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How to reduce waist?

time ladies, to pull in a dress with an incredibly tight corset, it passed.A narrow waist fashion remained.Today, it should not be 40 cm in girth, as it was in the 19th century.At the same time the waist, as a minimum, must clearly be traced.The clearer it move, the more attractive a woman looks.

How to reduce waist?

Owners figures like "hourglass" very lucky: they have laid the nature of the difference between the volume of the bust, waist and hips 25-30 cm. Even if they start to gain extra weight, contours do not change.But what about everyone else?Is the question of attractiveness entirely dependent on genetic predisposition?Fortunately, things are not as bad as some people may think.Regardless of how the ordered nature, subject to the correction amounts of body without surgery.

How to reduce waist?

How to reduce the waist quickly?

Question emergency volume reduction of the waist is associated with the same part of the female subconscious that drives the ladies in search of attempts breast enlargement without

plastic surgery, change clothing size 46 to 40 and getting rid of cellulite for 1-2 weeks.Anyone who thought is given how to reduce the waist quickly, it is understood that 7 days is sufficient.There may be little, even months.Time to reach the first results is dependent on the source data.When it reaches the figure of the ideal - one can not say for sure.Thus the end of two weeks the results typically appear first, in the case where an integrated approach without deviation from the plan.

One of the main points of a decision on how to reduce waist - exercise.They should be of aerobic nature and power.The ratio - 3 to 1. Otherwise, the increased risk to run a reverse process, bleed the side waist muscles and deprived of all.

No less important role played by the food.This applies to both the quality of food consumed and the daily meals with respect to physical activity.The most important thing - to put bold cross on a number of foods rich in simple carbohydrates.They are responsible for all the folds and ridges, formed at the waist.Because of them, there is an ugly fat on my stomach.

better excluded from the diet all flour products, including pasta and noodles.The ban gets everything that is rich in sugar, "chemistry" and fats: sweet, smoked, fried.

Among cereals in the menu, it is desirable to retain only buckwheat, temporarily abandoning the rest.After 2 weeks in the diet, you can enter and millet porridge.But rice is prohibited for the duration of the process of correction.

basis of the daily diet - fruits and vegetables.They are useful for the figure because of a low glycemic index.Fish, seafood and meat also remain in the diet.They need to cook, bake, braise or steam thoroughly.In dairy resolve any percentage of fat.Pay attention to their lack of high-calorie supplements.

As for the agenda, it is important to remember two things:

  1. sure breakfast.Even morning meal is divided into 2 parts, if it is difficult to fully eat in one sitting.Dine a little tighter.Dinner should be light.Between them a couple of times it is desirable to have a meal of fruit or a handful of nuts.
  2. 1.5 hours before exercise is best not to eat.After it is necessary to wait another 1-1.5 h and then taken for food.This is due to the fact that all that will be eaten in the time corridor, go to the processing for the energy release.Included in the schedule of exercise aimed at burning the existing fat deposits.

Pure water can be drunk at any time in any quantity.

Exercises for waist circumference change

to change waist circumference using aerobic and power load.The first exercise should be more.They help to eliminate the deeply hidden "strategic reserves" of fat.Power adjust and accelerate the process of combustion.

Training is divided into three stages:

workout.It lasts less than 20 minutes.It involves heating the muscles and ligaments, implemented by the rotational and tilting movement.Algorithm runtime - downwards.From neck to toe.The work takes place in an active pace, alternating jumps and running in place.The result - a light sweat and increase your heart rate.

How to reduce waist?

central unit.It spent about 10-15 minutes.It includes both gymnastics and power without the weight and density.The pace of implementation - from medium to fast.The result - a burning sensation in the waist and abdomen, but without the expressed pain.

hitch.Most often it is stretching, and, when work on the waist, bending of various types.Need for recovery loaded muscles, and for obstacles to their pumping.It takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

should consider the most effective exercises for the formation of a beautiful narrow waist.Beginners do not need to perform more than 20 repetitions for one lap.For persons with physical fitness, increase their number by half.

most effective option scheme becomes interval training, when all the elements come one after the other without rest breaks:

  1. in an upright position with your legs apart at shoulder width apart.Arms bent at the elbows, hands we place on her shoulders.Rotates through the body, leaving the lower part of the thigh static.
  2. the same position as in the previous exercise, carried out a series of slopes to the left and right in an active pace.
  3. not reducing speed, continue to the slopes.Now, they come with a twist.The housing is rotated to the right and then leans forward, parallel to the floor.The same is left.
  4. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, lift them off the floor.Tilt left and right without moving the body.
  5. bent knees abut feet on the floor.The outstretched hands clamped dumbbells.Blades off the floor, trying brushes forward, shifting them away from the left foot, then on the right, twisting body and rounding your back when lifting.
  6. roll over on its side, stretch your legs and close them together.Raising sideways and upwards, not helping himself with the body or the hands.Run on both sides.
  7. Back in the supine position, a perfectly straight line.Actively reducing the side, pull straight leg to the shoulder, never taking neither one nor the other. Part of the body from the floor.

These elements constitute the minimum necessary to the central unit.In addition they should pay attention to stretching.Basically it contains lateral tilt vertically.But unlike the previous variations, they are carried out with a delay of half a minute to feel the tension of the parties.

addition to the central unit, or even outside the training is to twist the hoop: the length will vary between 15 minutes and up.Not superfluous and would be working with the "disk health".

tracking results

After 1.5 - 2 weeks will want to see if there is progress.And here in the mirror helps weak.Man sees it himself every day, and all of the changes for him proceed very quickly.And because the hand reaches to the measuring tape.Not everyone knows how to measure waist alone.As a result, when attempting to compare volumes before and after, it may even appear that there is no success.

for correct waist circumference recommended by the narrowest point of the body (usually just above the belly button) to draw a line, wrapped around a thin elastic rubber band, aligning it parallel to the floor.That it is necessary to apply a measuring tape.

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Change Waist possible through proper nutrition and exercise.For motivation should follow all the transformations of the body.There is no need to cast around him every day with measuring tape, waiting for a miracle.Suffice it once a week to monitor the progress of the recording results.And let every millimeter of lost inspiration for the continuation of the business started to bring his body to the ideal!