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How to slim legs?

a result of one of the surveys found that most of the men during the first acquaintance with the lady first of all pay attention on her feet.For this reason, the mistress slender legs have a higher priority in winning the hearts of men.Owner slender legs can be any, if you make a little effort!

exercises for shapely legs: the rules

How to slim legs?

There is a set of exercises that will get results within a few months.The main thing here - the systematic classes.Even if one day you will cover the lazy and you do not want to do, you need to take yourself in hand and not to deviate from its intended purpose!These exercises will not only focus on weight loss, but also the fact to make slim skinny legs, because they generally improve the shape of the thighs and lower legs.

Exercise: how to make shapely legs?

  1. need to climb standing on tiptoes and return to the starting position.Repeat these movements should be at least 30 times.Then you need to get up on your toes and roll with their heels, it must be repeated
    40 times;
  2. between his knees to put a small soft ball and try to keep your legs together, it should be done as long as until the feeling of fatigue;
  3. his back to the wall and slowly slide along it about the middle.Reported in this position until the legs do not get tired, and then straighten up;
  4. sit on a chair, lift your feet and try to keep them in the extended position as the largest possible amount of time;
  5. stand to support and make a sweep of his foot.Do this movement 20 times each leg.

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How to slim legs?

How to visually make the legs skinnier?

For many years in the pursuit of the beauty of the ladies have learned lot of tricks and gimmicks to look attractive, including to the legs seemed visually slimmer.

When buying new clothes do not need to choose things with horizontal stripes, because any such division figure negative effect on the visual perception of the feet.It is also better to ignore the things with drawings, which are arranged in a transverse bands.

In the same category fall and contrasting color combinations in clothing, for example, a white blouse and black trousers.It is better to choose a monochromatic outfit.Blouse and skirt a narrow range of colors or dress will be the best option.Monochrome outfits not only stretches the overall silhouette and legs.Wide belts, of course, make the waist narrower, but the legs are shortened, here you need to choose something that you override.Trousers better to choose the following types:

Classic.Color can be anything other than a clear option would be an arrow in the middle of the legs themselves.The length should be such that it is slightly covered or shoes, or merges with it.By the way, better to choose trousers and shoes the same color.

trousers with a high waist.Hide top trousers topom a contrasting color or blouse too, should not be, it is also visually make the legs shorter.

How to slim legs?

pants with little flare from the knee.These pants will balance the hips and make the figure more harmonious.

fitting trousers.Wearing them can afford only the lady, legs and hips that do not have the drawbacks, otherwise they immediately they emphasize, like short shorts.

with skirts, the situation is a little different to visually lengthen the leg, it will be enough to wear a miniskirt, that's just it is not suitable for everyone.And the best option - the average length of the skirt, narrowed style or a pencil skirt.The incision can not be afraid, they are very attractive look.

Dresses need to choose this style, so they sat right on the figure.Colours plain suit.It looks great dress in the Empire style with a high waist.

Shoes should be comfortable in the first place, and, of course, beautiful.

best to buy shoes with heels, or rather not only shoes, but the entire shoe.Heel height ideally should not exceed 7 cm.

How to slim legs?

Boots need to purchase any length just above the knee or just below.Too high boots shorten legs.Ankle or boots can be worn only when they merge with clothing, not bare foot.

shoes with a round nose.Feet in such shoes look more elegant, but the women of small stature, it is contraindicated.

Shoes and tights same colors.This is one of the proven and effective methods of leg lengthening.Therefore, under the black shoes better wear black tights or stockings.During the warmer months, when girls wear tights skin tones, color shoes should be appropriate.

sandals and shoes, which is mounting at the ankles, it is better not to acquire.Buckles, straps, laces, ribbons and so on. Attributes visually shorten the leg.

The most basic way to make legs thinner is the straighten his back and straighten his shoulders, so you can immediately extend the leg for a couple of centimeters.

Slender legs: Photo

How to slim legs?

How to slim legs?

How to slim legs?

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to slim your legs become necessary to make a great effort.Required sport, proper nutrition, various cosmetics - all this should be in the arsenal of women seeking to achieve a perfect figure.But if the show itself in all its glory you need here and now, you can use a little trick that will help make your legs slim in just a couple of minutes!

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