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SLIM CONTROL capsules for weight loss

drug SLIM CONTROL - is biologically active food supplement (dietary supplement - not a medicine!), Which contains substances of natural origin that promote weight loss.We will understand what kind of substance and what is the principle of their action.

Chitosan - a biologically active substance which is obtained from the shells of sea crabs, is a source of dietary fiber.The properties of the molecules of the substance allows it to operate on a "molecular sieve", ieadsorb (bind), carbohydrates, fats and their compounds.Therefore, chitosan lowers blood cholesterol, prevent fat deposits in tissues and organs, improves the absorption of calcium, but because dietary fiber - improves bowel motility.The substance is really wonderful!

Bromelain - if this word does not mean anything to you, you probably Pineapple diet for weight loss is well known for its remarkable properties.Fat-burning effect of this diet is due to the unique substance which in large numbers contained in pineapples.It speeds up metaboli

sm, promotes fast splitting and excretion of fats, stimulates the bowels, etc.A whole bunch of useful features!This magic substance obtained from the extract of pineapple, is bromelain.According to the principle of the action brombelayn resembles an enzyme that isimproves digestion.

most interesting is that in addition to the drug SLIM CONTROL slimming it can be used topically as a wound-healing agent.Bromelain has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates regeneration of tissues, relieves inflammation.

Dosing readings

Capsules SLIM CONTROL recommended to take in combination therapy in the treatment of obesity, it can be used for weight loss when dieting.Helps get rid of toxins, including the alcohol and food poisoning.Normalizes metabolism, good for your skin and if you believe instructions, helps with a variety of illnesses, up to oncological!Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation, children under 12 years.Iecontraindications, as such, no!Dosing for proof effect weight loss 4 capsules 3 times a day for 2-3 months and then prophylactically 2 capsules two times daily.

Reviews on drug SLIM KONRTROL

1. «It is very tempting.Packing a large (90 capsules), sort of like not expensive work.But if you drink to 12 units per day for a long time is still not enough.Besides affects acidity.I do not know whether to buy.But it would be desirable to try - a good composition.Although now a lot of tablets with good ingredients that are completely absorbed by the body.This is on the conscience of the manufacturer. "

2. «bought CONTROL , because I really liked the part.I know that chitosan is called "fat sponge" because normalizes the bowels.I take 2 weeks, but combined with a small diet.The result pleased - dropped 4 kg. »

3.« No action after a two course not found.If you carefully read the instructions, it becomes clear that the SLIM CONTROL applies only to the fats that we consume with food.He is their rasschiplet and outputs, existing subcutaneous fat while the active components are not affected.In addition, women generally do not recover from fatty foods, and from sweet (chocolate, biscuits, sweets, all kinds), ie,- From an excess of carbohydrates.Carbohydrates drug has absolutely no effect.Before taking it is necessary to understand the real causes of weight gain. "

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