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Diet for stomach and thighs

One of the most serious problems faced by women is the excess fat on the thighs and abdomen.These two areas of the body gives a woman the most trouble in their difficult struggle for a slender figure.Despite the fact that the accumulation of fat in these areas is easy and fast, removing them out is given with great difficulty.

Diet for stomach and thighs

One method of finding the ideal body shape is our proposed diet for thighs and abdomen.The duration of this diet - two weeks.During this time, you lose five or more kilograms, and the weight will go mainly to the abdomen and thighs.

consider calories

To get started is to do an audit of what you eat.Counting calories of the food that you eat every day, you can greatly surprise.Typically, the amount of calories consumed is excessive.Your body can not consume them, even if you will be a full day to do manual labor.

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Thus, the first rule of diet thighs and stomach - reducing calorie intake.The amount of calories should be reduced to

1000-1300, depending on the specific conditions and characteristics of the organism.Do count caloric intake is easy, because the product packaging must indicate the energy value per 100 g.product.For unpackaged products have a special caloric table, on which we can estimate the calorie content of any product, whether it is vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

Products diet

Diet for stomach and thighs products

second rule diets for thighs and abdomen regard to products, consumption of which must be minimized.Here they are:

  • Sugar.
  • flour and butter.
  • sweet (chocolate, sweets).
  • Coffee.
  • Sol.
  • fatty, fried foods.
  • Condiments and spices.

If you stop using all of the above, the effect of diet for thighs and abdomen will be felt from the first day.In addition, it improves your overall health and complexion.

Than replace these harmful products?We recommend eating the following:

  • Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and useful elements.
  • Proteins (lean beef, poultry, eggs).
  • Dairy products (not fat).
  • Legumes and cereals.

In the morning, be sure to eat oatmeal cooked in water without sugar.If you can not give up the sweets, it is better to use honey instead of sugar.It is a natural and very useful product.It can be added in the cereal, and in teas.In taste honey greatly exceeds the sugar.

In no case do not eat at night.It should just ban itself.The last meal should be at least three hours before you go to bed.If you find it hard not to eat anything three hours, drink a cup of green tea, yogurt or tomato juice.These drinks will relieve you from feeling hungry.In addition, they are low in calories and they are useful.

Pay special attention to drinking enough water.The body need it every day at least two liters.After all, we are 80-90% water.In the usual way of life, we often feel a lack of it.If you drink enough water, it will immediately give a good effect.Your digestive system will work better.Along with the usual water consumption useful juices, green tea (without sugar) and herbal infusions.

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Lose weight with pleasure!

Diet for hips and stomach is good that you yourself will be your diet.The most important thing - to refrain from harmful products.Do not forget about sports load, which will be a good addition to nutrition.Choose a sport that you like.This can be callanetics or fitness, according to your preferences.And, of course, move more, go on foot and your body will reward you generously well-being and health.