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Special diet for those with elevated blood sugar

Diabetes mellitus is one of those diseases in which the observance of a special diet is an essential part of treatment.This disease can occur in both children and adults, so you need a diet that promotes normalization of metabolic processes of the body.In mild stages of the disease diet is sufficient, but more severe appointed special medicines

Diabetes - a group of endocrine disease, developing as a result of an absolute or relative deficiency of the hormone insulin, causing hyperglycemia develops - a persistent increase in blood glucose.The disease is characterized by chronic course and disturbance of all types of metabolism: carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral and water-salt ".

based diet in diabetes is to consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrate restriction (allowing a small amount of polysaccharides, as they are almost not absorbed and excreted from the body in its original form).

have recommended: cereals (buckwheat, oats, millet);bread from wheat flour;fruits and vegetables (exce

pt very sweet bananas, grapes, dates);

Eliminate from your diet:

sugary foods such as candy, chocolate, pastries, pies, cakes, soft drinks, ice cream and alcohol.Use of these products may cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, respectively, the deterioration of the disease.

is known abrupt stop eating sugary foods in the diet can cause problems such as deterioration of mood and depression.To avoid such situations, researchers have come up with sweeteners : natural (made from fruits and berries) and artificial.But nutritionists recommend use of artificial sweeteners as well as natural can also be a reason for the increase in blood sugar.

There are recommended 5-6 times a day, small portions!

As you know, when diabetes mellitus is increasing the need for water.Limit yourself not worth it, unless you have health problems of the heart and kidneys, where it is recommended to reduce the amount of fluid intake.

With regard to alcohol.

small amount of dry wine or beer is allowed, but after drinking should be a square meal, since alcohol blocks the enzymes that destroy insulin.This can lead to hypoglycaemia - a sharp drop in blood sugar.

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Follow a diet with increased blood sugar constantly, and I am confident that it will help you cope with the disease!


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