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Acetic wraps for weight loss how to do?

Slim figure - the dream of every woman.In pursuit of the ideal forms, the girls are ready to almost everything: to spend hours in the gym, jogging in the morning and sit on a rigid diet.But the best option for getting rid of excess centimeters at the waist is a Wrap.With acetic wraps can be easily and quickly correct the figure.

wrap cider vinegar: rules

turns out that only one procedure acetic wraps can relieve you from 1 to 3 kg.In addition, the skin becomes smooth, cellulite, and most importantly reduced volumes.

Acetic wrap expands capillaries, improves blood circulation, increases metabolism and dissolves fat.All this is effective against obesity and cellulite deposits.

to spend Acetic wrap at home you should choose a time when you will have enough time.In total, the procedure will have to spend about 4 - 5 hours. Before wrapping, should prepare in advance the ingredients.

Acetic wraps for weight loss how to do?

  • For the procedure, you will need 4 - 7% natural vinegar.It is better if you take an apple or wine.And the cool wate
    r.Procedure for preparing solution in the proportions of 1: 1.Do not forget to pre-obtain plastic sheeting, warm blanket, and cotton sheets.
  • Prior to wrapping is recommended to drink 5 - 6 tablespoons.water with lemon (every half hour, drink 1 tbsp.).Before wrapping warming massage can be done using a special mittens or schetochki.Mozhno also use anti-cellulite scrub of coffee or natural sea salt mixed with olive oil.For sensitive skin scrub suit semolina and finely grated carrots.These procedures will increase the blood circulation and the flow of lymph.
  • Wet sheet vinegar solution in a cool, slightly wring out and wrap it completely.Then you need to fully wrapped wrap and bundle up with a blanket.At this stage, you can not do without help.It is important that the body was completely shielded from the air.In this position lying between 2 and 4 hours, taking care not to move.
  • Acetic wrap may be partial.This wrapped only problem areas: the abdomen, buttocks, arms, etc.In this case, the wrapping takes only 40 minutes.
  • This procedure is very effective and simple.However, the feeling during the wrapping is not very pleasant.The first 15 minutes will be very cold and then very hot.If any movement you will flow with sweat.
  • After wrapping is recommended to take a warm shower without the use of cosmetics.The result can be checked by standing on the scales - after the first procedure, you can lose about 2 kg, and your body becomes easy, refreshed and smooth.
  • course of acetic wraps designed for 1 month, when the wrap 3 - 4 times a week.During this time, you can lose up to 15 kg, which do not provide you with any diet.

Currently recipe acetic wraps suffers some change.In some women solution was added various essential oils (orange, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, etc.), sea salt, honey, flour and others. Ingredients.

Acetic wraps for weight loss how to do?

If, during the procedure, you can not warm up for 20 minutes, you can drink hot tea from a sweatshop herbs (lime, raspberry, lemon balm, milkweed, chamomile, etc.).

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wrap with vinegar: contraindications

Like any other body wrap with vinegar has a number of contraindications, including:

  1. allergy vinegar;
  2. Chronic or recently transferred gynecological diseases;
  3. Cardiovascular disease;
  4. Pregnancy and lactation;
  5. Menstruation;
  6. charred skin to the sun;
  7. various skin diseases, t. To. The wounds, sores, rashes, and eczema.

is also necessary to take precautions that will help you to avoid complications:

mandatory compliance with the concentration of vinegar, otherwise you can get a serious chemical burns of the skin;

During the procedure, try to avoid hypothermia and cold.Wrapping can be done only in a dry place without drafts or off air conditioners and fans;

After taking a warm shower, do not forget to moisturize the skin with a special cream to prevent dryness.

Acetic wrap: reviews

Acetic slimming wrap: reviews

  • Olesya: After reading the reviews, decided to experiment with acetic wraps and has not regretted.3 weeks kicked off 8 kg.The only downside - not very pleasant to sit and sweating.Feeling just like a bath, but without much pleasure.
  • Barbara: I spend a wrap for the past week, but lost only 1 kg.Perhaps this is just the beginning, in general, to proceed.Hopefully, the end result will please me most.
  • Tatiana: Previously only knew about drinking vinegar to lose weight.But recently my friend told about acetic wrapping.For one procedure I lost 1.5 kg, which I was very impressed.But to sit and sweat for 4 hours, it is quite doubtful pleasure.

Acetic wrap - effective and simple way to lose weight.With it, you can not only throw a few extra kilos, but also to transform your body and your skin.Only worth a lot of patience, because the procedure is quite long and troublesome.

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