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How thin Tatiana Tarasova?

former skater Tatiana Tarasova, after the still young hip injury, was forced to withdraw from the sport.But that did not stop her grow several Olympic champions in figure skating, get the love and respect of many people.

Since the injury resulted in a decrease in physical activity, Tatiana every year faster and rapidly gaining extra weight.She became more and more difficult to move, as well as health problems appeared.

In recent years, it increasingly began to appear on television, and viewers noticed that Tatiana Tarasova thin.Soon it became known that this helped her famous nutritionist, Margarita Koroleva, who has worked with such stars as Nikolai Baskov, Valeria, etc.For what Tatiana Tarasova expressed her gratitude to:

Diet Tatiana Tarasova

Since Margarita Koroleva is a specialist in its field, the diet itself is a secret, but its basic rules still known:

  • Do notless 5-6 times a day
  • last meal before 18.00
  • drink a day for at least two liters of clean water (non-carbonated)
  • portions should be the size of the palm of
  • Main products: vegetables, fruits, nuts
  • Delete allfried, flour, sweet
  • the morning to drink a drink: a glass of water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diet

Tatiana Tarasova is more similar to the power supply system, a way of life, part of which should be a sport! Thanks diet Tatiana Tarasova has lost weight on 30kg!And this is not the limit, the plan for at least another 15 kg!In my example, Tatiana has shown that no matter how old you are, and how you form start to deal with them is never too late!Gain strength and you all must succeed!

I wish you success!

Especially for LadySpecial - Rita

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