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East is a delicate matter, as the saying goes.In the eastern countries, the practice, and very successfully, its secrets of beauty, health, youth and slimness.They migrated to the west.Modern European citizens are actively put into practice the conditions of acquisition of a slim figure, formed on the basis of Eastern philosophy, especially Chinese.Among the Chinese secret harmony and well-being released Chinese breathing exercises "tszyanfey."Translations of the term utterly accurate and means "to lose fat."

Breathing exercises in China includes three components of your system it exercises:

  1. «Wave".
  2. «Frog."
  3. «Lotus".

You can use them for a short time to achieve excellent results in reducing body weight and keep yourself in good and due form.Making Chinese breathing exercises to practice daily, and every day to come all the best and the best results.A lot of time and it does not take much effort would be required.When performing gymnastic exercises you will need to loosen the belt and wear e

asy not crushed (not for slimming) body clothes.

Consider all three exercises Chinese breathing exercises "tszyanfey."



Will successfully put in control of your appetite.Hunger will disappear or become much less noticeable.Accordingly, it will allow you to switch to a lighter diet.Eat in small amounts and eat only vegetables and fruit.

How to

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees at an angle of ninety degrees.At the same time the feet must be fully supported on the floor.Put one hand on his chest, and the other - on the stomach.With the posture defined.Now, helping himself with his hands, begin breathing exercises.That is, we begin to breathe properly.Inhale a lot of air.On the inhale, and squared his chest gather in the stomach.As you exhale, do the opposite.

When breathing, we breathe and with a frequency that is normal and usual for us, all the movements of the chest and abdomen provide education wave.

When feelings of weakness and dizziness, breathing slow down.If the exercises are given to you easily, without consequences for health, do forty full breaths.

Exercise "Wave" is required only for the first three days of classes.Then, use it only when hunger rolls.Sometimes it happens that you have done the exercise "Wave" for sixty times, and hunger persists, and besides, there are unpleasant sensations.These are all signs that this exercise does not suit you.



increases blood circulation and metabolic processes in the human body.It has a positive impact on the skin.When the breathing exercises happening massage internal organs.It improves mood and raises vitality.If you want to lose weight fast, then activity "Frog" should be done three times a day for the duration of fifteen minutes . Do it when I have time.

How to

Sit on a chair so that as a result of the drumstick and thigh form a right angle.Knees shoulder width apart.Firmly squeeze into a fist, and his left hand cupped her right hand.Elbows at this time lean on his knees.Forehead position on his fist.His eyes close.The main thing - is to be able to relax and think about something good.Take a deep breath and mentally translate the entire accumulated in the air in your stomach area.Then, let the air out through your mouth, making a light, steady exhale.During inhalation the abdomen as if the whole is filled with air, and then released him during exhalation.When a mental filling the abdominal cavity, stand still and sit there for a minute, and you can, or even two.

When you exercise, you can see for yourself that the breast remains fixed, and the stomach is pulled, it swells.It does not like?Of course, this is reminiscent of the breath of a frog.

all the exercises will take you no more than fifteen minutes.After lift your head and eyes closed, as if look up.Rub at least ten times the palms against each other, and then run your fingers through his hair, and raises them tenfold.Open your eyes and stretch.



Relieves fatigue and leads to a complete relaxation of the body.It carried out within fifteen minutes after waking up in the morning or in the evening before bedtime.You can perform this exercise after the "Frogs".

How to

exercise is performed in a sitting position.Can be carried out, he tucked his feet under him.Hands are placed one on another palms up.Feet to the stomach.Back straight.Lower the shoulders and pull your chest.His eyes slowly close completely relax.Tip of the tongue touch the palate.Breathing should be deep and smooth.Nothing extraordinary.Breathe calmly, as usual.Listen to your breathing and try to make it audible.Breathe for about five minutes.Then, do not adjust any breath or exhale.Do not pay your attention to the depth and evenness of breathing exercises.Get rid of extraneous thoughts.Relax.Repeat this breathing exercise at least fifteen minutes.Deal with every day, and you are an expert in the field of Chinese breathing exercises.

fun !!!!!!!

And now another way to lose weight.He, too, that neither eat Chinese.I'm talking about the Chinese diet.Of course, that came to our days, it can not be called classical Chinese diet.Much has already been processed at present, under the present way of life, so to speak.Modern advanced nutritionists have identified a number of ways of sitting on the Chinese diet.Consider three.

first Chinese diet

It is quite tough.If you pass it without a hitch and save power also to exercise, then reset the fifteen kilograms.Consider it in the weekly section.And so ...

Week One

Every day eat three eggs and three oranges.Drink green tea as much as you want.

second week

You are lucky to eat all week porridges on water and green tea.

third week

Your diet will consist of steamed vegetables with olive oil.You can drink green tea or juice.

second Chinese diet

It is designed just for only five days, but the diet is very poor, because you have to eat the same all five days.


One boiled egg and fifty grams of black bread, the dried better.You can drink coffee without milk and sugar.


processed cheese One hundred grams of green peas, a cup of green tea, here's your food in the middle of the day.


Oh, and now a feast !!!You can eat fifty grams of lean meat, one hundred grams of fresh salad and two hundred - two hundred and fifty grams of fruit (all).

before bedtime drink a glass of milk.

third Chinese diet

This type involves a decrease in calorie intake by reducing fat meat products and the use of a large amount of vegetables and fruits.Diet painted by day.It is best to conduct it within three weeks.This course will give you good results.


Breakfast: one hundred and fifty grams of fresh cabbage, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: one hundred and fifty grams otvarnogorisa and the same salad of shredded carrots, as well as a glass of mineral water.

Dinner: You can eat a hundred grams of boiled fish, nibble lettuce (gamma two hundred).Drink green tea.


Breakfast: two hundred grams of fresh carrots with olive oil, a toast from black bread and mineral water.

Lunch: salad of cabbage and carrots (two hundred and fifty grams), fifty grams of stale bread, a glass of apple juice.

Dinner: one hundred and fifty grams of cooked rice, three leaf lettuce mineral water.


Breakfast: two hundred grams of fruit salad and juice.

Lunch: two hundred grams of boiled asparagus, a small piece of bread, mineral water.

Dinner: two hundred grams of mushrooms, steamed, boiled potatoes one mineral water.

Thursday Breakfast: a glass of apple juice, orange, green tea.

Lunch: three hundred grams of boiled asparagus with rice, apple, mineral water.

Dinner: two boiled potatoes, two hundred grams of boiled fish, green tea.


Breakfast: two hundred pyatdesyatrisovoy cereal, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: salad of cabbage and seaweed - two hundred grams of mineral water.

Dinner: two hundred grams of vegetable salad and a piece of bread and green tea.

Saturday Breakfast: a portion of rice porridge and a glass of apple juice (you can drink green tea).

Lunch: two hundred scales boiled fish and a glass of orange juice.

Dinner: one hundred grams of boiled meat and fifty grams of bread.Green tea.


Breakfast: coleslaw - two hundred grams and mineral water.

Lunch: two hundred grams of rice with pieces of fruit and a glass of mineral water or green tea.

Dinner: two hundred grams of cabbage and carrot salad, bread, green tea.

Chinese diets are built on the use of mainly green tea, rice, vegetables and fruits.It is necessary to abandon the salt, sugar and spices.And it's not so easy as it seems at first glance.Food without salt is not so good, but what to do, because the beauty demands victims.

Chinese pills and slimming teas

Chinese pohudeniya- pill is one of the most popular means of modern pharmaceutical market.However, this is usually not medicaments and biologically active additives which do not generate as long as it harm.

Various tests conducted with their participation, have shown that they basically have diuretic and laxative effect and may contain chemicals, the use of which the pharmacists in our country, to put it mildly, are not welcome.

Pick something you enjoy more and remember, no one will take care of you as you are.Listen to the state of your body !!!

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