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Interval training: 3 simple methods.

Interval training - a great way to burn body fat in a short time.Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the hall does not need to spend 2-3 hours. It is enough to exercise a little more than 30 min. To start the burning process inventories.

Interval training: advantages and differences

cardio, which is supported by a certain heart rate throughout the training extremely popular.At least for the simple reason that working with a measured heart rate of 110 beats, making himself a rare but significant breaks easier than to start then for 3 minutes.But these studies, there is an indisputable disadvantage, in modern conditions becoming often the deciding factor.It is their durability.To burn enough calories through cardio such, should be dealt with 1.5-2 hours.Alas, not everyone is a stock of spare time.

One of the main positive features interval training to lose weight - the same results it would achieve already in 30 minutes.

Interval training: video and tips

Interval training

The concept of interval trainin

g include short-term work for wear, load alternating long with short breaks.For people without training it may be 3: 1 ratio, while it will increase endurance reduced to 6: 1.Usually minute session includes work at high speeds and long rest in 10 seconds.But the main thrust of interval training - is the impact on the cardiovascular system.Due to these contrasting techniques increases endurance.At the same time there is a study of all the muscles.And because the same effect on blood vessels and the heart to get involved in this kind of training is not worth it.They can be very short part of others. Aerobic classes or power, or the practice for two days out of 7.

Interval training for weight loss: Options and recommendations of

There are 3 basic methods, which govern the conduct of interval training.

  • Valdemar Gerschler system - typically used to create an individual schedule of running and desire to squeeze the maximum benefit from the process.According to the German coach, in the sense of uniform small.For training in his method required to find out how much time you can run the segment 100, 200 and 600 meters. After that first need to run the distance with an increase of 3 seconds.Then breath for 2 minutes.This period should be enough to lower the heart rate to 120 beats.The algorithm for the next 100 m. Is repeated until such time as at designated break 2 minutes.pulse will not be held above 120 beats.In any case of occupation than 30 min.should not last.
  • Swedes was also designed interval training, which is best done in pairs.The name of this method sounds like "fartlek".He is to alternate the speed while jogging, the ongoing race.Here we have started in the best possible rate, then slow down and 1-2 km to overcome in a measured pace.Typically, the first stage takes up to 10 minutes, as a warm-up.After 2 km.uniform jogging pace is reduced to an active step and gradually slows to a full recovery rate.
  • But the most widespread among the interval training systems today is the Tabata protocol.The attractiveness of it due to the fact that the creator was able to offer an incredibly productive schedule of sessions lasting just 4 minutes ....!The whole circuit is very simple and requires only the presence of a stopwatch.It can be performed at home, jogging exercise is not required.For 20 seconds.necessary to make the maximum number of repetitions (at least 20) of any of the selected exercises.Then it takes 10 the break.The cycle is repeated 8 times, which ultimately will be notorious for 4 minutes.What kind of part of the body at this time to train - there is no difference.

Interval training on a stationary bike for weight loss: scheduling

Interval training

today in the life of every lover of taut body and muscles relief includes exercise equipment, some of which can even be in the apartment.Thus, the training are often more effective.Schedule a better throw supervised specialist, but the easiest option for the bicycle can be carried out independently.

Depending on the degree of endurance will vary the length of employment.Beginners enough and the first 20 minutes, and those who are not the first day of "torturing" body fitness, you can try to reach up to 40 minutes.Of these, the first 7-10 minutes.spend for jumping in the active pace that warm up the whole body and raise your heart rate.Then 2-3 minutes.carried out on a stationary bike at the lowest speed, gradually prepares the joints to the load.

For the next 2-3 minutes.rate increases, and then for 1-2 minutes.given the fact that the option to work with "uphill" in a sitting position.Then you need to rotate the pedals already standing 2-3 minutes.During the same time continue to "climb", but re-sitting.Beginners usually then be 3-4 minutes.the quiet scroll pedals than employment and ends.

30 seconds.spend on work with pre-maximum value option "lift" and a maximum.During the next 2 minutes.such minor variations in the resistance force will jump.Then the load is reduced by 2 times, and the work will be carried out on a stationary bike in a standing position.It takes another 1 min, after which in the sitting position load lowers.The scrolling speed increases pedals for 3 min.Now we need to take a break, during which costs either jump or run in place.In these actions stands 4-5 minutes.

final stage of work on an exercise bike interval starts at 1 high speed smoothly flowing in 2 minutes.average.These "jumps" are repeated 3 times.With each repetition, and the average, and a higher rate of increase of 1 km / h.Another 3 min.will it take to make the algorithm in the opposite direction - up and down jerks to reduce speed.At the end of the pedal slowly spinning even minutes.3-4.

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developing interval training for yourself, watch carefully during it for their health.But before the actual occupation is to talk with your doctor.Suppose that such training has many advantages, in case of problems with blood vessels or in the field of cardiology, he could be dangerous.