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Thai Myramistin slimming

What does it mean - "Thai weight loss"?What are the methods of traditional Thai medicine to help lose weight?

Thai pills

Under the "Thai losing weight" is generally understood to use in order to reduce the weight of so-called «Thai tablets» .These drugs are enveloped by a halo of mystery and prohibition that made it kind of advertising.Sale Thai tablets is banned in most countries in the world that does not interfere with enterprising people selling them from the floor, without any certificates and guarantees.

ban on Thai tablets due to the fact that a part of them, in addition to complex substances with a diuretic, laxative and choleretic action, there psychotropic substances, which is not enough that are addictive, but also hallucinations, and mental disorders.But this is the most harmless, that can be Thai tablets .

There slimming course, which is also known as Thai.It consists of two tablets.The first contains the germ of a tapeworm, and the second - a drug that allows him to get rid of w

hen the desired result is achieved.Tapeworm - a tapeworm which infests the human body and is extremely dangerous.A person infected with the parasite actually lose weight, but it gently, saying, unhealthy weight loss.Needless to say that this can go only a very desperate man?

Myths about Thai slimming system constantly excite the minds and any miracle pills are sold only on the black market, and sometimes are, at best, "phony."Thai No wonder really not.And in the most expensive clinics in Thailand give the same advice as everywhere: a balanced diet according to the principles of healthy eating, reducing total calories, exercise, etc.

tablets are sold under the guise of "Thai" - or a "cat in a bag," or a worm in a capsule!

What traditional Thai techniques should really pay attention to?

Thai massage

Thai massage - is a system of healing the body, the history of which goes back to antiquity.Through Thai massage is carried out on the impact of the flow of energy in the human body.Like many other health systems in east Thai massage there is a perception that the cause of all diseases is a violation of the circulation of energy in the body.Normalization of energy balance eliminates the cause of the disease and, consequently, the disease itself.Thai massage combines muscle pressing joints and working with stretch marks, apply reflexology.The session lasts 2-3 hours and resembles a passive yoga and massage therapist action on the part of like a dance.This is the case when no words will give the essence of the process - it is better one time to try it, if not, then at least see it.

result of the impact of health session of Thai massage comparable to outdoor recreation for three days.Thai massage relieves stress and provides deep relaxation of the whole body and stimulate all body systems, it contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes.

There is a special technique Thai massage with special creams and oils with anti-cellulite, warming and activates metabolic processes in the cells of the skin effect.Slim-massage allows you to work directly with problem areas.On assurances of representatives of SPA-salons after a session of this massage waist circumference decreased by 3-8 (!) Centimeters.This method of correction is completely natural, improves metabolism and blood circulation, prevent laxity and sagging skin.Slim effect primarily occurs due to lymphatic drainage and neutralization processes stagnant in the deep layers of the skin.

weight loss program is selected individually, but the average is at least 10 - 12 sessions.Ideally, slim massage should be alternated with a traditional Thai massage .

Thai tea

traditional Thai cold tea or Cha-yen - strong red tea, with the addition of spices and evaporated milk.This drink is very sweet and calorie.Dieters better to refrain from its use.

particular interest are therapeutic Thai teas.Ordinary green tea complemented by unique herbal teas, which is credited with fantastic action.Perhaps it seems from the perspective of the European common sense.Eastern medicine, and in particular - Thai, famous for his eccentricity.In any case, judge for yourself.

Thai tea Blue Pea - a very unusual thing (it is blue!), But it tastes nice.It improves blood circulation, the condition of hair, eyes.Flowers "Ancha" (actually another name Blue Pea ) used in cosmetics for the hair, for example, medicated shampoos.

Thai tea from the fruit Ma Tum (from the plant Bael Fruit Tree) helps with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sore throat, etc., normalize intestinal function (in Ayurveda recommended for chronic constipation).

dieters in Thailand offer first tea with chrysanthemum Fitne - its cleaning action generally is a laxative effect and are said to be strong enough!It is often advised as a supplement to Thai tablets .But if we take diet pills, it is better to opt for those where the user, even if not in the hieroglyphs.

Thai tea slimming Pack Pao without problemmozhno buy in Russia.Within that green tea and flowers Miosotisa.The latter refers to a mysterious little word skoromnogo plant species with small little blue flowers.It has a choleretic effect.But the main feature of the infusion miosotisa - a sedative, it is recommended to drink at night to improve sleep and nervous people to stabilize the emotional state.Lose weight with the help of Thai tea Pack Pao unlikely, but at least you is not much upset.=)

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