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Diet sour milk: 3 days and you in the form of

Many women dream of a slim figure, therefore among many monodiets each wants to choose their diet, which is based on a favorite product, pleasant to the taste.One diet that is easily tolerated by the body, is diet for sour milk.

Diet sour milk: 3 days and you in the form of

Useful properties of sour milk

Kefir - a useful product for the diet. It promotes saturation of the body, the feeling of hunger occurs much less frequently, and therefore a diet easily tolerated by the body.

percentage of protein in the sour milk is higher than in kefir, Bifidok or milk, and calcium and phosphorus are well absorbed by the body.

Diet Ryazhenka tolerated easier than diet kefir or cottage cheese diet because ryazhenka has a more delicate flavor.

Diet Ryazhenka normalizes the intestine and, unlike carrot diet recommended for people with a sick stomach.This diet facilitates a smooth weight loss and fasting days on sour milk will help keep the achieved results.

to diet is recommended fermented baked milk with a fat content of 2.5%.A larger percentage

of fat will reduce the effect of the diet.

Diet sour milk: 3 days and you in the form of

For weight loss is recommended fasting days on sour milk and sour milk in the diet of fruit.

discharge day Ryazhenka

permissible practice 1 - 2 days a week unloading.During this time weight can be reduced to 1 - 2 kg respectively.


  • 6 times per day to drink 2 liters of sour milk during the unloading of the day, you can drink water or green tea without sugar.

Fasting days on Ryazhenka useful and contribute to weight loss.

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Diet sour milk and fruit


  • body does not feel the water starvation.
  • Due protein component of weight loss is due to burning of fat tissue, not muscle.
  • fiber, which contain fruit, helps cleanse the body and eliminate toxins.
  • Vitamins and minerals fruits allow the brain to work actively.

Diet sour milk: 3 days and you in the form of

Diet is designed for 3 days, during which time you can lose weight by 5 kg. fluid intake is not restricted.As with bottom discharge day permissible to use up to 2 liters of sour milk and for normal body functioning diet supplemented fruit.

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Diet Ryazhenka preclude the use of sugar and alcohol.

Of fruit can make fruit salads and refuel their ryazhenka also delicious mixed fruit fermented baked milk in a blender.

Diet Ryazhenka effective slimming , easily tolerated by the body and good for your health.