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Secrets of successful training and basic rules

Regular exercise make our beautiful figure, but in order to bring maximum benefit of training is necessary to adhere to certain rules.To maintain the figure in perfect shape you need to pay attention to regular physical training.Many adhere to this rule, but unfortunately, sometimes training does not bring the expected result.

Stretching or workout.

Many fans of physical exertion forget to pay attention to the warm-up, but in vain is a very important part of the training.Any activity should include three phases workout, exercise, and a hitch, that isrelaxation exercises.You should also remember that exercise must be carried out at the gym in his own order.

right start

Workout do before any lessons to prepare the muscles to work.The best time to warm up for 10-15 minutes.The duration of basic exercises is determined by the level of physical fitness of the person.Pay more attention to the muscles that will be given the maximum work in the exercises.For example, in the race, it is important to warm

up your leg muscles when working with weights warm up your hands.Newcomers need a longer warm-up, because their muscles can painfully react to heavy load.If you do have enough time, you can reduce the warm-up.

Why do I need to warm up?It warms the human body to the desired temperature.Also, when there are changes in the warm-up in the body - from the digestive organs to the muscles of the blood drain and on its way it is enriched with oxygen and nutrients, which gives a person the ability to withstand an accelerated pace.If the muscles are not prepared for the work, after a workout will feel very tired.Another important plus warm-up - is to prepare the heart to accelerate the work.

exercises for stretching

completing the warm-up, you can start to do the exercises for flexibility.If you regularly pay attention to stretching your muscles will stay long in the tone and decrease the risk of injury.Beautiful posture and confident gait depends on fitness and flexibility of joints.At low physical activity deformed thorax, decreased mobility of the neck and the spine gets worst, which is compressed in the absence of mobility.An important aspect of stretching is an even distribution of load on all muscle groups, since the daily activities of our walking gives a great strain on the muscles of the front, which is why the rear are less developed.In this regard can be obtained awkward gait, which further upsets the balance between the development of muscles.So if you notice that there is no movement in their smoothness and elegance, it's time to start doing stretching exercises.

Basic principles of stretching:

1) have to be workout

2) After the entire complex stretching exercises reiterated

3) Pay attention not only to the muscles that will work actively during the training, but also the rest of

4)Do not make sudden movements, so can damage the cords.Severe pain should not be felt in the classroom

5) With a weak physical preparedness of time with each group may be 15 seconds and then gradually increase the time stretching

6) Breathe in deeply, trying to relax.Exhale slowly through your nose do, and breathe through the mouth.To digress for stretching can be thought of nice pictures from his past or future life.

exercises at the gym

completing the warm-up and stretching, you can start the main type of employment.For a start is better to consult with an experienced instructor, who will pick you optimal program.Start training should be a treadmill, exercise bikes and cardiovascular equipment.Then you can move on to strength training equipment, there must be very carefully calculate their strength, so as not to overdo it with the load.Better to put a little weight at first, gradually adding weight.If you change the simulator does not increase the load correctly during exercise to keep the same burden on all simulators.It is strictly not allowed to suddenly discontinue a class, since the rate should be reduced gradually.

cooling phase

approached during exercise to an end gradually decreases the load, even if you did not feel very tired during class.Well suited for this light jogging, brisk walking and light work on a stationary bike.The hard work in the gym causes the heart to pump blood at a rapid rate, so if you do not pay attention to this phase you can buy head and stomach pain, because of the increased blood flow to the brain and the digestive organs.

after exercise is also important to catch his breath, for this you can hang on the bar.And after all the training is useful to take a douche, it is good refreshment, and simply refreshing.For starters, you can relax in the hot tub, it perfectly removes tension in muscles and joints.

Following these simple rules, you can long maintain your body in good condition!

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