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Aerobics for weight loss home

Free aerobics can only be at home, in a self-paced exercise program without paying an instructor and rent the sports hall.In terms of saving time and money should not forget about their figure, the natural data.You can always adjust or maintain the existing lines of the body.

Aerobics for weight loss home

Aerobics slimming home consists of several parts: warm-up, core exercises and the final stage.


Lies in the peaceful walk in the same place about 3-4 minutes.Further kneading the joints begins with tilted head, swings his arms and ends flexion-extension legs, including exercises for fingers.

main part of aerobics for weight loss

Exercises for waist:

  1. Use easy hoop (hulahupom) with twisting at the waist for 10-15 minutes.On the effectiveness of thin, lightweight hoop weighted preferable becauseIn the first case there is a strengthening muscle work, while in the second - the swing hips and the inertia force.
  2. Stand erect, feet shoulder-width apart place, pick up one dumbbell from 1 to 2 kg (you can use a special mod
    el, is worn on the wrist in the form of a broad band of tissue with weighting).Make about 15 tilts the body in different directions (in the side, back and forth).To increase the load during a tilt toward the opposite arm goes up, when bending forward - parallel tightened press.
  3. Lie back on the floor, legs straight right hands pressed against the sides.During voltage abdominal muscles gradually spin off from the floor vertebra by vertebra, until you reach the location of the body perpendicular to the floor.Repeat in slow motion 20 times.
  4. Sit flat on the floor (in the buttocks).Keep your hands behind your head, lean back.Very slowly, do the corps 5 laps clockwise, then - 5 against.Control your abdominal muscles.

exercises for the legs and buttocks:

  1. The upright legs are wider than shoulders with splayed feet to stabilize.Perform squats at a slow pace, as if pushing your feet off the floor, while straining buttocks.Perform 10 times.
  2. Take a chair for support and repeat the previous exercise, but standing on one leg.Squat should be to a level of 90 degrees, repeat 10 times.

exercises for the hips:

  1. Get on your knees, lean on the arms bent at the elbows.Keep the flatness of the back, tighten the press.Leg bent at the knee lift to achieve parallelism of the thigh to the floor.On the count of 30 is made fixing the position, and then descends down the leg.For each leg to perform 10 times.
  2. Lie on the floor on either side and lean on his elbow (head on the shoulder can not be put).Commit 10 swings right into the side, and then take a delay on the lead to 30 at the top, while maintaining maximum muscle tension.Then make up to the upper fixing point.Repeat for the other leg (lying on the opposite side).
  3. Sit on the floor, between the lower legs, hold the chair leg.Evenly apply pressure on her legs for 1 minute, then made a 30 pulse rate.

Back exercise:

Lie on your stomach on a flat surface (eg, on the floor), somknite hands behind his head.From the floor at the same time you need to take your shoulders and legs while holding hands behind his head.Take a 20 lifts.

final part of aerobics for weight loss

as you can make a complete set of jump rope for about 10 minutes (on two feet, one alternately on different).If you are unable to use a rope, work out jogging on the spot, with a gradual transition to walking.Perform movements with easy sipping by shaking limbs (for complete relaxation of the muscles).

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Videos: aerobics for weight loss home

For those who do not like to engage in solitude, we present a video in which you will learn that this functional aerobics, and will try to use it on himself under the guidance of an experienced coach.

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