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Diet Borodina

Ksenia Borodina - Leading scandalous TV shows "House 2".Kenya has never distinguished by a special harmony.When the presenter looked House 2 on TV, it seemed that the thicker it is no one on the project."That is generally a cow sitting in the TV" - Xenia said in an interview.With only she did not try: tablet famous Kremlin diet, fasting, etc., but no method gave the desired result.

What was the main reason for a fundamental change in the figures?

summer of 2010 Ksenia Borodina has given birth to a beautiful daughter Marusya.After birth, she recovered a few more kilos and then promised myself and my husband in that no matter what, to lose weight.Xenia abandoned breast-feeding the child (for certain reasons) and, not long overstayer home, went to work.In an interview Xenia said: "Because of a busy work schedule, I simply have no time."Combining work, sports, and special diet after two weeks, she got rid of the twelve overweight.

What helped Ksenia Borodina become slim beauty?

So diet diet Ksenia B


main product diet - it is vegetables, namely cucumbers.Vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner - that's the secret of a slim figure presenter.

Breakfast Xenia ate some fresh cucumbers (up to 4) i100gr rye bread.

Lunch: choice: vegetable soup;cucumber salad and green onions, seasoned with vegetable (preferably olive) oil;a bit of boiled meat.

Dinner: salad of cucumber, dressed with olive oil;or a cucumber.

the day should eat at least four cucumbers.Other sources say that to lose weight Ksenia Borodina helped council, not less well-known TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.Basis weight loss - as little as possible of food and daily enemas.However, official confirmation of this method of weight loss by itself Xenia was not.

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