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The French diet: minus 5 kg for 1 week!

desire to quickly lose those extra, intolerable in the literal and figurative sense of the word weight, it is present in the minds of millions of people in the world.It is not just a problem of our time.No.Society of different countries and in different periods of history have always distinguished certain standards of beauty.They are different and can not be said that the requirements of 90:60:90 to the fair sex forever.This is not so.All the more so, as they say, to each his own, and everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty.But they, these ideas are based on the fact that we presented as a public standard measurements and requirements.

modern fashion world moves away from the standards.It is in the struggle, primarily for health and carries a propaganda more rounded than required until quite recently.However, the runway also has certain limits and stereotypes of the past of fashion skinny will not leave the minds of many of the fair sex for a long time.Perhaps this is correct to some extent, because

most men prefer women who differ harmony.Fragile charming establishment like them more complete vast women whose mind seems to be constantly crowded with thoughts about food.We so often look entranced watching the TV screen when broadcast Couturier fashion shows, and then for a long time in the shower with concealed resentment believe that up to the standards of beauty we do not get ever.But this is not the case.You can do everything to this important endeavor.

path to harmony and beauty, and as a result to the good humor and love of itself, is not so thorny, as it seems at first glance.A chosen diet can not only be effective but also useful.There are a number of countries, food differs harmonious diet.And above all, this country is France.The diet of French women is very diverse, nutritious and at the same time well-balanced.French diet is not intended to limit supply.The dishes are all very tasty and healthy.If the general principles and way of life that distinguish French cuisine.

features French cuisine

first.Portions always very small.In France, you will not find in any cafe or restaurant, big plates of fried potatoes or pasta.Even a French holiday table is quite standard (normal) family will be very limited in scope.There can be everything, even desserts, but a little bit.

second. Diet French firm says no semi-finished products.Foods that contain a lot of chemicals unacceptable.

third. At least half of the diet should be fruits and vegetables.Meat is also used a lot.France also likes to fish and seafood.

fourth.Among alcoholic beverages welcome dry red wine.A good glass of wine at dinner is considered quite normal.

fifth. dishes dressed with olive oil and butter, but never mayonnaise, which our Russian advertisements are presented as French.The French understand what harm mayonnaise stomach and how harmful it acts on the body's metabolic processes.

French nation and helps active lifestyle. This is a huge help in the way of beauty and harmony.Accordingly, it can be concluded that the true French diet - a balanced diet, which includes only healthy and tasty products that are used in small portions, and an active way of life, as a good addition.In addition to the usual diet in France it has developed its own diet.More precisely, the diets in this country a lot and they are the most that neither is diverse, but the most popular is the only one.Oh, it sounds: The French diet.The very name already reveals the charm and the charm of the country.Have you noticed what a slender figure distinguished French.It is made by reducing the caloric intake to 1,500 calories a day.It's all thanks to the reduction of fat and carbohydrates.As a result, the human body fat begins to take from its reserves, and you lose weight.

whole diet course is designed for thirteen - fourteen days.The most harmonious of the French diet is the one that was developed by the French dietitian, Rostand, Charles.The basis of his diet is not eating elements of animal origin.Thus, for example, milk and all products derived from it.There are more cereals and renounce preservatives, reduce the consumption of salt and spices.No mayonnaise.It should be replaced by olive oil.

So, if you want to keep the French diet, you can not eat salt, sugar, confectionery, bread and all kinds of flour products.Allowed just alcohol.Is that one glass of wine a day.All products should be only fresh.More than half of the diet are fruits and vegetables, as in the classical nutritional France.Especially recommended in the diet include: Lean meat and meat products, fish, better just not fat, eggs, biscuits, greens, black tea and ground coffee.During the diet is considered to be helpful in unlimited quantities to drink boiled and mineral water.Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables consumed in the food a lot, but to drink juice is prohibited.

French diet will give you the opportunity to reset four - five kilos in one week, but for the whole course of a diet you will lose eight - nine kilograms.Nutritionists, however, believe that people with chronic diseases better to abandon this diet as the French diet.After a course of limited power passed to again gain too much, is to eat a couple of weeks - three small portions.So how do real French.The French diet is very similar to the Japanese diet.What, you ask?The fact that one and the second suggests a sharp reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates.Everything is built on protein foods.

French diet provides a large intake of coffee.Accordingly, people who suffer from high blood pressure, such a diet is absolutely not suitable.All French diet involves diet rule, the fewer calories, the better.Although the same motto characterized by very many diets, enjoying worldwide popularity.The French diet refers to such formulas power that imply unlimited fluid intake.This is good, since dehydration fourteen days diet does not threaten you.

good many words have been said "For" the French diet, but what does it.I want to say what the exact set of products that we can afford to consume food and feel at the same time like a real French nationals.

clear, well-proven diet available.Here it is.

Menu French diet (for a week)

Day One Breakfast: a cup of black coffee and nothing else.
Lunch: two boiled eggs, lettuce leaf, one tomato (remember, all without salt).

Dinner: lettuce leaf again, and a small piece of lean cooked meat.

second day Breakfast: a cup of black coffee and celebration of the stomach, one small piece of bread.
Lunch: a piece of cooked lean meat.
Dinner: ham (instead of ham you can take the usual cooked sausage without fat), and lettuce.

Third Day Breakfast: menu is repeated, and it means that you are allowed to be consumed black coffee and crackers.
Lunch: carrot (best fried in olive oil or butter), one tomato, and sweet mandarin or orange.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, sausage without fat, lettuce.

fourth day Breakfast: a cup of black coffee and a biscuit.
Lunch: one boiled egg, salad from fresh carrots, grated on a coarse grater (carrot and may use entirely), and two - three small slices of cheese.
Dinner: fruit salad with orange, apple and banana.A glass of kefir.

fifth day Breakfast: grated carrots with lemon juice and olive oil
Lunch: a small portion of lean boiled fish, one tomato.
Dinner: lean piece of boiled meat.

sixth day Breakfast: a cup of black coffee (no croutons, because we are on a strict diet).
Lunch: a portion of boiled chicken, lettuce.
Dinner: lean piece of boiled meat.

seventh day Breakfast: a cup of tea (this is something new).
Lunch: lean piece of boiled meat, fruit salad (fruit can be eaten whole and not necessarily make a salad).
Dinner: two - three slices of lean ham or sausage without fat.

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Remember that French diet lasts seven days and fourteen.The second week the menu is repeated.