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How to remove the underbelly quickly?

Perhaps no one other part of the body do not want to change so much a woman as the abdomen.Nature has provided it a natural soft roundness.In a number of reasons, the fat cells are growing rapidly here.As a result, there is a girl just type a couple of kilos, and belly have betrayed this signal.But do not worry.There are several ways to remove the lower abdomen.

How to remove underbelly quickly?

achieve this goal in the short term - the natural desire for everyone.Thinking about how to remove the underbelly quickly, the fair sex more often turn their attention to the curriculum of physical education, where they were abdominal exercises.And very much surprised when, for unknown reasons, there is no result.More precisely, it sort of is, since muscles are sore, get out of bed in the morning is not possible, but fat mass is not lost.

How to remove the underbelly quickly?

's only sport not to blame.Among all the existing programs aimed at the abdomen, the woman should choose wisely only true for themselves.But, whatever it may have been h

eavy physical activity, they alone will not be enough.Especially when time is running out.WMD is to eliminate fat and not leveling the press work does not need to wear.

complex programs of several items - the key to getting a good result.It includes both competent physical activity and dietary change.Pinpoint is required only on one point.Fat layer from the bottom of the stomach goes into the last turn, but never eliminated locally.Ieit is associated with the burning of a total weight loss.However, the impact is it possible, reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates in terms of daily food, and stopped to eat at night.

sometimes protruding belly appears because al. Causes.His appearance is not always due to a brute-force with sweets and harmfulness.In particular, the spinal curvature also leads to similar results.In addition, noteworthy problems of internal organs: the reproductive and digestive.When such deviations should be examined by a doctor.

How to remove the lower abdomen: exercise for women

alone will work on the press - not the correct tactics.Cubes are but fat remains.The task of women who want to remove the bulging abdomen - heating of the local area and strengthen the intrinsic muscles.And with this simple exercise can not cope.Requires gymnastics and aerobics.

training in duration will take about 40 minutes.Half of them have spent on warm: jump, run, dance.The other half - 5 min.stretching, and the rest - to the central unit with gymnastic elements.This is more than enough.

few good exercises increase blood circulation in the area of ​​the abdomen, you can peek into choreographic hall.

  • Starting position - vertical.Feet on the width of the pelvis, feet slightly turned inside out, toes slightly apart.Exhaling, file hips forward.The coccyx is to strive downwards, and pelvis - slightly up.The deflection in the lower back is eliminated.Shifting weight from one foot to the other, it is required to draw eight hips.At the same time the body is static, the main work falls on the center.Burning in the abdomen on the right indicates the exercise.
  • starting position is not changed.Adopt the same position, and hands to dissolve in hand.Gently lean forward, try not to bend the spine.A pair of resilient movement down and back to vertical.Run 40 times to start.

for gymnastic elements necessarily need a rug, but be nice to replace it by simply dense blanket.This is done in order to reduce the load on the spine - all actions will be carried out in the supine position.

  • first and practically important is familiar to almost all.Stretch your legs at the same time up from the floor and climb up perpendicular to it.Also with them is required to lower back.The pace is quite active, but you can not throw a leg.It is advisable not to touch the floor with his heels at all.
  • second - both simpler and more complicated at the same time.Raise legs, push the sides of the hips.Commit mahi crosswise over one another, mimicking the work of the blades of scissors.On the stomach it is recommended to put a thick book that prevents sagging loin.
  • third - static.Noisy and strongly exhale, pull the blade from the floor, together with them to raise the legs.In the "boat" to count to 30, severely straining the stomach.Slowly exhale down.For initial training will suffice 5 repetitions.
  • fourth - also static, but more complex.On the exhale, make a simultaneous lifting of the top and bottom.But now they want to form the letter «V», based on the buttocks.Arms stretch forward, legs stretched.50. Slowly count to bring up to 5 repetitions.
  • The familiar "bicycle", which can carry a good 5 minutes.After it is recommended to kneel and bend back, relaxing and stretching the spine stomach.

How to remove the underbelly quickly?

In addition to the exercises presented here is familiar with Pilates, aimed at strengthening the center, and therefore the elaboration of the lower abdomen, as well as Callanetics.Despite the general slow and smooth action, these systems are great help in solving the problem.

How to remove the lower abdomen for a week?

If time is running out so much that goes on through the week, and not wait a month, 2 or 3, you need a shock plan.In such a short period it is permissible to turn down the volume to 2-3 cm, strengthen muscles and set the direction for further action.

In addition to the previously mentioned algorithms, the daily routine for a week should enter daily aerobic exercise.This can be a short session for 30 minutes.per day, which includes only one jumping and running in place.You can replace them with simple, but long walks for 2-3 hours. By the way, it will affect the contours of the legs, especially inside their zone.

from the diet will have 7 days to remove all cereals, including bread and pasta, as derivatives of wheat.Among plant foods, "junk" - potatoes and bananas and boiled carrots and beets.Girls who do not have extra kilos, but in need of burning body fat lower abdomen, it is recommended to try sports "drying".

This technique is a protein diet, which has almost no carbohydrates in his plan.On the fat, of course, it works flawlessly and it seemed to go hungry does not.Therefore, many hold out longer pulls on it.But such a system is more dangerous than many diets.So it should not exceed a period of 14 days.

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addition to the above advice, some women recommend making wraps and massages.This is acceptable only if there are no problems with the reproductive system.And, of course, is not a panacea.

In order to remove the lower abdomen, it is necessary to adjust the diet, increase physical activity and, of course, make a plan to lose weight.To him it is only necessary to connect the iron and unbreakable will power, boundless desire to be slim and trim, slide away on the mezzanine lazy and start to carry out the specified items.You certainly will brilliantly carry them out!

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