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Massage slimming stomach (video)

belly slimming massage is the easiest to implement.Moreover, unlike the back massage, it is very convenient to do on their own.I do not why he is so common?Massage the stomach is effective for weight loss, is actively helping to get rid of sagging tum and excess fat in the waist area.The problem of excess fatty tissue in the waist area is not limited to women but also males.Because of the regularity of procedures and the use of various oils strengthen skin cells occurs.

If you decide to do self-massage of the abdomen, you should take note of the following information:

  • To achieve the desired result should be set to the regularity of the procedure by repeating the massage every day for a few minutes.
  • Movement made forcefully, but without undue roughness.It is important to preserve the "golden mean."
  • Conducting massage is only two hours after eating and finishing in one hour undesirable anything there (you can drink the water, green tea).
  • The best results are those who simultaneously maintains a hea
    lthy balanced diet and active exercise

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Types of massage slimming belly

There are several types of massage the abdomen slimming :

  • plucking massage for belly belongs to the most simple, without the use of additional equipment or devices.Before its onset occurs warming and kneading the muscles of the abdomen.Lie on your back on a firm level surface, set regular breathing and pinched his stomach, moving around the navel in a clockwise direction.Gradually work out pulling the skin with your fingers more and more.Running smoothly completed with reddening of the skin.Plucked massage created especially for smoothing and toning the skin cells.
  • Cup massage for belly can quickly get rid of excess fat.To prepare the meeting silicone jars specifically designed for similar procedures with the skin (can be purchased at a pharmacy or online store).The massage oil, add a few drops of essential oil of rosemary.Belly well lubricated by a combination of oil and then made the motion banks clockwise, occasionally lifting the skin with their help.
  • Honey massage slimming belly possible only with the best, proven flower honey (ideally - pumping fresh).To do this, put your hands on the liquid honey and begin to knead the abdomen active movements, periodically "patting" of excess fat.Due to the sharp sticking honey will be warming up the muscles and active involvement in the process of slimming massages.After the procedure, the skin becomes visibly firmer and silky to the touch.
  • Water massage AH ​​belly soul makes switching mode heaped exit jets of water under high pressure.Leisurely clockwise abdomen is massaged with changing temperature of water in one direction and then the other .

To better understand how to make slimming massage abdomen, we decided to give you the opportunity to watch the video with the professional conduct of all movements.

Quick reminder order the massage

  1. Lie back on a hard flat surface (eg, floor), place a pillow under your knees and bend them slightly.Install quiet breath and relax as much as possible the maximum amount of muscle.
  2. abdominal massage should start with small stroking and rubbing, speeding up the movement of palms (or fists) to warm up.
  3. Follow plucking massage (see description. Above).
  4. Capturing fat fold with one hand, but divide it across the edges of the other active movements.Slowly go through all the folds.
  5. Exercise "spider" follow the correct decision of the fingers (perpendicular to the abdomen), and fast pressing lightly with moving clockwise.
  6. produce active edge of his hand shaking movement, called "stir up" the stomach.
  7. to complete the entire procedure guarantees smooth stroking his palm.

Cellulite massage slimming the abdomen.Video

understandable form on the right abdominal massage

Giving your body a few minutes a day, you will certainly achieve good results!

September 23, 2011 21:09
funny to read and watch that onlydo not offer now!Haha, but because you just wake up!To lose weight you just need to eat right (read raw foodists)!
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