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Diet Vera Brezhnev

Vera Brezhnev is one of the most beautiful and brightest of modern show business.With some difficulty you can imagine, it was not always so attractive.As a child, as recognized by Faith, she was "ugly duckling", wore glasses and constantly stooping.In addition, she was from a poor family that did not allow her to buy beautiful things: "In 1990, there were second-hand. I dressed it based on the price of 2 rubles per kilogram. Of course, the complexes were," - says Leonid Brezhnev.

Now, Vera Brezhnev, is a successful singer and actress, mother of two beautiful children, and the owner of an ideal figure.Of course, the secret of her slenderness of interest to all women and girls, and luckily she does not hide it.

Diet Vera Brezhnev.

Figure Vera Brezhnev was not always perfect, so she had to give up certain foods:

  • potatoes, pasta, flour, sweet, fizzy drinks.

most difficult as the singer admitted she had to give up pastries and cakes, and as for the chocolate - "I loved it since childhood."NU

TRITION Faith adheres permanently, in addition, during the day she drinks a lot of clean water and fresh juices.Much attention is paid Vera Brezhnev physical activity, she regularly attends a fitness workout, engaging with a personal trainer.Also, she prefers water aerobics

So the basic secrets of diet Vera Brezhnev - proper diet and regular exercise!

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