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Diet Natalia Botchkareva

Natalia Bochkarev, known as Dasha Bukin from the series "Happy Together" made a splash, dropping for a small amount of time, 20kg!Instantly rumors about plastic surgery, and even heard the names of famous plastic surgeons.However, the information has not been confirmed and proven, rumors soon "subsided."

After Bochkareva Natalia gave birth to two children, she still was not even thirty years old, and she looked, "pyshechki forty years."But soon, she seriously decided to achieve a slim figure.At a party Natalia appeared in tight black dress and shocked all the people there.Directed TV series "Happy Together" asked the actress to return to the old forms, as they say, it began to look even younger than his daughter on the series, Bukina lights.

Natalia Bochkarev How thin?

According to most of Natalia, she did not observe any diet: "The whole secret of how I regained its former elasticity - exercise.And the arrogance of people who spoke on my behalf, to be envied! ".

get rid of excess kilograms help

ed her participation in the TV show "Dancing with the Stars."Natalia Bochkarev said that during one training session she could even get rid of two kilograms.In addition, after training she loved the sauna or relaxing massage that undoubtedly had a positive effect on her body.But "star" does not deny that it adheres to proper nutrition: no fast foods;fat (she mentioned that fatty foods not loved since childhood), starchy foods and sweets (in large quantities).However, according to the actress, she always tried to stick to this diet.

exemplary diet Natalia Bochkarev:

Vegetable salads;lean meat (e.g., white chicken);mushrooms;fruits;low-fat cottage cheese;yogurt.

Also, the actress recommends a daily walk in the fresh air, which will benefit not only your figure, but also the skin!

luck =)

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