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How to lose weight in 1 day?

Ah, ah, ah summer almost arrived, and nothing to wear.All the presses, in what does not fit.And the trendy, even in the season, sundress bursting at the seams.Woe is what.What to do?Lose weight !!!And the sooner, the better.But interestingly, it is possible that for one day?

How to lose weight in 1 day?

What nutritionists advise?

Nutritionists confirm that nothing is impossible, however, to lose weight per day is possible only up to a certain limit is not very significant.After all, we are not magicians to wave of a magic wand to turn Cinderella into a pumpkin, oh, it seems the opposite.Yes, exactly, to become slim Cinderella pumpkin !!!Some rude term to pick up.Well, okay, but to provoke vigorous activity aimed at combating overweight.So, experts say that for 1 day, you can lose weight by two, maximum - three kilograms. all depends on your weight and effort.In fact, your weight loss will be directly related to the amount of calories consumed and those that you spend in the implementation exercise.Table calorie products can a

lways be found on the Internet or in cookbooks.As the saying goes, it would be only a wish.When full of happiness stopping you what some two or three kilos, the daily weight loss is very effective.The desire to deal with the rising pounds faster.

Power for quick weight loss of 1 day should be very, very monotonous, low-calorie, high in fiber and fluids .These products help to lose weight and do not give starved and off the diet.Protein Diet power system is not too favor nutritionists.They are believed to be harmful to the kidneys and the body as a whole.But if the goal we have a day, it can be stated another fact - one day protein food with you nothing will happen, but you're bored sbrositelishnie kilograms.Those who are resistant, can starve day stay on a diet of water. drink only water with lemon juice or green tea, and herbal teas are even better, they are very good to help lose weight.You can conduct discharge day on kefir, or apples..This is a good start for the other days of the diet.

But we should not forget that the restrictions in food are much more effective in the intensity of exercise. Daily fitness - it is also a decision even where.But we have to achieve maximum results for only one day.Well, then, we will take extreme measures.But rather to say a set of measures to reduce weight.For this we need diet food (or waived), exercise at least thirty - forty minute sessions .And also help massage and wraps .They can be made in the home and visiting special beauty salon or massage parlor.Yes, already it feels some day be rich.

Step 1. To lose weight in 1 day, we recommend the following methods to power.

1 way.Water diet

1 way.

better to abandon all.However, the dry diet without food and water, we will not do, for the simple reason that we expect physical activity, and in combination with full restriction fluid intake into the body, it would lead to dehydration eerie, because the remaining stocks of water in the body will be released viasweating.So we have to drink. choose a water diet .It is very effective.To do this, we will not eat anything and only drink water as much as we would like.Water will cleanse your body of toxins and does not add extra calories.It is necessary to preserve the good condition of the skin and ensure the normal process of digestion.This is important.In addition to water, you can try other diets.

2 method.Fruit and vegetable diet

2 method.

If you select them, then one day we will have to eat no more than one kilogram of product.It is better to eat more vegetables, they are lower in calories than fruit.One day is enough to eat a couple of apples, pears and oranges, the rest - cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, carrots.Such daily diet will help lose weight and replenish the body with vitamins.You can not cheat and use the fruit as a whole, but only their juice.It is better to digest and less calories add.Although the food at this, you have them and so few typed.

diets Some fans argue that when choosing a diet for one product, we quickly grow thin.You can try, for example carrot diet.Carrots are good for the digestive and cardiovascular systems.It is useful for the organs of vision.It enriches body in fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

Breakfast: two glasses of carrot juice will start the bowels.

Lunch: no more than four medium-cooked carrots and a glass of carrot juice.Instead, the latter is allowed to drink green tea, but only the second and third best plum.Why is that?The thing is that green tea reduces blood pressure, and in terms of diet is well concentrated tea sold in the body like a time bomb.

Dinner : too modest, consisting of 200 grams of lettuce salad and a glass of carrot juice or green tea.Salad is advisable not to salt, but fill with oil.Best of all olive.

3 method.Cucumber di ETA

3 method.

main feature cucumber diet dietary that weight very effectively leaves the zone waist .What is significant weight loss is based on a cucumber diet?Cucumbers accelerate the water-salt metabolism in the body.Accordingly, the faster the metabolism.The fat of our body goes one way - together with the liquid.Cucumbers have a diuretic effect and the ability to reduce body fat stores.This is - this fat burner.

Breakfast : 350 grams of salad from cucumbers and cabbage without butter and salt.

Lunch: 400 - 450 grams of fresh cucumbers not peeled skin.Pick up fresh young cucumbers.

Dinner: another 450 grams of cucumber salad.

Step 2. Fitness

Step 2. Fitness

transgressed to physical stress. They can do at home, outdoors or in the gym.The best set of exercises include push-ups, swing the press and others.

There is, for example, is an effective exercise.Take a box of matches, and scatter them on the floor in front of him.Now bend over each, lingering with a bent position.This exercise will help make the beautiful knees and legs are toned and slim.In addition, it would be beneficial for reducing the volume of the waist.

or another.Get on all fours, and then in turn raise your right hand with the left foot and vice versa.Exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles.

can squat thirty times.Then take a break and repeat the exercise.

Press to swing better, if your feet are well documented.They can someone hold.Someone or something.For example, the gap between the floor and wardrobe.Wardrobe choose sustainability.

If you are in the gym, the treadmill and bike - your friends to this day.You can just ride another hour on a bicycle in the city or suburban area.And breathe the air and reset kilograms.

Step 3. Massage and wrap

Massage to lose weight - and this also happens.It is usually carried out on all muscle groups.Sudden movements are replaced by powerful stroking and tapping.Not bad to create the effect of vibration.

wrapping is carried out after a visit to the massage room and promotes relaxation.

How many kilograms of you would not have gone for the day, remember that this is only an indicator of how much fluid you came from. Day accelerated diet will solve only part of the problem, but not all. They are ineffective to maintain the result may lead to health problems.Choose better longer and planned diet to diet, limit the amount of carbohydrates and fats.If you are losing weight rapidly, it quickly typing.To avoid this, keep yourself in the hands and after days of hunger strike, or strict diet do not immediately jump on food .To the original weight has not returned, for seven - ten days after the dietary restrictions do not eat sweet, flour and fat.Avoid excess calories.Prefer natural products - milk, meat, fish.In the same fruits and vegetables.As for exercise, avoid overloading.Train a little, but often.Be careful and listen to your body, how he feels - the most important indicator.You will immediately understand, do not use it or not your efforts.Massage as well as wrapping trust experienced specialists with experience and good references.Take the trouble to assemble the best reviews.Laziness has no one benefits.

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