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How to lose weight 10 kg?

Overweight - actual problem in the modern world.Extra weight leads to disease, nervous stress.However, if the diet is chosen correctly, it can not lead to the desired results, but rather the body which can cause more harm than being overweight, is enough to remember the death from anorexia - excessive thinness.Sudden weight loss leads to disruption or even complete cessation of the menstrual cycle, which subsequently affect the reproductive function of the body and can lead to infertility.

How to lose weight 10 kg?

Wrong approach to weight loss leads not only to weight loss, which later will certainly come back, but also to hair loss, drowsiness, apathy.So, before you go on a strict diet, you need to ask yourself: "How to lose weight?".

to parting with excess weight is painless, should use the following tips.

  • Start with the inner work on yourself, get rid of the fear and uncertainty in achieving a positive result.Do not be afraid to fail, in any case, after the fall need to get up and continue on to the target.
  • Remember that weight loss should be necessary for you , no boyfriend, no parents, no friends.As long as you do not want to part with the extra weight, it will come back to you after a temporary break-resistant and long-term relationship.
  • Put achievable goal .Title of the article reads: how to lose weight 10 kg, delivered a clear but achievable goal. lose 10 kg really , you need to adequately assess the possibility of his body.

Lose weight by 10 kg - this is your strategic goal to be achieved, but it needs to get up every day to fight the 1 kg of excess weight.

1. daily exercise, physical exercise, intensive walking, aerobics, fitness, Callanetics as well as any form of active lifestyle will tone the muscles, relieve the body of stretch marks that may occur with weight loss.

How to lose weight 10 kg?

2. Plan acceptable to the regime itself meal , not all fractional convenient to eat 5 - 6 times a day, someone difficult to refuse dinner, calculated the number of times that, in what quantities youeat.Preference in dietary products may also be individual, for someone pea or buckwheat diet diet is the best option, for others more suited separate meals and healthy sleep.But in any case, the regime must be followed strictly.

3. Avoid junk food , better change your attitude toward delicacies, take them to your worst enemy, that and strive to harm the beauty and health.

4. Eat proteins , without them, even if you will lose weight, it will go away by the muscle, rather than fat tissue.

5. Along with a healthy diet, drink a day for about 2 liters of liquid , rejection of water can slow down the metabolic processes in the body and lead to kidney disease.

6. Change the attitude towards food , it is no longer a remedy for boredom, and the source of vital energy.
How to lose weight 10 kg?

7. Weigh yourself once a week , if you stand on the scale every day, endlessly counting calories, the diet can bring the body to the nervous exhaustion.

If after following all these rules, you do not see results, then you have not been diligent enough in achieving the goal.Ask yourself: are you willing to sacrifice the pleasure of eating, for the sake of a slim figure and healthy body?If your answer is YES, then put the goal and you will achieve it.

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