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Spring diet

Of course, the female half of humanity so want to look good always.Update your wardrobe and be able to put something out that was acquired earlier.In order to always look good in the mirror, and you want to keep yourself in shape.It springs from the four seasons, not the best diet for courses that involve substantial restrictions in the diet.This is because the spring season is associated with a lack of vitamins and restructuring in the body.

spring varies not only nature but also our diet.We are moving from a heavy meal to a light option.We try to choose for themselves something useful, rather than just delicious.These changes are not due to a desire to lose weight, but because of the change of temperature and humidity of air masses, as well as thanks to the emergence of new products on the tables, ripened in our country and imported to us.However, in addition to natural changes in the diet to look your best interest and with minimal damage to health can practice on yourself and even spring light di

et.If you choose the right dietary spring menu, which will vary the content of all the necessary for the human body vitamins and minerals, then you have a chance to lose weight quickly and without losing the high performance.The mood is great, because hunger will not afflict you.

first spring normally supply.

How can you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as boiled fish, shrimp and salads with seaweed.Fruits and vegetables enrich body in fiber, vitamins and trace elements, and seafood will provide you with the norm of iodine, the lack of which is one of the reasons spring malaise.

second spring normally supply.

not remove yourself away from dairy products.They are endowed with the ability to support the desired intestinal flora.For its normal functioning will be enough to drink for two - three hours before bedtime cup of yogurt or koumiss, you can eat one - two of yogurt.In the morning before breakfast it is recommended to use in food prunes or dried apricots bit.Before they eat these foods scald with boiling water.

third spring normally supply.

If a consultation with a dietitian, he certainly will advise you in the spring (early spring), drink a course of vitamins.Fruits and vegetables will only appear greens almost hatches, and your body has need makeup after depleting its nutrient reserves harsh winter.

fourth spring normally supply.

proper and balanced diet combined with physical activity.In this respect, for you will not interchangeable: Pesci walk long distances or cycling.Will and water treatments.As such, you can regularly practice douches, especially if you every day gradually increase the gap in temperatures.Pouring and foot bath are also good.You can both be carried out with a sharp change in water temperature.First hot, then cold.Pouring it will be enough to carry out only cold water.

Bedtime well ventilated area.The food activities include bananas and dark chocolate.It is these components of your diet is best to help cope with loss of strength and a bad mood (or mood swings), considered normal manifestations of winter after a joyless period.If a lot of sunny days, try to visit in the sun.So, at the heart of the spring diet should always be a healthy diet.Spring is a particularly important rule for your flagging body.Eat more vegetables and fruits.An important aspect for you to become and protein foods, and that the products, which is rich in fiber, which cereals, coarse rye bread.The best thing would be to give up meat at all, or to go to the white meat to red.To include white meat: chicken, turkey, rabbit.Drink plenty of fluids.It is best if it's natural juices.Still mineral water is also an excellent option for you.Extra weight on a diet does not spring back after its completion.And this is a big plus, as not cool.You'll lose weight slowly but steadily and progressively.Harmful is not, as the selection of components supply is very strict in this regard.

main rule - Health !!!Well, as you should remember it perfectly.

your aid, except for juice products and mineral water, all kinds come so useful for digestion herbal.Their use is required to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism at the cellular and tissue levels.Only with the help of herbs you can lose weight by four - five kilograms per month.

How are they interesting reduce appetite?

All is very simple.There are a number of ways.The first is that some herbal envelop the gastric wall mucus or swelling in the stomach.Among such useful herbs isolated: flax seeds, spirulina algae, marshmallow root of the ordinary, senna leaves and many other herbal.There are other herbal group, the one that brings the fluid from the body.Accordingly, adipose tissue, which contain the most liquid shrinks very fast pace.These herbs include: field horsetail, bearberry, cowberry leaves and berries, Potentilla goose.The third group of herbs improves peristalsis.Removes toxins and other harmful substances.The third group includes: anise ordinary, buckthorn bark, fennel fragrant, caraway seeds sown.There are also those types of plants that activates the metabolism and help to remove excess fat tissue: corn silk, duckweed small, narrow-leaved willow.

How many useful things.But this is a good option.However, to lose weight, it is best to use herbal tea of ​​several kinds of herbs.Each will have its positive impact, and in the complex you will lose more kilos.And no side effects (excluding individual intolerance, of course).Yes, this is not Chinese teas charges.This domestic grass - ant.

collection, you can cook:

take one tablespoon of the mixture of herbs (which you yourself have picked up according to your wishes and individual tolerance) and pour a glass of boiling water.On a bathhouse water let all stand up for fifteen minutes and so - and you can take twenty.It is best to keep the reception three times a day for half a cup an hour before a meal.The entire course will take you from one month to two.

Timeframe more to do with the results that you want.Domestic fees herbs - a big plus for us, since they are basically growing in the middle lane, and thus for our organism will be very familiar.Appetite will decrease just to cheer.None of the Chinese tea can be compared with the effect, and if compared, then the benefits of our product is many times more.And here is the simple diet, adhering to which you will achieve excellent results and to provide themselves with an excellent figure, and therefore a good mood.

Spring diet

menu seven days

Day One

Zavtrak.Dvesti grams of millet porridge with chunks of pumpkin, raisins and dried apricots.Green tea.

Obed.Ovoschnoy soup and green salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes.Stewed fruit or fresh fruit.

Uzhin.Dvesti fifty grams buckwheat porridge with a piece of boiled fish.Green tea.

second day

Breakfast.Two hundred grammgerkulesovoy porridge with raisins and dried apricots.Two hundred grams of fruit salad.Jasmine tea.

Obed.Ovoschnoy soup and green salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes.Stewed fruit or fresh fruit.

Uzhin.Dvesti fifty grams of salad with pumpkin, apples and beets.Green tea.

third day

Zavtrak.Dvesti fifty grams of vegetable salad.Green tea.

Obed.Dvesti fifty grams of salad from fresh beets and cabbage.Green tea.

Uzhin.Dvesti grams of salad from carrots and cabbage.Green tea.

fourth day

Zavtrak.Dvesti fifty grams of cereal with low-fat yogurt.Flower Tea.

Obed.Ovoschnoy soup and green salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes.Stewed fruit or fresh fruit.

Uzhin.Dva baked apples.Green tea.

fifth day

Zavtrak.Dvesti grams of vegetable salad and two hundred grams of millet porridge with raisins and prunes.Green tea.

Obed.Dvesti fifty grams of salad beetroot, carrots, cabbage and squash with herbs.Compote.

Uzhin.Dvesti grams of cereal with raisins.Green tea.

sixth day

Zavtrak.Dvesti fifty grams herculean porridge with raisins.Herbal tea.

Obed.Dvesti grams of vegetable salad.Herbal tea.

Uzhin.Dvesti fifty grams of salad from sea kale.Herbal tea.

seventh day

Breakfast.Two hundred and fifty grams of rice porridge.Herbal tea.

Obed.Dvesti grams of salad from beets, cabbage, carrots and parsley.Compote.

Uzhin.Dvesti fifty grams of rice with boiled vegetables.Herbal tea.

last meal should take place no later than seven o'clock in the evening.Should drink before meals or at least on hour after meal.It is not necessary to put yourself on a week-long diet.Dietary food can stretch for a month or cut.It is considered optimal unloading diet for one day.However, it is for those who do not need to dump a lot of kilos, but only three - four.In addition to weight reduction, unloading a one-day diet to cleanse your body of toxins and other harmful substances.Its meaning is not only in the caloric restriction through the optimal selection of components of the diet, but also to the meals were distributed in portions.Motto: Eat less, but more often - it's just about it.

Unloading Spring diet for a day

Breakfast.One hundred and fifty grams of cheese, two of toast with one tablespoon of honey.Herbal tea without sugar.
lunch.Two - three all your favorite fruit, and two hundred grams of vegetable salad.Herbal tea without sugar.

Lunch.One cup of vegetable broth, a small piece of boiled beef.Green tea.

Snack.One hundred grams of cheese.
Dinner.Two hundred grams of vegetable salad.Herbal tea.

Eating all day fruits and vegetables helps to normalize digestion.Metabolism is not broken, as the diet lasts only one day.No more no less.Active consumption of herbal teas promotes excretion of nitrates and the breakdown of fat tissue.So you lose weight and lose the extra weight, although in small numbers.When you buy dairy products, make sure that the fat content of not more than three percent.This is the best indicator.Food composition of salads (vegetable or fruit) is not limited to any specific framework.You choose those foods that you like.Same with taxes for herbal teas.Pick them for yourself with the characteristics of the organism.Perhaps you have the body can not tolerate certain types of herbs or a combination thereof.Treat yourself carefully and remember, no matter how much you do not want to lose weight, but with moderate restriction of your diet, taking into account characteristics of your body you all succeed - it's only a matter of time, we should not resort to extreme measures.Health can not be bought, and the recovery will take months.

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