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Top 10 drugs for weight loss: we offer a pharmacy?

Who else as pharmacy network we trust your precious health and a large sum of his purse.However, the choice of slimming should make for you a registered dietitian.Consultation with them is irreplaceable by any recommendations of high-quality professionals pharmacies.Only the individual selection of medicines for your safety and prevent allergic reactions caused by intolerance to individual components that make up the drug.

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Pharmacy will have to choose what your doctor is appointed.However, you yourself, making monitoring the market so to speak, that is, looking at the range panacea for losing weight, you can go to a consultation with a dietitian to all weapons.Discuss new, just arrived on our market for a long time and successfully used drugs with your doctor, never will not be superfluous.In addition, you will appoint you will also learn about other manufacturers and pharmacological properties of teas, capsules and pills to help lose weight.A sensible approach is to limit the power and active lifes

tyle will help you in the lawless to a slim figure, which you dream.Incidentally, it is interesting to note that in our country there is no relation to obesity as a serious illness, and as a pathology.This information activity is low in this area and the lack of attention to the excess weight from the medicine, lead to the fact that advertising drugs for weight loss replaces us good advice of a qualified nutritionist.

What drugs for weight loss offers us a modern market?

All of them can be divided into two large groups.The first is the biologically active food additives (BAA).It is drugs that are out of power.BAD is a concentrate of bioactive substances derived from natural products or by synthetic chemical and biotechnological processes.The most popular include vitamins.In their totality, these supplements contain useful elements that we'll get on a daily basis, consuming the usual components of our diet.The only difference in the concentration and production methods, respectively.The second group includes other drugs.Basically it is for external use.All dietary supplements can in turn be divided into two components: Nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals.What do these terms mean?Let us consider in more detail.


Nutraceuticals Nutraceuticals - this word has its roots in Latin.The name means "power."They are in their content have the minimum of medicinal components.This is characterized by their similarity to the food.Nutraceuticals can be eaten without harm to health.Meaning they are received is that they can serve as a low-calorie, and as a replacement for several meals.A big plus in the content of vitamin and mineral complex.All meal replacements referred to nutraceuticals.Preparations are actively used during diets.

2. Parapharmaceuticals

Parapharmaceuticals closer to medicines.Abuse them is not desirable.They can only be used as an adjuvant but not as a basis for treatment.Too much harm from high doses.To carry Parapharmaceuticals anorectics (controls hunger), cleaning products and fat burners.Use them only on prescription.

let you now consider more specific and clear those drugs that are most actively bought in pharmacies Russian consumers.

3. anorectics

Adjust hunger by reducing appetite.Very effective.Sold in the form of sprays, tablets, and aromatics.It is important to pay attention to the composition of the drug.Choose those that do not contain caffeine.After the dose it will be very high.As a result, you can earn a problem with the cardiovascular system and amass insomnia.The composition should include: a complex of vitamins, herbs and chemical compounds in the form of sodium benzoate.The use of anorectics only part of the way.Watch your diet and move more.Essential oils are selected very carefully.The cost of a high quality product.If the price is low, it means that you have purchased a fake.Generally, tampering - is provided with a synthetic analogue of perfumes, but no useful properties.Pick up oil according to your preferences so it does not cause headaches and vomiting reactions.Today the stores represented a wide variety of flavors: orange, basil, valerian, verbena, clove, grapefruit, oregano, peace, myrtle, ginger, hyssop, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, frankincense, marjoram, mandarin, lemon balm, mint, patchouli, juniper, nutmeg, rosemary, rose, pine and sandalwood.And it's not the whole list.Counterfeit you tap easily if drip oil on paper.Good quality oil does not leave fatty streaks after evaporation.If you gain weight because of the absorption of the active products anorectics help you.However, after receiving their appetite returns.Consider this sad fact.

4. Tea for weight loss

Drugs for weight loss in the pharmacies

It consists of laxatives and diuretics grass.This tea not only helps lose weight, but will work as a good cleaning agent.Just do not overdo it.A strong laxative effect can significantly deplete your body and then the tea will cause elimination from the human body as the toxins and nutrients.But most importantly - it is the effect of dehydration.It seems to be fluid intake, but it also removes the water from the cells and tissues, bringing it a natural, so to speak, means.With the right mix of tea, you can achieve a mild laxative effect and successful weight loss.That is what we should strive.Again, beware of imitations.

5. microcrystalline cellulose

will help get rid of the extra kilos with the help of detoxification.It is made from specially treated cotton.According to its properties similar to microcellulose fiber fruits and vegetables.Upon receiving it swells in the stomach and gives the impression of satiety.It cleans the intestines when passing through it.This tool will help you to limit food intake, normalizes metabolism and digestion.Besides cellulose least expensive product.So it is not too hit your wallet.

6. Thai pills

prohibited in civilized countries, but very popular in the Russian market, although quality tested successfully failed.Often they are in the active sale of shops selling oriental goods.Harm Thai tablets lies in the composition.Phentermine is detected in the product, scientists believe psychotropic substances.So the exit to the street of the city with a banner "We will give battle to drugs!" When receiving the Thai tablets is a lot of controversy, my friends.US doctors have proven the ability of the Thai tablets hit the heart valves.However, not all leading their reception, but only one in three.So be calm, and maybe you are the first or the second?This is a joke of course.The drug is strictly prohibited.Domestic medicine when it is, check the possible negative effects on sleep, as well as hair, teeth and nail plate.Think, well, why do you need such a problem?

7. Fruit extracts

Fruit acids according to the instructions linked from food calories.Pluses of them are available and are to supply the body with vitamins and amino acids, as well as macro- and microelements.Extracts from the fruit speed up metabolism.Enhance well being and vitality of man.They are particularly useful in the spring, when we attack beriberi, and in winter, when vitamin just is not enough.

8. Super System Six

I bet you have not heard about this drug.It is rarely used.And absolutely nothing, because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which normalize metabolism.But without fitness and work on a favorite, too, the result will be.Although there will be, but not exactly one that we expect.Super System Six will form muscle, and free for the duration of the craving for sweets.Strong you will not lose weight.

9. Fat

checks have shown that they do not burn fat, but helps to carry the load during training at the gym or outdoors.If you are not actively engaged in sports, the fat burner - this medication is not for you.Lost time and money we do not need.However, if you frequently visit the gym and use of fat burners at the same time achieve the effect you doubt.By the beneficial properties of such drugs include improvement of health and normalization of the cardiovascular system.

10. Dietplastyr

Dietplastyr on

Valid only psychologically.He identifies the skin is very small doses of iodine, which assist in the work of the thyroid gland.

way, it is a problem with the thyroid gland in some people lead to obesity.So what is important to fight, so to speak, on all fronts, and it is better to pass a comprehensive examination.It is to identify the causes of overweight and workarounds.

Modern technology has allowed a network of pharmacies in the country have their own database of medicines.
full version of such a base implies the following information:

  1. trade name 13,000 products in Russian and English languages;
  2. description of the composition;
  3. characterization of drug interactions with other drugs;
  4. approximately 1500 descriptions of the active substances;
  5. approved instructions for the use of drugs.

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in finding the right tools to help you online."" allows to search for drugs to pharmacies in our country and find out the prices.Price site is constantly updated, which is very convenient for both consumers and producers.

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