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Chocolate Diet: Lose weight easy and fun!

homeland of chocolate is Central and South America.For a long time this product was available only to very rich people.However, occurred in the early XX century, a sharp drop in the price of cocoa, cocoa products and chocolate sugar made available to everyone.Chocolate is an extremely useful product.He will from depression and feel better.Some countries believe this product aphrodisiac.It is believed that chocolate has even wound-healing effect.It is useful for the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system.

Chocolate Diet

are the following categories of species chocolate

Black (bitter) chocolate

It is produced from cocoa grated, powdered sugar and cocoa butter.The way in which the proportions vary between powdered sugar and cocoa, chocolate causes the taste characteristics of sweet to bitter.The greater the amount of cocoa in the product, the higher valued chocolate and those more complete aroma it differs.

Milk chocolate

The recipe for the production of dark chocolate is added and powdered milk.Often

used cream or milk powder Film, fat content 25%.The aroma of this product will be based on cocoa.Vkus- on a combination of milk and powdered sugar.

White Chocolate

Production is from cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder and Film vanillin.Cocoa powder is added and, therefore, such a dark color chocolate bar will not differ.The taste of this product is based on dry milk with caramel flavor.

Diabetic chocolate

This kind of chocolate was developed specifically for people with diabetes.Its members included instead of sugar substitutes.

porous chocolate

produced from ordinary chocolate dessert.Her special forms filled by ¾ placed in a vacuum boilers and expect four hours.In a vacuum through the expansion of air bubbles and creates the porous structure of the valuable product.

Chocolate powder

production is based on ingredients such as cocoa mass and sugar.Dairy products may be added, but you can do without them.

As strange sounds the phrase "Chocolate diet", but the right to existence it has.

What you need to know about chocolate diet?

Really Modern nutritionists came up and diet based on chocolate.Such a diet is a godsend for the sweet tooth. chocolate diet recognized very strict and low-calorie.In its classic form, it is a diet based on consumption during the day from eighty to one hundred grams of chocolate.Drinking allowed black coffee without sugar with skim milk.Incidentally, you can drink only three - four hours after eating.All the daily norm of chocolate you can eat in one sitting, but it is better to distribute so that the meals had two or three.Some experts argue that chocolate diet can be used five to seven days, and then it is desirable to take a break from four - six days.With the chocolate dose that you get in one day, it will come to you no more than 500 - 600 calories.Black coffee in this scenario of events falls almost empty stomach.Nutritionists do not recommend such a diet for people suffering from chronic diseases, as well as those who have weak stomachs.Such representatives of our society, the diet simply can not survive.If you hold a chocolate diet for seven days (seven-day course), you have a real chance to lose five - seven kilograms.Still and features from the organism will depend.

Chocolate Diet

During the chocolate diet will not work:

- white chocolate, as it contains almost no cocoa butter;

- chocolate with sugar substitutes (for diabetics).

Everyone welcome chocolate must have support in the form of a cup of unsweetened coffee.Do not be amiss to note that the inclusion of coffee menu describes many diets.So, for example, the Chinese diet is very actively applies, if not fundamentally, the active element of the diet is black coffee.It is very effective in that accelerates the metabolic processes in the human body.As a result, well-being and intense pohudenie.Lyuboe food restriction in favor of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, it is always a certain list of products whose use is not allowed.

As part of the foundation of chocolate diet is chocolate.

not permissible to use:

- sugar and salt;

- carbonated water, all kinds of juices and drinks;

- is strictly forbidden alcohol;

- no fruit salads and vegetables.

important to remember that if you decide to drink some water or green tea (which is allowed during the diet), the reception they should be carried out not earlier than three hours after the consumption of chocolate and coffee.The day you should drink at least one - two liters of water.Such a requirement is common to all diets, which exclude from the diet of salt.

Acceptable use:

- chocolate (preferably in divided doses);

- green tea or water (in any amount);

- black organic coffee.

classic chocolate diet

(menu seven days)

Breakfast: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (you can skim milk).

Lunch: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (you can skim milk).

Dinner: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (you can skim milk).

Day unloading chocolate

Breakfast: Forty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and milk products.

Lunch: thirty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and milk products.

Dinner: thirty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and milk products.

This menu for unloading your body is similar to that presented in the classic chocolate diet.However, in view of the fact that only one diet per day, the load on the body is not so rigid.If you are a chocolate diet priplyusuete still active (this can be walking or physical activity with exercise), the results will be the most that neither is great.Chocolate diet similar in fluid intake with the Cabbage Soup Diet.For lovers of cabbage can achieve the same results as people who prefer more chocolate.

Pros chocolate diet

Chocolate Diet

  • you can freshen up in a very short period of time, for example, is very relevant in the holiday season, when the short time left before leaving for a cruise or ordinary trip;
  • allowed to use the product, which is strictly forbidden by all other diets, but we love (of course, I'm meant chocolate);
  • chocolate is very useful for the brain, so you lose weight and become smarter and smarter for the duration of the diet;
  • doctors advise this product for anemia and colds (and hence, there is actively strengthening the immune system of the human body);
  • chocolate contains powerful antioxidants that contribute to the inhibition of the aging process.

Cons chocolate diet

  • huge number of contraindications (hence you should definitely talk to your doctor first), it is better to carry out a diet supervised by a professional;
  • chocolate diet knocks diet and may negatively affect the stomach and intestines, as accompanied by the use of large amounts of coffee almost empty stomach;
  • because it saves calories diet too hard, the body at the end of the dietary period and the transition to a normal diet can quickly dial that dumped and plus extra weight;
  • diet completely is not balanced by the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as for vitamins and minerals.In this sense, the other will be the optimal diet that is referred to as "color".

Contraindications chocolate diet

  • unacceptable for use by people with diabetes, as built on the consumption of chocolate without substitute for sucrose;
  • diet is not suitable for people who are allergic to chocolate and products containing it;
  • chocolate diet is prohibited for those suffering from liver disease;
  • be harmful if gallstones;
  • much coffee in the diet makes it unacceptable that a diet for people with high blood pressure.

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Be careful with the selection of diet to eliminate the extra kilos.Choose what's right for you.Good luck !!!

April 17, 2012 12:04
turns out that even you can lose weight eating chocolate!That is how!=)
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