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The motivation for training: how to make yourself do?

On the way to any goal most difficult to take the first steps.Scientists have proved that the most difficult for humans are the first 2 weeks of getting used to new conditions.After this period, the process is much easier.To attempt to introduce the sport to the schedule is also true.Often schedule slips due to lack of strong motivation for training.

Sports: motivation for training

strong psychological aspect in any business.How many women are frustrated with diets, not because really starving, but because it is simply impossible to convince themselves that it is really needed.And no less collapsed attempts to exercise regularly, do exercises in the morning or in the evening to go to the gym.1-2 classes, and 3 to have the desire to be reversed.And everything seems to be just like a beautiful figure, clean volumes and tighten the tummy and lacked strength.Begins concessions, pulling unpleasant moment.And only for one reason: in the subconscious training it looked like the event with a "minus".The or

iginal spirit of it was wrong.

one thing when morning awakening passes with a positive attitude, and the other, if the mind keeps saying that all of this - it is useless spent the next minute.In the first situation I want to work because there is a focus on the positive side of the issue.In the second - no, becausethere is a negative perception.And change it so simple and intangible thing, as motivation.

Sports: motivation for training

If someone could bring a single formula getting stimulus active 24 hrs. Per day, this man would have been immortalized in history.Persistence for certain actions must always be.The trouble is the other - not everyone knows how to achieve it.

talk about specific problem - the lack of motivation in sports, it is still impossible to name a single way to solve.Someone makes viewing old photographs, where the body was still beautiful and fit.Or, conversely, too wreathed.In contrast with the current picture becomes noticeable regression in the first case and progress for the second.What and pushing for change.Someone is inspired by other people's photos, unwittingly mentally placing them next to his.Someone is studying a variety of "before and after" realizing that if they could other means by itself is not the task of trudnoispolnima.

But even these factors - the only part of the incentive scheme.They can assist the beginning of training, but they do not "burn out" in the process?Especially urgent this question, if the classes are not in the group, where difficult to take time off, and at home, or without a coach in the gym.You have to find tricks that will not relax, but rather, help to stop throwing a glance at the clock waiting for the expiration laid minutes.

Motivation: music for workouts

musical accompaniment, perhaps, does not matter only for yoga or pilates, where it often prevents focusing on internal processes, so important in these disciplines.The remaining areas of sports (the same aerobics, and even an ordinary running with jumps) under a variety of melodies are much easier.And while the brain focuses on what is heard from the speakers, and the body tries to move in rhythm, muscles are working by typing the desired number of repetitions.But how to pick a playlist?

Again, there is no single algorithm.The general requirement, or rather a wish to the songs selected for employment - find bouncy rhythms that cause the body to a desire to "repeat" the melody.Moreover, it is important for the same race.Working in unison with the music will be in coincidence rhythms.Ieblows in the track must be made at the same pace as the running speed itself.To jump such a system is also applicable.

with aerobics and its variants are all a little different.Here it is possible to work the upper body and hips.Music is becoming closer to that under which it is possible to "draw" in the head dance circuit.Nobody talks about the need to remember the professional choreography, if it is not about the construction of such a class.Highlights - rhythm, giving birth to involuntary movements, which gives the opportunity to get carried away.There

good helper can be not only dance songs, but any vigorous and familiar tracks.While the inner voice will "sing" your favorite song will continue to walk on the foot step platform.And due to the fact that the mind will be distracted for a pleasant experience, those 30 repetitions fly in seconds.

Those who want to make a variety of home workout through dance rhythms, we can recommend the Latin American song.In particular, fast paced and active, groovy peculiar nature of samba and jive.And any of their social ramifications - salsa, Hustle, rock 'n' roll.In modern ways you can take any hip-hop versions of familiar songs.All of them are different dynamics.

Another nuance - compliance playlist training schedule.Any exercise, regardless of its length, is divided into three components.

  • Warm, focused on the rapid heating of muscles
  • main link, which provides a load problem areas
  • Stretching aimed at recovery.Each of the parts of your emotional state you want to survive in the track list.

Sports: motivation for training

Warming often happens with graduation from slow to fast, if it does not consist of only one jump.While reproduced rotational and tilt action, music should be quiet, but optimistic.Lyrics and can carry a positive note, not just on nastragivat melancholy.

main part of gymnastics and aerobics, as already mentioned, is often dancing rhythms.If a power drill, cheerful preferred tracks, remixes are often well-known melodies.It can be as the song genre of rock, and electro.

Hitch, usually having the form of stretching (stretching) is oriented at reducing the heart rate, which should be reflected in the melodies gleaned.Best of all are any variations from classical instrumental music, the choreography used in the classroom.But if such a soul is, you can stop at any lyrical compositions related topics that were selected to begin training.

motivation for training: video

Selection motivating classes of videos a bit more complicated than music tracks.This is not an accompanying element classes, and often precede them.As is the case with other spodvigaet to the factors, it is difficult to guess what will affect the individual.

can advise in this situation or movies related to the sport appeals to you, up to the documentaries dedicated individuals.Such stories often provoke in the subconscious desire to be, to prove that where one could not give up, at al. Also happens.Especially that little what a person wants in comparison to those who better to lose.In addition, on the network a lot of motivating amateur clips created for those who are important at some point to the promise of a mental action.This is usually a short record, filling optimism and a desire to return to work and move forward.

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And for those who are still trying to find within themselves that will come off the couch and take a step, you can give a couple of recommendations.

  • Set a clear and coherent purpose.Not vague "lose weight / disappoint", but more specific.Let's remove the 7 cm. In the thighs and calves to designate terrain.The more clear the final outcome, the easier way to keep track of it and go for it.
  • After each workout fix changes.The best motivation in sports - track their own progress, even if it is not as significant as we would like.
  • Take a look at the process in a positive way.Find all of its limited benefits: as increases stamina, improving your well-being or rapid awakening in the morning.

All of the above will lead to the fact that the competent motivation strengthen willpower, and the latter will make once forced to exercise good habit like brushing your teeth and shower in the morning.And most importantly - do not lose faith in their own capabilities and strengths.