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Diet nursing mothers to lose weight.

nursing mothers, it is important to understand that the diet in the postpartum period and during the whole period of breastfeeding, should be nourished.Especially nursing mothers should carefully to the choice of products in the first days and weeks after birth.After the formation of the baby in the gut microflora will happen only after 3 weeks.And when food is taken into account the possibility of allergic reactions in the newborn.

allergy product to be eaten by a woman can only come from the second half.It is important that the baby received a balanced diet, because vitamins and minerals, especially in the early development of the child, play a big role.But this does not mean that mommy can not treat yourself to delicious, because in the future it will be quite varied diet.

for effective weight loss after delivery should be taught to eat small portions of about 5 times a day.In the first week of food products are introduced each separately.It should not be scared, do not you, you can follow the reac

tion of the child, time to eliminate allergenic foods for a while.At the same time, neither the mother nor the child does not have to lack or excess of vitamins and minerals.It should start taking a special complex for nursing.

excluded from the diet drink, soda, artificial food additives, preservatives, nicotine.Adoption of medicines must be strictly controlled reaction vrachami.Negativnuyu cause: smoked foods, ketchup, mayonnaise, hot spices, grapes, chocolate, cakes, citrus.

Diet Nursing involves the use of only high quality and fresh products.

Diet nursing mothers

recommended diet for lactating mothers

1-3 day:

  • sure fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, crackers, water, oat or buckwheat porridge, steamed or boiled veal, mineral waterwithout gas.

3-7 day:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, bifidoyogurty, low-fat cottage cheese, baked and steamed vegetables, vegetable soups.

1- 3 weeks:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, lean boiled fish, cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream.

3 weeks:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, galetnoe biscuits, fresh beets, boiled chicken and rabbit, decoctions of dried fruits.

daily intake of low-fat varieties of meat bring to 180-220 g, 100-150 g of low-fat cottage cheese, milk drinks up to 500 ml.Active Eat bran and whole grains, baked and raw fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, berries, beef liver, juices and fruit drinks.We exclude nuts, flour and fatty foods, fried foods disclaim and large consumption of sweets.

Breastfeeding mothers should monitor the amount of fluid intake per day.The first few days after birth is not more than 2 liters per day.The amount of liquid is reduced to 1 liter when the tide comes in breast milk.A week later, resuming fluid intake of 1.5 liters to 2 liters per day.

Diet nursing mothers

also recommended that weak tea, can milk, fruit drinks, stewed fruit, mineral water without gas.

After 2-3 weeks after birth, can be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.At first this light workout in the gym.The first week is enough walks with your child.Pressures should be moderate, do not just set the pace and rush.If you lost a week from 200 g to 600 g diet means in combination with effective loads for you.Rapid weight loss nedelatelno as extra weight can also quickly return.

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with full, balanced nutritional diet will not only reduce the weight lactating mother, but the baby's diet and fill useful components.

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