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Lena Katina thin

Elena Katina - 27-year-old ex-soloist of the scandalous group "Tatu", has always been famous for its "magnificent" forms, which has repeatedly publicly criticized by leading stylists Russia.This charming singer has had to deal with losing weight before shooting the video for all the well-known song "I've lost my mind."Recently in the news about the life of "stars", can often be read "weight Lena Katina will soon reach one hundred kilograms."

What is "pushed" Lena Katina to losing weight?

About half a year ago stylist Lena Katina wrote in his blog: "Such Bursiform form hard packed presentable.It is better to have gone to the fitness club than to stick in the mouth horrible. "Perhaps these words were for Lena "last straw."And January 25, 2011 at the premiere of "You and I" Elena Katina flashed her stunning form.

Some journalists have even pointed out that she looked much more attractive than her friend, Julia Volkova.

How thin Elena Katina?

no secret that losing weight Elena Katina she helped fo

rm nutritionists.For Lena developed a special diet (based on healthy food), and a complex exercise.But the foundation of her weight loss - aspiration and desire.

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