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Gymnastics Eye revival.

For all who want to be healthy, fit and longer to keep youth There is a unique method - the eye of revival.For the first time the secret of this gymnastics was opened in 1939, but unfortunately it has not received proper distribution.Only half a century later made a splash!

Gymnastics eye revival: what is success?

Gymnastics Eye Revival

  • The book about the very methodology described 6 exercises, regular execution of which causes a rush of vitality and helps to cope with a variety of diseases.Some people who have long and successfully carried out an exercise on a daily basis, say that the result of the implementation of the gymnastics was not only improve health, increase endurance, and rejuvenation of the body.
  • success Tibetan gymnastics eye of revival lies in a combination of statistical and dynamic elements that provide training muscles, the nervous system is not without its positive impact and the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Eye of the revival is based on the activation of vital energy centers, which are
    called "Whirlwind".In a healthy person there is a constant and rapid rotation of the vortex, there is no stagnation of destructive energy that is required to have its way.
  • When rotating, each vortex has its cycle, it should be broken, even if it is only one vortex forming units, and the energy stagnates.This violates the circulation of vital energy - prana.It provokes and stimulates various diseases.Gymnastics Tibetan monks aimed at maintaining and enhancing the daily normal work vortices.
  • proved that the technique contributes to the normalization and activation of the endocrine glands, contributes to posture.Gymnastics Tibetan monks tat revival is indispensable for those who suffer from migraines, insomnia and pain of various origins in the lumbar region.
  • All the exercises as well as hardening of the body must be carried out continuously, without interruption, otherwise it will not have any effect.

Eye Revival: instructions for use

Gymnastics Tibetan monks implies a neskolkonyuansov which must be observed without fail.First, in performing exercises should not break!Maximum break, which can be done by not more than two days.It is worth remembering that even if for many years carried out exercises regularly, and followed a break of more than 2 days, then all the achievements zeroed out, because energy channels clogged faster than you can imagine.

Secondly, it is not necessary to be zealous in the number of exercises and execute them quickly.In doing gymnastics is the main task - to focus on the breath and the sensations.

Third, before you begin the procedure, you must clearly realize and understand what and why to perform gymnastics.If you do not have faith in the existence of the chakras, the energy flows and eddies, it is best to buy a subscription to a fitness center.

During exercise you need to think about spiritual development and harmony. Tibetan gymnastics eye revival - a spiritual practice, which is a comparison with the morning prayer.

Gymnastics eye of revival: the order of the exercises

call all action exercises difficult.To. Gymnastics is directly related to the spiritual component, it is wise to not name the exercises, and ritual action.Gymnastics involves a performance of 6 of such actions.There is a method of exercise 5, but it is hardly true, becauseit is adapted to the Europeans.

Gymnastics Eye Revival

ritual actions 1 .The purpose of this exercise - to make rotating vortices, the additional moment of inertia.Simply put - it is necessary to disperse the vortices give them speed and stability.

To perform this task, you must take the starting position (SP) - to stand up straight, arms stretched out horizontally to the side at the level of Pleven belt.The right hand should be turned palm up.But left on the contrary - down.After taking SP needs to start rotating on its axis, until there is a slight feeling of vertigo.Rotation must be done in a clockwise direction - this is very important!It is worth remembering that if after the action a desire to sit down or lie down, to get rid of vertigo - do not resist, do the desired.

ritual actions 2 .To perform this action you must take SP - lying.Lying best on thick carpet or a soft cloth.Hands should be drawn up along the body and firmly pressed his hand to the floor.Next, lift the chin, tightly clutching it to his chest.

After performing this action, you must raise the legs straight up, trying not to tear off a basin from the floor.You can raise the legs toward you, until such time as the pelvis does not come off the floor.The main condition - not to allow the legs to bend at the knees.

When you do this the most important thing to monitor breathing, in the beginning of the exercise is necessary to make an exhalation, almost completely got rid of air in the lungs.While raising the legs and the head must be done slowly, but take a deep breath, and when lowering the legs - exhale.And the deeper the breath, the better practice.

ritual actions 3 .SP is a pose, kneeling, with the hips should take a strictly vertical position.The palms should be under the buttocks and the chin must be pressed to his chest.Then it is necessary to tilt the head forward and backward, with bulging rib cage and spine to bend backwards.For convenience, you can draw your hands on your hips.After the pair approaches need to take SP.

Running third action also requires strictly matching exercises and breathing.At the beginning of the performance you need to do a full deep breath, then, bending back, breathe.The main importance is the depth of breathing, t. To. It is the breath expresses the link between the physical body and the etheric forces control.

ritual actions 4 .SP is a sitting position with outstretched legs and feet should be placed about shoulder width apart.Straightening his back, you need to put your palms on the floor on both sides of the buttocks, with fingers pointing forward.When you need to pull over his chin to his chest.

head thrown back as much as possible back-up, it is necessary to raise the torso forward until the horizontal position of employment.On completion of this action can only be achieved when the hip and trunk are in the same horizontal plane, and the arm shank and positioned vertically.Having reached this position, you must make an effort to stretch the muscles of the body, and then you need to relax and go back to the SP.This chin should be pressed against the chest.

Before starting the action necessary to exhale, lifting the body to carry out a deep breath.During muscle tension - hold your breath and taking IP to make a full exhalation.

ritual actions 5 .SP is the emphasis lying, you will need to bend, the body must rely on the hands and toes.Knees and hips in any case should not touch the floor.Initially, you need as much as possible to throw back his head back, then you need to take a position in which the part of the body resembles acute angle with the top up.At the same time you need to press your chin to your chest.

fifth ritual action differs unusual rhythm of breathing.To begin, as usual, it is necessary to complete the exhalation, when folded in half of the body need to take a breath as possible deeper.When you return to the starting position is necessary to make a full exhalation.But in between inhalation and exhalation should be done pause delay.

ritual actions 6 .IP - standing, at the same time you need to take a deep breath.Then it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the perineum, bladder, and stomach after - muscle tension needs to be done serially, involving more and more anatomical area.When you need to breathe a nose, to increase exhalation need to quickly leaned forward with his hands on his knees.Field exhalation must as much as possible to draw the stomach and hands back to the starting position.Head - pinned to his chest.The abdomen should be drawn as long as possible after you have no strength to endure, it is necessary to relax - and only then to catch his breath.

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first started doing the exercises, the first week is necessary to make them 3 times.Once every week to add 1 time until it reaches the amount of exercise 21. Of course, not always possible to find so much time to perform such a volume of operations.In this case the entire complex can be broken by 2 times.But it is not necessary to perform exercises before going to bed.

When the respiratory part of the action, you need to breathe only the nose.A room in which the exercises should be well ventilated.Do not forget about the mental attitude, by the way, eyes closed during the exercises will help to better understand the spiritual nature of the action.

Gymnastics Tibetan monks tat revival - a great way to improve health, preserve and renew youth, to get rid of stress and feel harmony.It is important to do the exercises with regularity, bringing their number to 21 per month.

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