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We often hear on TV and read in fashion magazines about the benefits of fruits and vegetables to the human body. The group of the most beneficial fruits include grapes. on us he has a bracing effect, gives vitality and tones.But that is not all.Instead of visiting the pharmacy to purchase pills and potions, try to avoid such a valuable product as grapes for treating the gastrointestinal tract (meaning diseases accompanied by decreased secretion of gastric juice), acute inflammatory airway, bronchial asthma and pleurisy.Even in ancient times resorted to this fruit in the treatment of angina, and severe coughing.They brought down the temperature.Washed grape leaves applied to wounds to their early healing.Extracts from wine used for skin diseases and diseases of the eye.Just one glass of grape juice will give the human body daily requirement of B vitamins, which strengthen nails and improve the structure of oxen.Besides fruit contains a lot of potassium, so useful for people suffering from diseases of the

cardiovascular system.Large amounts of vitamin C will make your skin smooth and supple.And vitamin E helps the better absorption of vitamin C.

Wow, how much useful this fruit - grapes !!!But if there is the threat of extra weight gain, actively using it for food?

What calorie grape?

Do not be afraid to get better from the grapes.The view that this fruit promotes the appearance of extra kilos, is fundamentally incorrect.From the grapes, you will not recover.However, it is known for its ability to improve appetite.And if you keep track of what is included in our diet besides this juicy fruit, then all will be with your weight right. It includes 65-110 calories (eto100 grams). But in the market and in stores grapes are different, and it too has its influence.For example Kish Mish contains 95 calories (eto100 grams) .One berry contains a lot of water - 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​- it's healing minerals.Calorie it is not great for such useful properties.The sugar in the grapes most part represented by glucose.It is the main component of the fruit flavor and determine its nutritional value.

Calorie grapes does not depend on light and dark varieties! sugar contained in grapes have a very high nutritional value.The combustion of one gram of sugar allocated about four calories of energy.Therefore, consume foods kilogram of product, we'll get energy at 800 calories, which is the percentage daily requirement of calories.It is interesting to compare this with other fruit products, which usually are permanent components of our diet.So, kilogram of grapes in its calorie is : 400 grams of meat, 230 grams of bread, a kilo of potatoes or kilo of milk.

By its nutritional value, grapes are not inferior even breast milk.Strange as it may sound.And often it is called not only as a vegetable milk.

grape sugar includes three components:

  1. Glucose Fructose.
  2. Sucrose.

level of sweetness depends on the combination of these components.The fact that most of the least sweet - is glucose.Sucrose exceeds it in half, fructose approximately doubled.Sometimes sucrose is absent or present in grapes in a small amount.The grape is rich in organic acids.Their whole list: malic, gluconic, tartaric, succinic, citric, oxalic.Home Acid - this wine.Oxalic acid gives the grapes grassy taste.Citric, gluconic and tartaric acids soften the taste of berries.All these acids are very, very great benefit for us to have you.

Yet, despite the usefulness of the grape, caution should be made .It is set that the content of easily digestible components such as glucose and fructose, which are very rapidly absorbed into the blood, enhances insulin levels.Accordingly, the grapes are not shown to those people who have weakened the pancreas, as well as suffering from diabetes or obesity.However, even for a healthy person 500 grams of grapes - it's not a small amount.Therefore, it is necessary to take the eating under control, given that this fruit is the strongest allergen.

interesting pattern: the darker the grape variety, the greater the probability of allergic reactions to it.On the other hand, in dark berries contain more antioxidants that increase the protection function of the human body from possible ill.Yes there berries, seeds even bring benefits.So wait for them to spit out, they will still come in handy.The bones contain vitamins A, E, K, and a large amount of natural oils that promote cells and rejuvenate the body.The skin of grapes, too, not for beauty invented.It removes toxins and other harmful substances.

How to choose the grapes?

this question asked a good hostess, willing to please the family tasty fruit.

First of all, pay attention to the appearance .Bunch should be solid and not suppressed.The berries without damage and with a whitish bloom on the skin.Many believe that the raid - the result of pesticides, in fact it is a sign of freshness of the fruit.Brown points and pigments on the surface do not indicate poor quality.The longest stored grapes with thick skins and firm flesh, as well as one that has a loose brush.Dark varieties longer you will enjoy its freshness, rather than light.Having considered the question of calorie grape impractical, so to speak, you learn.

Grape diet

Basic principles of diet:

  1. is best suited unsweetened white grape.
  2. carry out the process of losing weight fall, when fresh fruit.
  3. Two days before the beginning of the cross out of the diet of animal products, alcohol, coffee and chocolate.
  4. Pick grapes with thin skin and do not use bone.
  5. Wash grapes in warm or salt water.This will remove residues of fertilizers and pesticides.
  6. Grapes eat before or after other food, as it is hard to digest components of your diet.

Grape diet for a period of three days

The first day is recommended to eat 500 grams of grapes.

second - Absorb 1.5 kilograms.

the third - two kilograms.

Eat berries all three days every two hours, eating them in the same amount.Since grapes contain a lot of water, this is due to the ego and low calorie.Therefore, in the second and third days of diet grape drink possible.Such a diet can help lose weight, to enrich the body with vitamins, trace elements and fiber, as well as improve mood and self-confidence.

Grape diet for a period of seven days

Starts with daily fasting and cleansing the stomach.

next day for food is 1.5 kilograms of grapes in six receptions. to saturate the body with liquid to drink 1.5 liters of clean water.It allowed a very weak decoction of herbs.So all the remaining days.It is important to get out of the diet.To do this, the first day of release, add to the diet of other fruits and vegetables.On the second day - boiled egg and yogurt.On the third day, treat yourself to a cooked fish.And the fourth, back to the usual composition of foods.Nutritionists also recommend the so-called soft cleansing course grapes.Its principle is that you are on a daily basis for two to six weeks, eat at one bunch at 11 and 18 hours.By the absorption of grapes and other foods Take a break of two hours.

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