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Protein diet for athletes

As you know, for the athletes, there are many diets.One of the most effective diet -belkovaya.It is specially designed for physically active people.Protein diet, most often used by athletes involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting.Food with a rich supply of proteins allows athletes at high physical loads, correctly allocate energy costs and achieve superior results.Since adhering to this diet, it is possible to quickly build muscle and remove excess fat .

Protein diet for athletes

When elkovoy diet human body loses fat and carbohydrates, the metabolism starts to rapidly rebuild.Cleaves the extra fat stores, causing a certain amount of stress.Therefore it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of this diet.Necessarily consumed from 1.5 to 2 L of purified carbonated water per day.This is best done before eating food or drinking water for 20 - 30 minutes after a meal.

protein in the human body performs the essential function caused a great demand for it.It is in almost all tissues and organs, except bile and urine.It

muscles contain half of the total protein present in humans.For the structure and recovery of muscle tissue proteins vitally-needed.

Protein diet, thanks to the rapid saturation of the body, to quickly satisfy hunger.And for people involved in sports, it is a very important factor.After the body's need for food increases somewhere 3-5 times depending on the intensity of stress on the body and duration of training.The diet of this system includes, in large part, fish dishes, meat and eggs . Note that veal and beef is absorbed by the body faster than lamb or pork.A large number of proteins containing nuts, soy, beans, peas.Dairy products are rich in protein, - milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese and a variety of cheeses.Useful products with this diet: potatoes, spinach, cauliflower, wheat and buckwheat groats, barley and semolina pasta.

menu protein diet for athletes

Monday :

Breakfast: A glass of milk, 3pc.grain cookies.

Lunch: 250 g boiled beef, 150 g of vegetable salad.

Dinner: soup on a meat broth with vegetables 150 g, 150 g mutton, 1-2 slices of bread.

Tuesday :

Breakfast: 150g low fat cottage cheese, natural coffee.

Lunch: 150 g boiled beans, 100 grams of salad from carrots with sour cream.

Dinner: 150 grams of fish, 100 grams of salad.

Wednesday :

Breakfast: A glass of sour milk, 3 pcs.unsweetened biscuits.

Lunch: Fish soup with lean fish, 150 g, 120 g of tomato salad with olive oil.

Dinner: 150 grams of cooked lean pork, 1 apple or pear, 150 grams juice of apples.

Thursday :

Breakfast: 150 g of fat cottage cheese with dried apricots, a cup of green tea.

Lunch: 200 grams of beef stew with vegetables, 1 small piece of bread.

Dinner: 100 g chop 100 grams of salad from carrots with sour cream.

Protein diet

Friday :

Breakfast: A glass of milk, a loaf with dried apricots.

Lunch: 150 g boiled beans, 150 g of vegetable salad.

Dinner: 100-110 grams of boiled beef, 150 grams of salad from pickled cabbage with peas.

Saturday :

Breakfast: 150 grams of goat cheese, a mug of black coffee or tea.

Lunch: 150 g of fish (boiled) 100 Salad with tomatoes and sour cream, black bread.

Dinner: 150 g beef meatballs, 100 grams of salad with sauerkraut.

Sunday :

Breakfast: 1 cup of yogurt 1%, 2 slices of corn bread.

Lunch: 150 g boiled beef, 150 grams of salad from vegetables, 1 slice of bread.

Dinner: 150 g veal cutlets, salad with tomato and sour cream.

protein diet to help athletes achieve high results . very important for athletes before competition to maintain proper fitness and mental attitude.

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