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The most effective diet: menu for the week

Effective Diet can not be calculated for a short time.After all, an effective diet involves not only weight loss, but also the fact that weight loss occurs without harm to health and the dumped kgs not go back.

The most effective diet: menu for the week

most effective diet for weight loss lasts at least a month.Only at first glance it is a long time, but during that time without harm to the body can get rid of 15 kg .

Effective diet helps :

  • Change eating habits.
  • Go to healthy food, love it.
  • reduce the amount of stomach and appetite.
  • Save the result achieved harmony, if not back to the old food.

body needs time to regroup, figure out what you want to change the nutrition program.After all, a conservative body by stress include any protective gear, and after a quick diets trying to recover his, so even with the stock.

most effective diet for weight loss designed for 4 - 5 weeks, but over a long period of healthy food the body is able to readjust.

Effective diet includes the following products:

The most effective diet: menu for the week

  • Dairy.Fat free or low
    fat yogurt, fermented baked yogurt.
  • Dairy.You can use low-fat milk.
  • a naturally occurring protein.Meat and fish can be cooked, stew, bake.
  • Cereal.Kashi of all kinds.
  • beans.
  • fruits raw.
  • Nuts.
  • vegetables raw, boiled or steamed.

most effective diet for weight loss excludes the following products :

  • Pickles.
  • Sour cream, cheese.
  • Fried.
  • Sugar, sweet jam.
  • Flour, even bread.
  • bold, even butter.
  • Potatoes.

Effective diet has restrictions in the use of the following products:

  • Sol.
  • Nuts, dried fruits.
  • vegetable oil.
  • beans.


  1. More than half the allowable foods should be consumed in powdered and semi-liquid form.Boil the broth and meat can make mincemeat of fruits and vegetables - salads.
  2. fruits and vegetables in their raw form are used for some time before or an hour after meals.
  3. water and green tea can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

From authorized products can be prepared a variety of dishes.

Menu effective diet for weight loss for the week

1 day.

Breakfast: oat meal and grated apple, green tea.

Lunch: boiled meat, stewed vegetables, mineral water.

Snack: a cup of yogurt, fruit.

Dinner: vegetable salad with nuts.

Before going to bed a glass of sour milk 2.5%.

2 day.

breakfast: buckwheat porridge, banana, green tea.

Lunch: boiled fish broth.

Afternoon snack: yogurt.

Dinner: fruit salad, cottage cheese.

before bedtime glass of milk.

3 day.

Breakfast: milk rice porridge, green tea.

Lunch: beef broth with meatballs, salad.

Afternoon snack: fresh fruit juice.

Dinner: Baked beans.

Before bedtime cup of yogurt.

4 day.

Breakfast: cereal, banana, green tea.

Lunch: cabbage with minced meat.

Snack: cottage cheese.

Dinner milkshake.

Before bedtime cup Bifidok.

5 day.

Maybe unloading on yogurt and fruit.

6 day.

as the first.

7 days.

Breakfast: buckwheat, apple, green tea with honey.

Lunch: fish cakes steamed vegetable salad.

Snack: walnut cocktail.

Dinner: cottage cheese.

before bedtime glass of milk.

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Effective Diet thanks to a wide range of products enables permissible to lose weight and enjoy the delicious and healthy food.

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