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If you are a person at risk for health, then you'd better not get up to the bridge.This is true if you have high blood pressure;have thyroid disease, stomach ulcers;problems with hearing and eye capillaries.Also, it is better not to do this exercise for people who have recently suffered broken bones or surgery in the abdomen.In addition, pre-need to learn the exercises, including bending backwards.They will help the prompt adaptation of the spine and muscles to perform gymnastic bridge.

Bridge brings excellent results in stretching the spine, only under the condition that the exercise would surely met.It is a good gym and a great way to warm up the muscles.Performing gymnastic bridge, you can get rid of back pain, neck, spine, of course, if a person has no medical contraindications to it.Train and you all must succeed!