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Egg-orange diet.

desire to lose weight in the spring and summer makes women look recipes miracle diets.

Egg-orange diet recently become very popular in our country.

Egg-orange diet.

Egg-orange diet otherwise called the European diet orange, or anti-cellulite diet.It allows you to partially get rid of cellulite at home.

The secret diet?

Oranges can work wonders, they are necessary to the human body vitamins, trace elements and give the eggs.Oranges quench hunger, pleasant to the taste, and not high in calories, eggs are also a list of dietary products.

Egg-orange diet efficiently and quickly.The duration varies from one week to three.

Diet egg-orange diet

During the day allowed to eat 1 kg of oranges and a few eggs.

1 week.Valid only eat eggs and oranges.

2 weeks.The diet introduced cereals, cooked without salt.Better use of buckwheat, buckwheat because the best product for weight loss.

3 weeks.Along with the main products of diet and cereals are allowed to eat fruits and vegetables.

Egg-orange diet.


  • the day to use water and green tea for more than two liters.
  • take additional vitamin and mineral complex.
  • should combine diet with intense walking, but avoid active sports.
  • Before you start a course of weight loss you need to visit a nutritionist.

Egg-orange diet has contraindications:

  • Orange and eggs can cause allergic reactions, so lean on them should not be, especially for people prone to allergies.
  • You can not sit on a diet for people with diseases of the stomach and pancreas.
  • also refers to the disadvantages of diet sagging skin in women over 30 years, since weight loss is intensive.
  • You can not sit on a diet during lactation.
  • During dieting you can not smoke and drink alcohol.

This diet is tough enough to withstand it is not easy, but it is effective for weight loss.It refers to the two-component rapid diets.

recommended practice fasting days on oranges and eggs.

Reviews egg-orange diet

Egg-orange diet.

According to nutritionists, diet allows you to lose weight in one week on 5 - 7 kg, but internet users say about the positive result in the minus 3 kg of excess weight in a week, which also can notplease.Some argue that any health problems, so it is important to visit a doctor diet.Not all undergoing long three weeks, but those who pass the test, the result satisfies kgs leave, the skin becomes elastic, reduces cellulite.

Egg-orange diet helped many celebrities lose weight, then, will help you.

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